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  1. Hi! First I'm sorry for non-native English. After a little disagreement with a reviewer, now all reviewers are blocking all my new caches (and of a friend from the same city). How can I deal with that? What do you guys recommend me? I am from Brazil and all our reviewers (little more than 3 or 4) are from Portugal. Our cultura is very different and they don't understand our local issues. Where is the best place to complain about that? I can make videos proving they are exaggerating on the rigor to apply the guidelines. Thank you very much!
  2. O cache http://coord.info/GC34V7Z foi arquivado por engano. O container se encontra no mesmo local, eu conferi. Vejam minha nota aqui: http://coord.info/GLMRN2TJ Algum revisor poderia por gentileza desarquivar o cache? Ou isso não é possível?
  3. E aí pessoal? Anda tudo parado ou na ativa??
  4. Nome: Felipe Cidade: Campinas Estado: SP Email: micaroni@gmail.com CURTI D+ A IDÉIA
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