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  1. We took it with us to move it along and to show people like legochugglers talked about
  2. We found a TB today and when we type in the code it comes up that it was never activated. What should I do? Should I activate it and claim it as my own? Is there anyway to find our who it belongs to?
  3. Thanks guys I'll try that next time I ended up using the Iphone app that seemed to be laid out better then the web site.
  4. Hello everyone we just got back from our first day where we found 6. How do we show we found them. All I have been able to do so far I log the TB we found. What are the odds of finding a TB on your very first cache ever?
  5. Thanks Keystone for placing my topic in the appropriate place. Thanks DazDn for the links. The first link www.openstreetmap.org not only set me up with the most current software for my Garmin but it gave me fantastic maps theat show TOPO and all the roads. The second site you recommended has good maps but i could not get them to work on my GPS. Thank your for the help I have more then enough to get started on our first huts.
  6. Hi everyone I got a Garmin etex Venture HC so that i can starting Geocaching with my daughter. Dose anyone know how I can get maps for it? TOPO map would be a plus. Or if i download the geocaching app for my iphone will I be able to use maps from that and use my GPS to get accurate locations of the cache?
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