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  1. Caribbean Tour by Scout Hidden: 3/17/2001 GC4EB I happened to stumble on this today. It is cold and snowy outside and I was dreaming of tropical places and geocaching. (sigh) http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=1259
  2. I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole (poll)
  3. 7/28/2001 "Nikolay-Kam" by Nikolay-Kam Dis is Russian, Ya!!
  4. I was laughing so hard it was almost embarassing. I can just imagine the looks on the owners faces when they read the logs. Gotta love the fools day!!
  5. This stage of the game is when savvy has to come into play. You will develop it more and more as you continue playing. Start looking at what seams a little out of place or re-arranged. It may not real noticable to the casual passer-by, but the cacher that is on a "mission' that is there to intentionally look for something hidden, will pick this slight detail up. i.e. What little stack of wood or cluster of rocks doesn't look like it would happen naturally. Don't forget that at some point, the cache may be hidden up off the ground. Fear not. You'll start seeing these little clues. Say to yourself, "where would I hide something" when you get in close to your coordinates. Some caches may be micros. All the harder to locate. Hope this helps a little
  6. I have seen a system for locking your backpack. It is a wire netting that will lock your contents, backpack and gear to a post or bike rack. Even if you chose a hotel for a night or two, binding your pack would be a good idea to keep curious employees out. You can probably seee this on REI web site. Here in Colorado, the Sportsmans Warehouse will carry this.
  7. I have yet to have any go MIA (knock on wood). However, in one of my caches two TB from others are registered as being there but are not. I went to check on these after multi-logs came in that the bugs were not there. Written in the log book was the name of a person who took at least one of them. I checked the name and there is no one listed. I feel that new cacher(s)who may not be aware of protocal for caching and TB's is typically the reason for missing bugs. By the way, the "cacher's" name is Monkey Meatloaf. If anyone knows of this person... In the log that was left, Monkey said he would help to get it to its destination. It seams this person has read the logs or notes for the TB. I have notified the owners regarding the MIA bug to let them know and enlist their help. What else can be done??
  8. Given the chance, I'LL FLEE!!! Snake goes one way, I go the other. Both happy!
  9. Great fun!! It gets into you blood. New adventures.... Not knowing what you'll find... The thrill... Excitment.... UH!!! I'll be back!! GOTTA CACHE
  10. The things you discover when you get snowed in,HUH??
  11. by ProStreet [profile] N 42° 33.326 W 088° 08.736 (WGS84) In Wisconsin
  12. I believe there are a few of these around already. I'll see if I can find the link.
  13. Oh yeah! The dog is usually the first one out the door when I pick up the GPS and caching equipment.
  14. How about Guinness, Joe?? Gulp Gulp, ahh! I like to bring the dog, Jessie. Zoltig
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