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  1. 10-36 is the time of day code, ya jawjacker!
  2. Regular 427 (43.66%.) Micro 203 (20.76%) Small 184 (18.81%) Not Chosen 58 (5.93%) Virtual 50 (5.11%) Other 37 (3.78%) Large 19 (1.94%) Average Difficulty 1.67 Average Terrain 1.96 Nearest to Home 0.023 mi Farthest From Home 4638.2 mi
  3. In the Jeep which we use for 4x4 geocaching. Rarely do I use it on the open roads these days unless our group is convoying to the trail head. The radio is generally until AROUND sundown then the cottonpickers "shooting skip" can be heard. In the mountains, they can be heard loud and clear and quite a few have very strong language. Back in the days, if somebody got on and used colorful language, the community would comment to them about it and that the radio is used by family members. Sound familiar? For the most part, the interstate and hiway banter is quiet these days. Gone are the times when the radio was used for avoiding "smokey, the county mounty and the local yokel".
  4. I put my 'thumbs up' for the video. I am not a skirt lifter cacher but that was good...scratch good...epic. Drama-Music-Jenn smokin a stogie. I have my tarp hat sitting by the door for when I get out.
  5. THE NEW COLORADO SOUVENIR Called the "Centennial State" due to its admission to the union falling a century after the Declaration of Independence was signed, Colorado is mainly known for the Rocky Mountains. Its boundaries are entirely defined by lines of latitude and longitude. Colorado is known for its four wheel drive trails and the geocachers that place the caches on those trails.
  6. Hey everybody, if you want to break into my house, now is a great time to do it! Oh, and here's where my child goes to school, and here's the exact route I take to work every day! Oh, and right now I'm out in the woods by myself, and here's my exact location! *facepalm* YUP! Social networking site such as FaceBook are already gleaming personal information. Let's not help them. I try to keep my info throttled back as much as possible but it seems a tough job for every time they decide to do an upgrade, you have to reset your privacy settings. I agree with the pooch, let's not invite more.
  7. WOW! Nicely done and congrats on such a successful flight and recovery.
  8. Yeah why not "claim" a bonus smiley? Sure. Go ahead. Take two. Take three if you want. Nobody cares.
  9. To all our SoCal San Diego friends from Colorful Colorado, Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! This video has some language.
  10. I guess when you think about it, it kind of shows the importance of signing the cache log with some detail as well as the online log with pertinent information. All of the little bits of info can help track down a cache that ends up missing and then recovered. I think a lot of geocachers enjoy a bit of mystery that can be uncovered through a bit of detective work. In a sense, that is what geocaching is.
  11. Someone is trying to take advantage of you. Blinker fluid is for hydraulic blinker systems and does not come in dominant-hand (left/right) formulations. There is a remote formulation for vehicles where the blinker stalk is mounted under the spare tire. If someone attempts to sell you left-handed blinker fluid that's a sure sign that the seller does not know what is in the bottle. As for the stained bidet - ewe. OH YEAH! hmmm Could it be my blinker pump is failing instead? The spare tire is juxtaposition with the hamster wheel propulsion system and there is no room for a blinker stalk. But there are two tanks that hold blinker fluid (Clockwise/Counterclockwise). I sure wish people would start putting hamsters back in the caches for trade. I could use a few more of those. Unless they want to trade hamsters for votes? Also, I will barter votes for platinum membership if somebody has an extra one hanging about. I do not have enough votes for titanium membership so that is completely out of the question.
  12. I could use some left handed blinker fluid (winter weight) in exchange for 5 prime number votes. I will throw in a 6th vote of your choosing if you pay the shipping. I am also willing to exchange my gently used bidet for 8 votes OBO. White porcelain, ok...off white a bit. You must pick up.
  13. Do you need some cloud clamps? Brand new in the box.
  14. Not really an obligation of a cache seeker. It is courteous but cache owners should not expect it. Same as a full log being replaced. If you place a cache, you should be prepared to perform the maintenance AND check on your caches from time to time.
  15. ...and People who do not maintain their caches People who archive their caches instaed of doing a maintanence run. Think disposable caches which oddly enough seem to be...guess what? MICROS! People who place so many caches that to maintain them properly is impossible.
  16. How would they know the coordinates were dead on? OH yeah of course they are "dead on" when you throw down your own. The way people will justify their finds is a-Mazing!
  17. I had picked up NBJPoppa from the DIA back in '04 for some local caching and got him safely returned to catch his flight.
  18. Now there is an image that will be hard to erase.
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