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  1. I noticed a mild mistake on your cache page. I am sure it is just a typo. It is called "Quiet Ramby" but in the description you have "Ranby". I don't know if that is intentional or not but just wondered. The reviewers have a lot on their plate and the pay is horrible. Don't take it personally.
  2. At the top of this forum page you can see several pinned threads. One links to the Knowledge Books that contain lots of helpful info. This page should answer most of your questions while you are patiently anxiously waiting with calm, cool demeanor. Welcome to geocaching and thanks for hiding another fun one for others to find.
  3. Oldest active state/province caches
  4. I knew it...I just knew it. You are from Triskelion.
  5. Meaning that it doesn't matter what the person is or does, but this is the place for geocaching. Make it about about geocaching and I have no complaint. You want to trade recipes find another site. Edited to add that if you want to start a Hetro/Bi/Homo/Mono/etc geocachng club, go for it. He does ask the question about geocaching..."Any gay groups?" Just as I like Geocaching/Jeeping threads, there is no difference in that sense. He is just asking the question. It is ok to ask questions.
  6. Clothing optional/nude caches should have their own attribute. What would it look like? <hmmmmm>
  7. I know time and mobility can be an issue, but if you get out by the rez, go after Rollercoaster and Stonehenge and in the surrounding area. It will be snake season so mind your feet and hand placement.
  8. My suggestion, and take it for what it is worth, is to get away from the interstates as much as possible. I realize that you have a planned route and limited time but it just seems to me for a cache rich experience while traveling, get to the hiways and secondary roads. Find those small Americana towns and visit them. I have done this on numerous road trips and totally enjoyed my experience. It is always more fun to have another friend or two to help navigate and share expenses while keeping a keen eye out for geocaches coming into range. How do you prepare for that? I plan way ahead of time when it comes to pocket queries. I will have a general route idea and execute PQ's shotgun style and transfer all of that info onto one map. ie mapsource. Download as many caches onto your GPS as possible for a days run in the general are you want to travel. Set the GPS to avoid interstates and start auto-routing. As an example, my caching friends and I did this heading to Alabama last year and we were able to see a lot of very nice countryside because we slowed down. We stopped in small towns. Ate meals in local diners. Found caches day and night. There were 3 of us so while the driver played their role of paying attention to the road, the others would navigate and bring up caches that were coming up on "radar". That aside, I suggest as did UtahnBirder, a side trip to the Moab area. From your planned route, you can follow the Colorado River on HWY 128. It cuts diagonally from I-70 into Moab. There is some very nice scenery along that route as you travel into the canyon. May I suggest Bonsai Overlook? That is the hiway down below. The trail is not a very hard trail. It is called Dome Plateau. On the lower right side of the page for the trail, you will find a GPX download for the trail.
  9. Thanks Ruzhye, it was a lot of fun up there. I'm a fan of those caches that don't get visited that often, and the ones that take physical energy to get to. Most of the caches weren't that far off the road, but because of the terrain they don't get visited that often. Made for a long day in the hills, but those are the best days to have. JPIT provided the entertainment for the day for sure: JPIT almost always provides the entertainment.
  10. I didn't take any pics but I recovered my cache "Tippy's Coffee Break" last week and the flood waters of the Cache La Poudre (hide the powder) was just hitting the ammo can. It was sitting in about 3 inches of water. This same cache is the one I replaced after it got washed away last year when the river flooded. Which by the way, some people down stream had found the cache in their yard.
  11. I think there is a similar topic on first found log somewhere in the hunt and unusual. But regardless, I like the topic! It was this cache BTP II CACHE Found April 27, 2002
  12. Faces on Street View are obscured to protect privacy of people.
  13. Why bother?...The world ends on the 21st.
  14. It was a very rewarding experience to help out the area. I do have to take issue with one thing that Chris said....ahhhmmmmmmm and I quote: Truly a falsification. Good work by everybody that attended.
  15. This special event was awesome and geocaching should be proud to have been a part of it. I know I am. First off a special thanks has to go out to Chris with Team Laxson for getting this on the books. He coordinated with VOC and Boulder County to get the geocachers into the "hot" zone. We worked our caching butts off reseeding and raking the forest floor all in an effort to control soil erosion and to start rebuilding the precious ecosystem of the area. Team Laxson was able to supply lunch for geocachers as well as a few others courtesy of Chick-Filet and Safeway. The businesses stepped up to the plate to offer sandwiches and chips plus hand sanitizer/paper towels. No questions asked. No calling corporate. Just working with people (geocachers) who would be hungry at lunch time. We enjoyed the comradeship of being a team of our own and knowing that in a few short months, this area will be starting to green up. Thanks to geocaching for allowing this event that doesn't really fall into the CITO category but is just (if not more) vital to helping our Mother Earth. To all of the attending geocachers, Thank You for your hard work....you will feel it in the morning.
  16. Breaktrack...now there is a name from the past.
  17. No poetry generator here. EAP probably did a double flip in his grave after that.
  18. April of '02 here. I still have yet to get over 1000 finds. I could go out today and get those easy-peasy caches but... When I started, Colorado had under 600 geocaches in the whole state. I think California was in the 2-3k count. The very first geocache I placed is still in existence. The Wright Cache. I have enjoyed the world wide friendship that geocaching has offered with meeting new people with the same interest. Events. Activities. Calling geocaching friends up in the middle of the week to just go have a beer and munch some nachos or something. Getting a knock on my door at 6am from a geocacher to go caching on a whim. (Let me get my hat and my coat) I had always wanted a Jeep. Geocaching has made that purchase all the more enjoyable. I plan to do more geohiking this year as well to get those caches at the end of the trail. And don't get me started on caching camp outs! Too fun!! [soapbox] As an old timer, I still think that geocaching should be about location. That is how I was cache raised. Why are you bringing me here? What do you want me to see? Is there some history here? Is there something more to this cache location than just a container? ... [/soapbox]
  19. The issues with Texas will be resolved in a timely fashion. The reason for the website is to bring awareness that the laws exist. I do not want bad new coverage because of a violation like this: http://coord.info/GC248QR = Hint the geocache is attached to a string hanging inside the National Forest Sign. I don't get it...Am I missing something here? You find the cache you have linked then you are 'narcing' on it? ....and place a pathtag? Yes, I also claimed the find for the post office box geocache that I got archived. Did you know that cache was in "violation" before you went to find it? No, I did not. Please refer: http://coord.info/GCRTED I am sorry I should have clarified but since I was originally referring to the link of the geocache involved with the National Forest sign: LEAVING ... FOREST Did you know that cache was in "violation" before you went to find it? I did not make any reference to the USPS Drop Box. That is for sure a wrongfully placed cache that a person would have no idea of the placement at the locale.
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