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  1. I think there needs to be something done about our geocoins and travelbugs that get stolen. My only idea, that I know will affect cachers, is for Groundspeak to remove the ability to see whether a cache contains a trackable. Make it a surprise? BUT, we should be able to see where our discoveries are, such as previous trackables we already found, and our own of course. I know a lot of you won't agree, but I don't know how else we can get 'geocaching' muggles' hands of our geocoins. This is an important issue this is! I lost my first and only travelbug before it even traveled 30miles! There's no way I'm going to put one of my coins in circulation when I receive them. I hope I made some points clear? I'm Afrikaans, and my English is not first class ...though, as long as we get our messages through to one another?
  2. How do one convince others that this is NOT a waste of time and gas.....those stuckup people makes my blood boil!!!! There's a lot of things they do that seems even more time and money wasting....like paying R500 to play a round of golf at some estate...walking after the ball you're just wacking away from yourself each time you find it...(I know it's a sport, but just to look at it in a critical way). I think geocaching is much more affordable and fun.
  3. Hi fellow Geocachers! I just heard about this hobby this weekend. No founds yet after three searches nearby...This is to change sooooon!!!
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