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  1. It is usually no problem if you let the airport personnel know ahead of time what it is and have them inspect it. Most of the ammo cans that you would have would probably have most of the residue already gone from them by the time you could possibly have them (if there ever was any to begin with), even if there is some, as long as it has been inspected and you have told them ahead of time, you should not have any issue. DO NOT try to carry them on the plane, make sure that they go through the luggage. I'm not sure why you would think that they don't have them in Europe? Many of the NATO countries actually purchase their ammuntion from the U.S. and it is almost certainly shipped in ammo cans. They have to do something with them when they are expended? Doc
  2. No. While mine also shows 56% of Internal Memory usage, it IS showing 3% of the 512 SD card usage. Doc
  3. Thanks, very helpful. Doc
  4. docdigit


    I know that GEOCARDS are signature items, but what should they actually contain on them and should they be laminated? Doc
  5. What about a vendor that gives incredible service that you want to praise? Not selling any particular item, just that they have gone above and beyond? Does that also violate? Doc
  6. I don't know, but if you're going to cache alone, give me a call and I'll join you! (face it, it's the only way to answer THAT question...) Doc
  7. I'm sure that this has been covered elsewhere and I'm sure that everyone is tired of hearing that the search function doesn't work, but, just in case (and to save me from searching through umpteen million pages) is there a way to get EasyGPS to work with the eXplorist 600? It looks like the leaning curve is a lot less steep than GSAK (which I WILL tackle after I'm a bit more familiar with this whole business...) Doc
  8. You are correct, I just checked and the battery is a 3.6v instead of 3.7v! I have already contacted the company I bought it from but have not heard back from the yet (the holidays I would presume.) I'm not sure how long it will last yet, I haven't had a chance to work with it as other events have overtaken me. I am hoping to get out today with it and give it a shot. Doc
  9. Don't see anything like that in there, the eXplorist uses a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. Thanks, Doc
  10. I went out and bought a battery for my eXplorist 600 (still waiting for a response from my dealer as to why it was missing in the first place), but I've noticed that no matter how long I charge it, the green bar doesn't go above the half-way point. Anybody have any ideas on this one? Thanks, Doc
  11. Merry Christmas, E-mail Sent and Thank You! Doc
  12. I got the eXplorist 600, 512 SD card, car charger, carrying case, DirectRoute and an instructional DVD...only one problem, no battery with the 600 I have e-mailed the company AND purchased another one on e-bay AND I am going out tomorrow to see if I can find one locally (I don't mind having too many spares!) Doc
  13. It's obvious that the thread has had an effect. I look forward to the new one! Doc
  14. Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men...may this Season be the best you have ever had. Merry Christmas everyone. Doc
  15. All your bases are belong to us! Doc
  16. I think one valid concern is that they would then be, in essence, offering FREE advertising. How would you police who and what is posted? I don't think that it is as simple as it looks on the surface. Doc
  17. I think that this is going to be a part of the "game". My brother actually got me interested in the sport when I went with him this summer. Your best bet (from what I've seen) is to look for 'down-times' to do the urban caches. Early Sunday mornings seem to be best from my observation in most cities that I've been to. I'm pretty sure that I've located my first cache without my GPS just from the information that I've found HERE. I am waiting until later today to go with my son to verify since it won't look so obvious then (protective coloration, another tactic!) Doc
  18. Getting the Magellan eXplorist 600 this Christmas (is it bad to know ALL your gifts ahead of time?) Comes with case, 512 SD card and Streets. Doc
  19. There was quite a bit of discussion about this in this thread: Thread Maybe something there will help? Doc
  20. At the price these guys are asking for their unit, it doesn't make sense for me NOT to buy one (already ordered it!) If, in the future, a pack comes out specifically for the ex then GREAT, I'll use this thing for my PDA Doc
  21. That's good to know (also sounds like it could double for a quick backup in an emergency then!) Doc
  22. Thanks Jamie, I'm just thinking that if I'm out for an extended period or use the backlight too long, I might be able to pull it out of my backpack and re-charge. I usually have plenty of spare batteries for the other electronics that I need to carry with me. Doc
  23. THANKS! I will have to look at getting one after I figure out what cable to get to go with it (the picture I have of the 600 doesn't look like a standard USB connect.) Doc
  24. While doing research on my upcoming Christmas present I ran across a reference to a clip-on AAA battery backup for the eXplorist 400/500/600. Has anyone else heard of or seen one of these? It would seem to be a handy thing to have. Thanks, Doc
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