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  1. It's off...had me going too, I just kept refreshing the site until it was time. Doc
  2. I kind of figured. Thanks guys. KoosKoos, my daughter is a Tech grad. Doc
  3. I'm curious if I need to approach the Parks Commissioner or someone in my area concerning the placement of cache (no, I'm not quite ready yet, but I'm getting there...I have these five, almost brand new .50 cal cans sitting here...) in a city or county park. Do you need permission or is okay to just go ahead because they are considered public property? Thanks, Doc
  4. While I agree that sometimes it IS better to just step back and go on, I also notice that everyone seems to agree that this guy was plain rude. I go back to my original intent (and by the way, I never used the word harrass), don't let the rudeness and obvious ignorance of one person spoil it for you. So far, no one that I've seen in this thread has even hinted that YOU did anything wrong, because you didn't. Woops, I'm in the park after dusk (and, at least where I live, county parks are open 24/7.) Yes, it's time to move on, but move on confident in the fact that YOU did nothing wrong, were doing nothing wrong and had no intent that could be construed as wrong. Cache on! Doc
  5. If that's what you think I'm saying then you haven't read very closely. My point about the officer simply goes back to rudeness (the statement the office made), which may have lead to Phox feeling that he did something wrong. Doc
  6. No, unfortunately when I go to work one of my biggest concerns is if someone is going to try to find a way to decimate our place...and I have to help secure it so that doesn't happen. But I also cannot be or allow our security officers (retired police officers all) to be rude to every truck driver, or visitor that comes to the gate. I probably HAVE dealt with some of the same people that you do. And anyone, not just cops, get hurt assuming people are innocent, yet THAT is the basis of our laws in this country...unless someone has rewritten the consititution and forgotten to let us all know (you know that pesky little thing about being innocent until proven guilty.) But you're right, when someone is rude, you DO have to simply move on, but you don't have to just accept that YOU were in the wrong which was my point in the first place. Phox was NOT in the wrong and has nothing to feel ANY guilt about, THAT is the point that I'm trying to make. Doc
  7. If you REALLY want to have fun with it, you can always point your GPS at them look at it, look at them, look back at it and yell, "OH MY GOD, HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR DOCTOR YET?!" Doc
  8. So, what if it wasn't money? How about making it 'items of value' instead? That way you CAN have your cake and eat it too! Doc
  9. And I'm willing to bet that 99.999% of the ones you run into will be polite, THAT goes with the territory. They really are out there trying to help people. So, this one didn't understand, or didn't care or whatever. The point I'm really trying to make is that you can't let the attitude of ONE guy dissuade you. You were NOT doing anything WRONG. If the park was closed, you made a MISTAKE, you did not commit a crime. If it wasn't closed, HE was making up his own laws and you still did nothing wrong. Doc
  10. ...uh yeah...thhhattt'll get ya arrested for sure... Doc
  11. Yeah...I just started buying Geocoins...I can't stop...I'm trying but I can't help myself...the coins are calling toooo meeeee.... Doc
  12. CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to the addiction...and it is..it is... Doc
  13. Wasn't everyone a muggle at some point in their life? Doc
  14. No, cops die because of guilty criminals in dark parks. Not people that they've already stopped, spoken to and run through their computers. Liberal? I don't think so. But, let me try to be rude to the next cop I see and I wonder what happens? As I said, they don't have that RIGHT and they don't. If they got reported for it, tell me that they wouldn't have a problem with their supervisor, especially if it has been reported before. Doc
  15. Sad but true. My brother-in-law was here over the holidays and told me of a cache in AZ where a set of really nice two-way radios had been left. A finder, feeling he didn't have anything of value or higher, actually closed it up and went out and bought something better to trade with. When he got back to the cache someone else had already been there, taken the radios (and everything else) and left a small plastic toy in the bottom. I'm keeping my trade items simple, nice, and non-age oriented. carbiners flashlights mini-tool kits micros Doc
  16. #1 Did the park close at dusk? #2 Was it posted? #3 Did the officer tell him that? #1 and #2 are in question. #3 does not appear to be in question. The officer seems to simply have been rude. It if was "off limits", all he had to do was say so, make disparaging comments to a tax paying, innocent citizen. Reading the way this is written (and I know that there are two sides to every story), the LEO simply didn't want phox there and he had an attitude about it. You know what, when he's on duty, he doesn't have that right. His JOB is to protect the tax paying, innocent citizens. All he had to do was say, "The park is closed, please move along." Wow, that's hard. I don't care if he was having a bad day or if he just woke up from a nap, it was wrong. Doc
  17. Yes, I got mine in yesterday and will be placing them in caches as soon as THALES returns my sick GPS. They look GREAT (in fact someone on the boards was asking about signature items and I directed them toward wooden nickels, now I may wind up actually trading mine with them!) Doc
  18. DUH! Thanks, got it...I kept pressing the picture of the coin (I'm sure glad I couldn't go caching today, I'd probably have tripped over a bear or something!) Doc
  19. Still can't find a way to order the coin domestically. The only thing I find is the "For Orders Outside The USA and Canada" link to order. Doc
  20. I just got my geonickels TODAY. The art on them is wonderful (my avatar on one side and a GPS on the other) and they are a GREAT signature item. Cost me $35.00 total for 50 of them (included shipping.) I'm not sure I'm allowed to say where I got them from, but if you e-mail me, I will provide you the name of the company. Doc
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