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  1. Get your money back. Go with Garmin. If I get the opportunity, I intend to jump at it! Doc
  2. Tech support...what tech support? My frustration with Thales has surpassed any limit I thought possible. HOWEVER, I did talk with them both yesterday morning and this morning...and they answered on the first ring! Scary, isn't it. Now, let me tell you how the conversation went... Yesterday... Me "I want to check on my GPS, it's RMA #XXXXXXXXXX Tech "Hold on a minute please...okay I have it, Mr. XXXXXXX? Me "Yes" Tech "Well, it shows that our techs are working on it but we've received the unit on the 11th and it takes 10 to 12 days, we still have six day..." Me "WRONG, you received the unit on the 9th at 6:02 am." Tech "Well, we don't count is as received until the techs start on it." Me "WHAT?" Tech "Yes we still have six days." Me "No, you don't , let me talk to a supervisor, NOW." Tech "Yes sir, hold on." ...intermission Supervisor "Yes sir, how can I help you?" Me "You can help me by telling me why the person who originally gave me the RMA number quoted me a 4 or 5 day turnaround and now I'm being quoted a 10 to 12 day turnaround. You can also help me by telling me why you are claiming to have recieved my unit two days after you actually got it!" Supervisor "You say that the original tech told you 4 or 5 days?" Me "Yes, and I am NOT happy." Supervisor "Well Mr. XXXXXX I'm sorry that you aren't happy. I will investigate and call you back." Me "Fine, call me back after 2:00 pm your time please." Supervisor "No problem." I was never called back of course. This morning's call went like this... Tech "Good morning, how may I help you?" Me "RMA XXXXXXXXX, where is it and what is going on with it and after we are done talking I want to talk to your supervisor." Tech "Uh, okay...one second. It looks like the techs are working on your unit. It says here we received it on the 11th. You know that there is a 10 to 12 day turn around." Me "No, you received it on the 9th at 6:02 am, would you like the tracking number so you can verify that yourself? I was originally told it would be a 4 to 5 day turnaround but that's okay, if we can settle on it being the 9th that you received it, that would make this day 10, is my unit ready to be shipped back then?" Tech "Uh, no, we're really busy right now you know." Me "Well, that doesn't speak very highly of you now does it?" Tech "Well you know we DO have 25 product lines." Me "Are you telling me that all 25 of the products that you make are screwed up?" Tech "Uh, someone told you 4 or 5 day turnaround? It's really always been 10 to 12 days." Me "Like I said, that makes this day 10, got my GPS ready go yet?" Tech "I will see what I can do to expedite your GPS and I will also talk to the tech that initiated your RMA." Me "Okay, I'll call you again tomorrow to see if you shipped it yet." Hang up... I figure if they can mess with me, I can have a little fun back... Doc
  3. /On Soapbox If I may, I would like to pose a couple of questions. How many people came to geocaching before the 'guideline' in question was imposed? When people use a compass and a map to find a cache, does anyone believe that at some point it doesn't cross their minds that it would be easier with a GPS? With these two questions in mind, I would like to point out that the 'guideline' seems to serve little purpose and, particularly in a case where coordinates are still given instead of a place name or actual directions. Yes, the original idea behind the sport was to locate a box with a GPS. But was that actually a necessity even then? I have 'lurked', watching this thread for some time now. I have seen both long time users and new users state that they believe the cache should be left as is. I have not seen a compelling argument that it needs to be changed, only arguments that state that the reviewers will not change their minds so it should be changed. I keep reading that 'there are really no rules, just guidelines', yet it would seem that, at least in this case, an attempt is being made to create an actual rule. Fine, if that is the case, then create a set of rules for this version of the sport and be done with it, but why mask the issue by calling them guidelines? I will have to vote with the cache owner on this one. If a compelling reason, a reason that can really be said to have importance over the stark simplicity that this cache represents for the sport can be made, I will review my decision in that light. Having said all of that, I also wish to state that as one of the many disabled Americans that try to enjoy the sport, this kind of cache is most welcome (have you got any idea how we drool when we see some of those extreme caches knowing that there is absolutely no physical way we will ever be able to try them?)/Off Soapbox Docdigit edited for content
  4. Crippled computer masquerading as a GPSr? Doc
  5. That was an interesting leap to a conclusion...the box was sealed. I suppose the retailer COULD have re-sealed it, but with all of the other problems that Thales is having (bad software, boxes without any software, etc.), I doubt it. If I hadn't decided to wait several weeks to open it as a Christmas present I might not have anticipated it so badly and agree with you. As it was, I decided to BUY a new battery on MY OWN dollar and put it in. HOWEVER, the retailer was made aware of the situation immediately and has it on record. I get the feeling that you think I'm some kind of an idiot? I admit, I made a mistake, I bought the thing in the first place (a mistake that Thales/Magellan can be sure that I will NEVER make again.) The unit has already been returned to Thales. If you would like the entire story e-mail me and I will be happy to share it with you. It is a very long tale and as I have already stated, I don't want to put it into the forums (others have already e-mailed me for it and commented back to me that they can't believe I had to go through this.) Doc
  6. I will admit that I'm fairly new to the equipment, but I'm not sure what that has to do with their service? If I had done something to 'break' the unit, I could see your point, but since the unit came without a battery and then wouldn't charge it when I bought one separtely (not wanting to have to wait for an RMA...what a laugh now), I''m not sure where you are going with your question? That's very true, which is why I stated "look near the bottom", the point being there are others out there that are having issues with Magellan/Thales service as well. While a magazine may give a particular brand or unit a high rating, I am more interested in what users have to say about function and service. I bought the unit originally because of the Magellan name and functionallity. The service issue has led me to believe that I have made a serious error. Thales has a problem, I made a mistake. Doc
  7. Well, seems we aren't the only ones. Check out this thread... E500 Problems ...and look near the bottom. Doc
  8. Buy one every four hours and be sure to trade two per day! When you run out of money...beg, borrow or steal...but you must have COINS! Doc
  9. And I might believe that, but I'm still waiting to see the same kind of forum posts about Garmin that I've seen about Magellan concerning service. No company or person or group of people is perfect (I know that I'm not) but is that the point? No company, person or group of people has to be THIS bad either. I have honestly never encountered another product of any kind where I have seen such a lack of timely customer service as I have seen from Thales (sunglass companies not withstanding.) Maybe I don't get out enough or buy enough things? If that's the case though, I wonder where my paychecks keep going? My belief is that I have made a terrible mistake in purchasing a Magellan unit. I will not purchase another one based upon this experience. I will tell everyone I know about this experience (that is the danger that ANY company must face when they have a problem such as this that results in a negative customer experience.) I was asked recently if there was anything that could change my mind about Thales (i.e. could I be bought off?) My response to that person was that you cannot remove a negative emotional experience. You might attempt to replace it with a positive one but can anyone seriously see Thales doing THAT in the near future? Edit: I just want to add, that I find it interesting that people ARE e-mailing me to find out "the rest of the story". Not a pretty picture Magellan/Thales...not a pretty picture... Doc
  10. It's nice to know that there are SOME success stories out there. I did notice that Thales is listed on the London exchange, I'm wondering if a word to the right Financial rag might not get some interest going and some changes made? I've noticed that with some large corporations it takes a concern over their quarterly dividends to get them to move. Doc
  11. You can get a trial version of Winrar to decompress here: WinRAR ...hope that helps. Doc
  12. ...an addiction worse than anything I've ever encountered... Doc
  13. Got two! This is gonna be GREAT! Doc
  14. I might agree with that statement but ask your self this question, "Why is their customer support so busy?" I am hearing rumours that they sent out a really bad batch of product for the Christmas season because they were rushed to get it out (including things like not only my missing battery and non-charging unit, but missing software, etc.) So, as I asked in another thread a while back, is their product so screwed up that their customer support can't get unburied or are they so understaffed that they can't keep up (or both?) Either way they have a SERIOUS problem. On the one hand, they have a major quality/production and MANAGEMENT issue and they need to review their system. On the other they have a major MANAGEMENT issue and they need to review their system. I take care of these kinds of problems for a living and can tell you that they need to hire a couple of experts in my field (I'm not available at the moment) if they want to be in business two years from now. Doc
  15. OH, and anyone interested in "the rest of the story", feel free to e-mail me. It's far too long and involved to go into here. Doc
  16. Well, if service is a consideration then think about this. I bought an eXplorist 600 and I doubt that I will ever buy another Magellan product again... E-Mailed Magellan Tech Support and it took 5 working days to get a response (I'm being nice and excluding the weekends in here.) Called Magellan Tech Support and set up for call back..it took 6 working days for a response. Called Magellan Tech Support and decided to wait it out, the first time their system disconnected me after one hour. Called Magellan Tech Support and decided to wait it out..again...finally spoke with a live technician (just to check to see where my unit was in their system by this point) after 1 hour and 37 minutes. Just as a test, I called Garmin Tech Support and spoke with a live technician after being on hold for 9 minutes and 42 seconds (I clocked it.) Doc
  17. Looks like there's still plenty available... Doc
  18. It's your money and you are keeping it within the community...go for it! Doc
  19. Got me and the sale is over... (unless you are an Illinoisan) Doc
  20. If you are in Illinois it might be sales tax? Doc
  21. I'm going to be out of town... Doc
  22. There were two sales. One for non-member and a members only. Doc
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