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  1. Yeah guys but there's more, they are also saying that all three of us screwed up in exactly the same way, at exactly the same time for exactly the same item. Now, I work with statistics every day, care to know the odds of that one? It is something on the order of over 20,000 to 1. But, we have to remember, their computer is completely infallable... I won't be buying through them again no matter how much I might save..I'm thinking about getting out of the coins entirely after this... Doc
  2. Update for those who may be wondering. NO positive action has been taken on this problem for any of us involved as yet. Looking grim. Doc
  3. I think that, in a way, this ties to why some people make members only caches. I fully intend to start every one of mine out as an MO (at least for a while.) At least that way, maybe I can cut down on SOME of the junk. Doc
  4. I received an e-mail, but they ARE NOT admitting to any error (as yet.) I'm getting more unhappy about this by the minute. Doc
  5. I had a request from them for my transaction number. I sent that and am waiting to hear back. My guess is that I'll be in the same boat as you though. I agree, if I order one thing and get an item that is of lesser intrinsic value (even if it is at the same price), there is something very, very wrong with that. Doc If I pay for something and then they substitute it for something I consider of lesser value without giving me an option...what is the name for that?
  6. Okay...everybody just relax...I'm going to take all of these nice sharp objects out of the room... Doc
  7. Sent him a note as soon as I saw this on my reciept. As yet no answer. It's not like I won't keep the coins, but it's still NOT what I ordered. Doc
  8. Exact same thing happened to me. Doc
  9. Okay...now you've got me questioning whether I've got LE's or regulars! I ordered from the box on the right hand side and then had to go back quickly (it only put one in) and order two...it was still there when I did it and everything went through...got a Paypal reciept but I don't see LE anywhere on it. Doc
  10. <---------------- HAH! Guess again...check out the avatar please! Doc
  11. Uh, you weren't supposed to tell...YOU'RE OUT! Doc
  12. I wouldn't do it. Not yours to decide on how it looks. To me it's kind of like someone else coming by and putting a bumper sticker on your car. Doc
  13. Just because we hide metal ammunition boxes filled with esoteric items in strange place places and skulk about peering at hand held electronic equipment while trying to hide our activities from other people? What would you think is secret about that?
  14. Look even closer at the feedback...it's all from the seller and in a number of cases, when he changed his name, he became a 'no longer a registered user' on the same day! Doc
  15. HEY! When you get the quilt made, send it this way. My wife has a longarm machine that she can do the quilting for you with. Doc
  16. Congratulations. This thread was conducted in a very respectful manner by reviewers, op and posters (for the most part) and am extremely happy to see the process works. We are in the sport to have fun and I think that the reviewers know this and have that uppermost in their minds. If I'm back in OH any time soon, I'll try to visit your cache. Again, congratulations, not just to you but to the reviewers whom I know did a lot of hard work on this. Doc
  17. Way to go! Thanks for letting us know how it turned out! Doc
  18. I want to state that I agree with the majority of posts here that leaving one or two tracts in a cache would be fine (they may be viewed as a signature item.) The motivation behind stuffing a cache with them, in my own opinion, is cowardice as they are supposed to be handing these things to people so that they can talk about them (not stuffing them in a box somewhere.) I probably share the same faith as some of these people, but I would NEVER simply trash a cache (which this, in essence, is) to do something that these things weren't even intended for in the first place (did that make sense?)! This person's perspective, you have the right (duty?) to keep your cache clean. As was stated earlier, if I came along and stuffed your cached with something else (say with my signature cards) what would you do? Doc
  19. If it was just 30 minutes you would be perfectly correct, however, READ the posts, it is 1 hour and 30 minutes. I HAVE called both Magellan and Garmin at approximately the same time on two different work days the difference was astounding. Magellan 1 hour and 30 odd minutes, Garmin...less than 10 minutes. This was in the last couple of weeks. Now the truth is, I have found a way to contact Magellan EVERY day and I do it in less than three minutes...I call them every day to rag on them about my unit (they have until Tuesday before I demand a full refund by-the-way, and then I am going with a GARMIN!) Doc P.S. I'm sorry people, even though they are a bunch of weasels, I made a promise that I wouldn't reveal how I'm getting through and I keep MY promises (unlike Magellan.) edited because there is no e in contact!
  20. Woohoo! Be sure to show us the artwork! Doc
  21. 2006 USAGeocon...my first physical coin (I have a number pre-ordered)! Doc
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