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  1. If it will work with an iPaq 3835 with expansion sleeve (for compact flash) and ppc 2002, I'll buy it! Doc
  2. White, I think that shadowing effect is great! Doc
  3. We're not offended...we took all their fries... Doc
  4. Let me know when the silly things get to inches and centimeters! Seriously, I convert in my head either way (too much ballistics), so it doesn't really matter. Doc
  5. ...ya never know about penguins... Doc
  6. ...and as stated above, it is available for the PPC 2002! I just got it and won't be using it as a stand-alone GPSr, but just for paperless. I already like what it does! Doc
  7. Actually, I get a 403 error when I press on your link. Doc
  8. Actually, what happens is that you call and scream at them for two, three, four, five or six weeks and then start to threaten them with dire action and then send you a brand new unit so that the fun can start all over again! Doc
  9. Glad you clarified that, to us 1.00 is three figures... Doc
  10. Speaking as one of those mobility limited persons, thank you for bringing this up. And thank all of you who think about those of us who want to do more with the sport but are overly challenged by many of the hides. Doc
  11. Ah, but do you call them every day and talk with Scott or one of his co-horts? Have you told them that at the exact point of turn around time that they promised you expect a full and complete refund if the repaired unit isn't on it's way back to you? Did you talk with the service manager...twice? It took them EXACTLY 12 days and that is because they overnighted my unit to me. Doc
  12. I got mine back (actually, they sent me a new one) and had to do the complete compass re-set. But I have noticed that the speedometer is off by about 6.5 miles per hour when I drive (either that or my car's is off...) Doc
  13. There is a firmware download at Magellan's site for the 600 (it's still says 500), did it come back up or is this something else? Doc
  14. A plastic black widow spider might put some wow into it...or give the finder a heart attack... Doc
  15. I guess I must be naive. I thought the object was to have fun and challenge yourself. I could care less about the numbers so what would the point be? Doc
  16. Vinny, you missed my favorite one about the sky diving for that balloon cache and the fighter jets... Seriously, I worry about the same thing. I have been able to go only a few times myself and take my little ones. Around here we have a major meth problem. The only advice I can give you is be aware of where you are, if it looks like the cache is in an area that could be a problem like that, move on. Open the cache first like everyone says. Most of them are small enough that you can shield the contents for a moment or two with your body (in case there is something really strange in there.) I think after a couple of finds, you will have a feel for it and not worry so much (I can tell the ones I will try with the kids and the ones that I will skip now.) Doc
  17. That's really nice, I'd trade with you but all I have is a wood geonickel as a sig item... Doc
  18. Wow, I love it when they start getting close to home like this! Doc
  19. It would only work if we all bought the same exact numbers at the same exact time in the same exact state... Doc
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