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  1. SHOOT! Too far to drive for only a day or two (can't spare more than that and Southern Illinois is waaaay too far...) Doc
  2. Have you ever seen a barmaid in action...they already KNOW physics! The whole thing sounds very much like another "Roswell" to me...we won't ever REALLY know, so what's the point? Doc
  3. Did you put a checkmark in the box when you were in the Mapsend program itself (after you cut the region)? Doc
  4. Got home late last night. FANTASTIC!!! I will still be buying more to put into caches! These are GREAT! Thank you! Doc
  5. It was just a thought. I can't dispute the battery issues. Go back into the forums and you will find my own (battery wouldn't charge AT ALL, no matter what.) Looks like a defective unit to me as well.
  6. Am traveling, don't want to purchase through a hotel server. Will buy a bunch when I get home though. They will make GREAT trade items! Doc
  7. The other thing to remember is that not all ammo cans actually come, used, from the military. Some come from the ammo LAP facilities (primers and such are shipped in them and the cans can still only be used once and then have to be disposed of.) So, there ARE quite a few around that are almost brand spanking new and in HUGE quantities (most LAP facilities wind up with warehouses of them until they can either sell them off or have them carted away as scrap.) Doc
  8. If you have both DirectRoute and Topo, there's an easier way... Copy \MAP\BLX folder from Mapsend Topo to the MAP\ folder of DR. Copy \Map\topo3d.ini and topo3d.cfg to DR's \Map folder Add "Topo3DInit=topo3d.ini,BLX0" line to the Root\mapsend.ini in the [PATH] section. After that you will see topo checkbox, similar to MapSend Topo to choose if topo info should be included to the region exported. (instructions courtesy of http://www.msh-tools.com/) Doc
  9. Not sure how accurate it is, but I read in the Yahoo eXplorist forum that the Lithium Ion batteries have a circuit in them that is designed to cut the batteries out below a certain temperature. "Well that was a very good read! I got to sit with it today during my lunch at work and found out something about Li-Ion batteries. They all include a shutdown circuit if they become too warm or cold. Quote: Built into each pack, the protection circuit limits the peak voltage of each cell during charge and prevents the cell voltage from dropping too low on discharge. In addition, the cell temperature is monitored to prevent temperature extremes. /Quote: So this is really may be two problems. Batteries that are specificly designed to not run in cold, and a firmware that does not handle sudden loss of power very well." Battery University Doc
  10. I would, but I only do "Buy It Now"...I hate getting sniped... Doc
  11. Well, as I said, I do like the unit itself. I think that at some point in time even THALES may get their customer service issues fixed (hey, anything is possible.) The 600 is still a new product by my standards and probably will have to go through several generations of firmware upgrades before all of the bugs are worked out (I'm hearing a lot lately about low temperature problems, don't know if that is hardware or software, but it needs to be checked.) I will probably go with Garmin next, simply because of the service issues (when I called them as a test, they responded very quickly on the phone) but that day is still a ways off. I don't want this to be a 'bashing' thread for Magellan and would close it on a positive note (if I could find the "Close Thread" button.) The Magellan eXplorist 600 is fits my semi-functional hand very well, the buttons are very easy for me to use and the joystick is probably one of the nicest features for me. I picked it because of these factors and it's memory capabilities and (sans service problems) probably would again. Doc
  12. Wow then I'm in big trouble...according to my ex 600 I'm going about 5 mph faster than what my speedo is saying (and I don't exactly drive slow.) Now, here's a curious thing, I noticed today that at slower speeds (down below 20 mph) they begin to come together...and at 0 mph they are exactly the same! Doc
  13. Actually, from what I hear, when they are good, they are very, very good. But when they are bad...sheesh..you don't want to have to deal with the service issues. I actually LIKE the Magellan units. I like the size, the layout and the file structure...I just don't like their customer service. I know that there are people who will claim that Garmin is just as bad, but I don't see or hear that as a continuous theme like I do with THALES. My next one will be a Garmin and if I have the same kind of problems, the one after that will be someone else. When I find the company that is loyal to its customers, they will find that I am a loyal customer to them. I shop at some of the same stores that I have for over ten years because they are as loyal to me as I am to them (and I don't care if I can get for a few bucks cheaper elsewhere, it isn't cheaper if it costs me aggravation and time.) A 'geocoin store that shall remain nameless' has forever lost me as a customer recently because of the way they treat their customers (me specifically.) It may be insignificant to them but the day may also come when the 'fad begins to fade' and EVERY customer becomes significant. End of rant... Doc
  14. Must be, because in PPC 2002 I just use the Add/Remove Files function and everything works fine. Doc
  15. Agree 100% Yes, but's it's pretty rare. A month after I got a new unit back...with an extra battery already? Possible, not probable...I'd go with the data entry error... It's possible...but you'd think that OEM would be right. You'd also have to wonder why my wife's speedometer is off by the same amount... ABSOLUTELY! Better yet Fly Fish! Doc
  16. Well, it wasn't supposed to be a "freebie", according the young lady...it was a mistake. Their computer 'glitched' she said. I would think that if they really meant it to be a "free gift" she wouldn't have had a problem telling me (after all, it has to be better than admitting that your company is even more screwed up than just in their service department.) My unit went in because, first, it came WITHOUT a battery and then when I went and out bought one separately (because I didn't want to have to wait for THALES...HA!) it wouldn't charge (which they probably KNEW, which is why it CAME WITHOUT a battery in the FIRST PLACE!) This one seems to be working okay (the speedometer thing seems to be about 5 mph off when I'm driving, but I think I'd rather trust the one in dash anyway!) Doc
  17. I have no choice but to agree with these guys...I was laughing so hard I was crying...my wife is worried about the hobby/sport/game now! Doc
  18. Well, there's free and there's free. If I have another problem how much is my aggravation of having to deal with one of the worst customer service systems in the world worth? On the other hand, if it keeps running smoothly for the next year or so, I may just SUPPLEMENT it with a Garmin... Doc
  19. It's working at the moment...but what makes you think that I'm not going to? Doc
  20. I got home today and there was a box waiting for me. I noticed that the address was the same as the one that I recently had to send my eXplorist 600 to (and received a new one back from) for repair. I opened the box and inside was a new soft case (in the original packaging), a wall charge unit, a magellan battery and two (2) 256 MB SD cards. Being somewhat confused and hopelessly honest, I called the number on the box and spoke with the young lady (they're all younger than me!) asking what this was all about. She informed me that when they sent my unit back they forgott to include my accessories. I explained that was interesting, but I never sent them my accessories, just the unit. She hesitated for a moment and explained that they have had a computer glitch and basically lost some of their information and didn't really know what they had sent to out already. I offered to return the items and she told me "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", please keep them. If I can't use them, give them to my wife or girlfriend (...hey don't tell my wife...on second thought...tell me who she is...) or throw them away! I thanked her and there we are. I now have THREE cases (I bought one with a clear plastic window), two wall charge units (one that is a split unit so I can hook to the computer), three SD cards (a 512 and two 256 MB) and THREE Magellan batteries! To top it off, they sent me an extra wrist strap with the little screw to put directly into the back of the unit if I want... The service takes forever...but when they screwed up, at least I wound up on the PLUS side... Doc
  21. 2 Mississippi...considering the 'fun' I had with these I think I will hang them at the end our 200 meter range and see what happens to them by the end of the day tomorrow... Doc
  22. Thanks CYBRET, that whole thread was the single most interesting one I've encountered since entering these forums. Doc
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