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  1. Active duty Air Force from 94-98 stationed at Charleston SC as a crewchief on C-141b models. Currently in the Ohio Air National Gaurd as a crewchief on KC135R acft, I joined the gaurd in the fall of 98 so I'm coming up on my 12th year in. Will
  2. As a car guy I can tell you that there is a company (and I cant remember right now their name) that sells a speedometer for cars that uses gps to calculate speed, that way you can change rear end ratios andor tire sizes as much as you want and you still get an accurate speed reading. I'll try to find their web site tonight for some more info like how accurate they are.
  3. The garmin 60c at amazon is now $329.99 amazingly enough I purchased mine last night for $250 usually after I buy something the price goes down but I guess I got lucky this time.
  4. I've just purchased one of these from amazon.com, by the way I purchased it last night for $250.00 but today its up to $329.00 still cheaper than most places. My question is garmin has 2 different scenery updates one is called city select north america and the other is city navigator north america. I cant figure out what the difference is between these 2 could somebody please shed some light on this subject for me. At over $100.00 a piece I'd hate to buy the wrong one. Thanks Will
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