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  1. For my own new caches, I like to leave a first to find prize just to reward the first to finder for their accomplishment. Things I leave have small or little value other than to the first to finder as memorabilia. I have left: Write in the rain pens Ready to hide geocaching containers (handmade or purchased) Blank new log sheets or small log books Low cost un-activated trackable tags A spanking brand new 1 dollar bill or sometimes a fiver if the cache has higher terrain or difficulty stars Some really strong cool neodymium magnets If the FTF prize is too large for the geocache container I just give or have cachers solve for the location where the FTF prize is hidden. ------------------------------------- Examples: For a puzzle cache: FTF prize is hidden on the ground in the fence corner near GZ under an old wooden board at: The solved North coordinates minus .016 The solved West coordinates plus .039 ------------------------------ For conventional caches: First To Find prize is attached about 2 feet off the ground with black electrical tape to the north eastern corner of an old rusty iron apparatus at: N 48 09.052 W 114 17.904 ---------------------------- First to Find prize is hidden in a black bag near a big fallen log under bark and sticks at : N 46 45.186 W 113 43.044
  2. When I first started geocaching there was a small local group that was challenging each member of that group to rack up more FTFs than the others. They would race out in the middle of the night no matter what the weather in their PJs, bedroom slippers and bathrobes to get a first to find before the others. They would sign the top of the on-site physical logs with date and exact times that they were the first to find. Then they would NOT log online for a day or two to trick the others into thinking that the cache had not been found yet ! It was nearly impossible for “normal” geocachers to get a first to find on any new local caches. It took me a year of caching to finally get my first “First to Find”. And then, it was just by raw luck because I was driving about three blocks away from GZ when the cache went live ! Thankfully, most members of that group have either stopped caching or moved away from the area. So that nonsensical activity has stopped. For sure, local geocachers (including me) still strive for the FTFs, but it is usually during reasonable hours and weather .
  3. Mystery at the Museum ? Well first off, I didn't know what I was getting into. Didn't know how many caches I needed to find after getting the detective and 6 evidence caches. Ok . . . for the next step I suddenly realized that I then needed to find 15 more "specific" jewel caches. That's doable. Not knowing this, I wasted some jewel caches by finding and logging them while I was out looking for the evidence caches . . . OOoops ! [:(]. Oh well they just added to my overall cache count. No great disaster. But then I had to search hither and yon for even more of the jewel caches that I realized I needed. Then, after collecting all of the jewels, I suddenly found that I needed to find another 35 caches to get the vault open ! Holy cache deficiencies Batman !! There aren't that many caches in my town that I haven't found to fill this requirement! So that means gas up the bat-mobile, we are going to need to "Travel" Robin !! Additionally, with the deadline looming near, and with my work schedule, and not having been given the opportunity to plan ahead for new far reaching cache runs, finding 35 more far away caches was next to impossible. As such, I had to give up on Mysteries at the Museum after I had collected all of the jewels. I still have them, somewhere, maybe in the bottom of my cache bag. I can return them if I knew where to send them.
  4. Well here is my situation: My grandmother moved in with me and wanted to start her own geocaching account. No problem, just set up an email account a then enter her new geo-user name and email address and I (she) should get a validation link to click on in a new email from geocaching.com. All went fine, but got no validation link. Ran the "send it again" thing two or three times and still nothing. Ran the "send validation code to a different email account (mine) Got nothing. Checked junk folders in both email accounts . . . . nothing there. What am I doing wrong ?
  5. Is there a souvenir for 365 / 366 days of caching ?
  6. I live in a town near the Canadian border and know full well that this day/month or month/day confusion is a common problem among date writers and date readers. If you adopt the military format you would write 11DEC13 instead of 11/12/13. This format avoids the day/month confusion and allows the reader the benefit of not having to stop and answer the "Is it day/month or month/day question. Additionally, the reader does not have to do the number to month conversion. It is clear and concise with no doubts or questions and usually takes no more characters or key strokes as the other formats.
  7. Well here is my two (or three) cents worth. To claim a FTF (or any find) you must lay your writing device onto and sign the on site pyhsical log. That is why that log is required to be a part of any geocache that is not a virtual or that is not an earth cache. Additionally, if you go out looking for caches that are not virtual or that are not earth caches and you do not take (or if you lose)your writing utensil then you are just asking for problems. If you are REALLY into the FTF game, then you should also be REALLY into the "Bring my own writing device." and also REALLY into the "Being two or three backup writing devices" games. You should also know what the correct date and time are and be writing that information as the FTF in the physical log. Most new caches have a spot indicated for the FTF to sign. Look for and use that spot. If you find the FTF spot and there are no marks there, put your marks there, then you are the FTF. At least, if you must, you can burn a stick or a twig, or use a soft piece of a stone or even punch a little hole or two in the physical on site paper log at the FTF spot. Then post what you did on your "Found It" log so the CO and others can see what evolved. There are no guidelines as to what your signature must be. But I would say that to claim an FTF (or any find) you must make some kind of a mark on the on site physical log. Now there are those special cases where the physical log may be completely missing, or may be a nasty wad of moldy wet mush. But these cases are unlikely on a newly published cache. But remember, in any questionable circumstance, the CO has the final right as the cache owner to say who was FTF, or if any find is legitimate or not. Claiming a FTF without signing the physical log is the same as claiming an FTF with a note saying "I was 30 miles away and my car broke down. I will return later to sign as First to Find !! Again, this is just my opinion, no need to start firing daggers my way. [] [] Ajax One
  8. I have the same or at least a very similar question. The previous answers did not completely cover this question: What is the difference between Geocaching caches and Letterbox caches?? I have searched both Geocaching.com and Letterboxing North America web sites. So far, I have deduced that the main difference (I think) is that geocaching caches use GPS coordinates, and maybe a few clues, to find a hidden container with a logbook and maybe some swag. Letterbox caches do not (or cannot)use GPS coordinates, but give only directions and clues to the hidden container which would have a log/stamp book, a unique stamp and maybe some swag. Am I correct in stating that the two types are very similar, other than the "how to find" method and the "unique stamp" thing.
  9. Ok, I know there is a 528 foot cache placement distance. But how do I find the distance between two caches or for that matter between any two given sets of coordinates? I have searched all over the geocaching web pages and am surprised that given the importance of this there are no references as to how to check it.
  10. Ok, Thanks kayakbird, Well, it was very overcast and raining when I found this disk. There is a pic of the weather station nearby on my geocache "Weather or Knot" GC427X4 web page. My link I go by there a lot and will get a pic of scenery on the next nice day. Bye Ajax One
  11. I recently found benchmark labeled US Coast & Geodetic Survey Benchmark~ Elevation Feet Above Mean Sea Level~ E 116 ~ 1934 1. Is there some way to log this on the geocaching web page? 2. Is the 1934 the elevation at that point or is that the year that it was placed in the ground? 3. Terrain maps show the elevation in the area at about 3000 feet so how does 1934 fit in? 4. How do I find the "Benchmarks" data base. Do you have photos? 1. Is this the one you found? http://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=TN0305'>http://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=TN0305 2. Year Monumented 3. Year Monumented 4. Located at the bottom of geocaching.com is "Find a Benchmark" http://www.geocaching.com/mark/ Thank you Unainah 1. Yes that is it-- E 116 2. Ok I see 1934 is the year monumented 3. Year 1934 makes sense now with the 3000 ft elevation shown on maps. 4. Ok -- I found that -- But how do I get from the E 116 stamped on the disk to that page with TN0305 on it? I have read the coordinates at the site over the disc as 48.11755 and -115.41940. I have a picture of it but don't know how to attach it to this post. It looks exactly like the picture at http://www.geocaching.com/mark/ Added: Ok I have it logged as found on 1 Dec 12 and have attached a picture of it to my log entry.
  12. I recently found benchmark labeled US Coast & Geodetic Survey Benchmark~ Elevation Feet Above Mean Sea Level~ E 116 ~ 1934 1. Is there some way to log this on the geocaching web page? 2. Is the 1934 the elevation at that point or is that the year that it was placed in the ground? 3. Terrain maps show the elevation in the area at about 3000 feet so how does 1934 fit in? 4. How do I find the "Benchmarks" data base.
  13. I don't want to give out any clues to the nature and process of finding and logging the on site paper log. See my forum entry of 24 September 2012 - 04:43 PM. The CO has made the cache name and even the clue given to be very puzzling. What I said on 24 September 2012 could possibly be a spoiler for other geocachers if I gave out the cache name. Still have not heard from the CO. I am waiting on a reply from an email that I sent to Groundspeak.
  14. Ok I will wait to hear from CO. I didn't post any photos about the cache, I didn't even take any photos at the site. Got no emails regarding same. I don't get any ordinary Geocaching emails when I type a log for my find of someone elses cache. I do get emails when someone else types a log for one of my own caches. Thank You kunarion
  15. Ok thank you for the information, No I don't save all of the emails. and I didn't receive any emails from the CO. And nothing is in my spam or junk email folders. I was adding and deleting some pictures lately. But all those were on other cache pages and not the one in question. I have emailed the CO and hopefully he/she might have an explanation as to what might have happened. He/she might even have the log in hand for that period of time. I am waiting to hear back from CO. How do I contact Groundspeak to restore a deleted or archived log? Ajax One
  16. I have noticed that one of my web page logged cache finds from about a year ago has suddenly disappeared. My "Found Count has also dropped by one". The log entry was there for 10 or 11 months (don't know for sure as can't remember the exact date of the find) and then ppffooff one day about a week ago it was gone. The happyface is also gone from the map view. Could I have accidentally deleted it by being a fumble finger and hitting a button my mistake? I have been looking at the cache web page often as it is a unique and interesting cache and I like to read other peoples comments even though the cache does not belong to me... . . ... I suppose I could go back to the cache and check the date on the paper log entry, and re-log the find with the past date, but on this cache the paper log is very difficult and time consuming to find even when you are holding the cache container in your hands! Could the cache owner have deleted it for some reason? If so, I cannot guess why. Anybody have any sugestions?
  17. Ok Thanks Larry, That is a quick way to find ones posts. I have asked moderator briansnet to edit my errors. Happy Caching Joe ~ Ajax One
  18. I found a State Highway Department Benchmark at 47.56991 and 114.62930. It has State Highway Department Benchmark and 2918.65 stamped on it. Is this a logable benchmark. Is it in a database somewhere on the geocaching website? Thanks, Joe aka Ajax One
  19. Ok Thanks DoubleBent, I have gone back to my GCW81B log entries, and edited that. Also deleted the pictures that I had submitted of the geo coin and the new cache log (which also had the secret number listed). However, I cannot figure out how to get back to my post # 14 to edit it. Also, the secret number appears in post # 8 (by me) post # 11 (by me) and post # 12 (by larryc43230). Can these be fixed somehow? Additionally, how do I find posts by me at some later date? They get totally lost in among all the newer entries. I tried to do some subject searches but still come up with thousands of posts to search thru. Is there a "List Posts By Me" button somewhere that I missed? Thanks for the help. Joe aka Ajax One
  20. Returned kowboyk's cache to its original location. (I think)See string (visit link) Took the geocoin & placed it in Columbia Mountain View GC1TGE7. Left North American Fishing Club swivels, left Cool Yellow Egg-Shaped Lucky Pocket Rock, left 4 red plastic key rings, left Canada Moose key chain, left a bunch of pencils. Included logs that had gotten soaked that I had dried out. Also included a new log book. Inventory of cache:Wet Ones wipe, blue oval foam thingy, pink barrel bead, red foam ball, orange & clear super ball, geocache pencil, yellow rubber happy face, little grey and white rock, blue pony tail clamp, hanging fish, puzzle game cube, pink rubber bracelet, red & green Itty Bitty Babe, purple plastic ring thing, one orange wooden dice, ride straight button/pin, lime green kazoo, WOW ribbon, party horn with purple tassles, I LIKE PIKE sticker, glow in the dark star, %$#@!sticker, wooden red & white Denmark flag, purple thermos with two lids.Placed all in a new Folgers container with tighter fitting lid and all inside of a clear plastic bag with two big rubber bands around it. If you go to this cache please re-hide it well as the owner "kowboyk" seems to have gone inactive.
  21. That's a shame! Still, you did a great job, AjaxOne...now you know what to look for, you can keep an eye on cachers searching! Thanks for helping out - you may want to look and see if there are any events coming up in your area, and you can meet a bunch of cachers "in the flesh." Ok Thanks DoubleBent, Yes, kowboyk seems to be inactive, he did not answer my direct email. I will replace the container and the contents of GCW81B "East-Flatlander-Bound TB Pick-up & Drop Off" at the same location at my nearest opportunity. I will include the old logbook and also a new one in a waterproof jar. I think that a bear may have smelled the cache and dug it out before I muggled across it. I will find another cache to put the geocoin into. Thanks again to All, 73s Joe AKA; Ajax One
  22. Thanks To All, And to 6NoiseyHikers, A&J Tooling and all others: The cache is GCW81B "East-Flatlander-Bound TB Pick-up & Drop Off" owned by "kowboyk" http://www.geocachin....aspx?wp=GCW81B -------------------------- Here is the location of my Yaak Hill weather station: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=204575677947857413521.0004af431574a92a91614 --------------------------- I will follow everyones instructions, log the find, log the coin and try to find another geocache to put it in (or create my own?). I will contact kowboyk for his input. Ajax One
  23. My work involves travelling all around northwest Montana. I discovered a cache by accident while doing some litter cleanup at Mile Post 4.8 on US Hwy 2. I guess that makes me a Muggler? What I found was a red plastic Folgers coffee can partially under a big rock with its lid lying on the ground nearby. The container was not really hidden. It was half filled with rain water and it looked to me like some youngster had lost a tub of toys and trinkets! I partially placed the lid on, drained the water out, and briefly went thru the contents. Everything was completely soaked and most printed matter on paper was very hard to read. What I realize now was the log had entries in different handwritings and notes and abbreviations that I could not decipher. When I came across the “CacheDeMayo” coin with “Track at Geocaching.com” on it, I realized that I needed to get on the web and find out what GeoCaching was! I had heard of it as explorers going out and finding hidden things. But being a Muggler, I did not know the proper procedures to take, so I guessed that I should take the entire container, and leave my own container of trinkets in its place (which I did . . OOPS). There is a 1 gallon Zip Lock bag under the rock now (covered with a good load of smaller rocks). The bag is filled with a number of strange items that I had in my work truck. I took the coffee can back to my shop in Kalispell, and laid everything out on my work bench to dry out. I searched for geocaching.com on the web and ended up signing in as a member to find out what GeoCaching was all about. At this point, I don’t know what to do with the coffee can and its contents. Maybe I could send them back to kowboyk somehow. Or put it all back under the rock the next time I am in Troy? Although that might not be until next fall. Can someone please direct me toward the proper path? Thanks . Ajax One . TINM The Inexperienced Newbie Muggler
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