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  1. I would love to see the 'hover' text on the PQ list on the website show the day name that the tickbox will (de)activate, rather than just the checked/unchecked text that it does now.

    I don't see what 'checked/unchecked' actually achieves in 'normal' use - I guess it may have some use for accessible users? For most of us - the tick itself is obvious.


    Unlike some users, I try to minimise which PQs I generate regularly, and therefore have to go around turning queries on when I go away caching.

    I find myself having to scroll up to the top of the list to remember which way round the week is numbered (maybe because to me it wrongly starts in the middle of the weekend!) then I have to count across the tickboxes to work out which day I want.


    It would be so much simpler if the name of the day simply popped up when I hovered over it, so I could be sure before ticking it.

  2. I was hoping to use GPSgate but no luck since the Wherigo-player only accepts bluetooth :)

    and without knowing a good reason for that... it just sounds like a really stupid limitation.


    I guess it would be stupid if it was true. The application actually looks at all the com ports and tries to find valid NMEA statements. Technically you can connect a serial cable to a PDA but you need the right cable usually provided by a 3rd party.

    NMEA or Garmin? Do you have to have the 60 in NMEA mode rather than Garmin mode?

  3. I am pretty sure it won't work with USB - PPC's and GPS's are both USB slave devices - you need master/slave for USB to work.

    HOWEVER - it should be possible with serial - if your PPC has serial capability.

    I'm just getting up to speed on Wherigo - but I certainly will be trying this out myself.

  4. We have this bug documented, Kiwilegend (with your original description, actually). Right now it is scheduled for a early January release, though of course that date is subject to change based on what happens between now and then. The important point is that we plan to have this fixed very soon. I'm sorry for the frustration.

    Wow! Thanks. That definitely counts as an intelligent response.

  5. I'm going to try yet again to get some progress on getting this bug fixed.

    It has been there for years. I have reported it several times over those years. I have never had what I would consider to be an intelligent response.

    It is a major pain for anyone here in New Zealand, or visiting here.


    The problem - any PQ where the search circle crosses the 180 degree line returns ZERO caches.


    To replicate the problem - Set up a PQ for all caches within a 120 km radius of GCMGWW

    You will probably get something like 15 caches (it's a pretty remote area)


    Now increase the distance to 130 km. You will get 'none found'. Any distance greater than this will return no caches. By increasing the radius from 120 to 130km, the circle now crosses the 180 degree line.


    This is an extreme example - using the most Easterly cache in NZ to get a small distance - but it affect many typical queries. It continually catches new players who are unaware, and trying to set up PQs for the first time.


    I appreciate that the programming to do a query properly 'over the line' is difficult. But surely it must be possible to set up the search to simply ignore the other side of the line, and only find those on the same side? That would work fine for us here - and probably anywhere else near to either side of the line too.

  6. I've noticed that in the 'extra waypoints' GPX file, there is a weblink back to a 'waypoint page'.

    A local example is this one: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/wpt.aspx?WI...54-2f2b5d0335c0

    What seems strange to me is that the waypoint page doesn't link to the actual cache page.

    There are various ways of getting to the cache, but no simple ones.

    I suggested this to gc.com by email, so they suggested I post here.


    I'd opened the waypoint GPX file in Mapsource, to work out where some of the local multis are- and then clicked the weblink, thinking it would send me to the cache page.

    To be honest - I can't see the point of having a waypoint webpage unless it pointed to the base cache page!

  7. it's not that difficult to get in touch with Groundspeak. This survey isn't the only way for you to get your opinion to Groundspeak.

    Actually it is difficult. That is one of the things I would have made comment on.


    I've sent 4-5 emails to them over the time I have been a member. Only 2 have even been answered at all, (apart from the autoreply )


    One of them was to report a bug that cropped up after a website upgrade. The reply told me (basically) not to bother them, and to post a question in the forums.


    The other reply was about a bug in the PQ generator. It means that a lot of PQ's don't work at all in my country. I sent about 3 emails to Groundspeak, emails to reviewers, ... The one and only reply said - yeah, we'll look into it... That was almost a year ago. The bug is still there...

  8. I was extremely disappointed with the 'survey'. It asked no questions about the website. It was purely and simply a greedy, self-serving marketing survey.


    Perhaps you Americans are so used to surveys like this, that you don't find them as offensive as I did.


    I kept waiting for the 'real' questions, but they never came.


    A survey could have been used to generate useful information about the level of satisfaction with the website, desirable improvements to the website, problems with the website, and the level of frustration with various facets of the operation, which I suspect would have been very telling.


    To a cynic like me, it looks like the survey has been carefully crafted to show off the potential market to someone like a potential advertiser or purchaser, without giving said investor any idea of the level of frustration, and volatility of the paying members.

  9. I've followed the link in the sig.

    The instructions are atrocious, to say the least - and I can't help but wondering if they are deliberately so.

    That - plus

    In order to qualify for the Special Group Coin purchase
    mentioned here, plus the effort that someone has gone to to publish all these links has got my scam-detector quivering.


    There are plenty of coins in the wild - any of us here would be willing to distribute them. There is no need for this wierd tiered distribution system - unless it really is part of a scam.

  10. Something that I would like is to be able to store ( on the website ) several different 'home' locations.

    e.g Home, Work, My cousin's place.

    That way, I could go to my cache page, and then select say filter finds from work.


    I know that I can do it with queries, but what I like is the ability to do a quick online lookup - especially if you travel a bit, and only have access to internet cafes.


    It would make a good premium member feature, too.

  11. And that can be completely stupid. My local ISP ( in New Zealand, where most people - and hence most customers - speak english ) changes its email login page in that way. So when you are travelling around, you get greeted in some incomprehensible language, depending on where you log in. That is DUMB!

    And in gc.com's situation, it must be able to be set on a per-user basis.

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