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  1. I was using the 60Csx with Garmin Topo maps but recently switched to the Oregon 450. I decided to buy it without maps and used TalkyToaster's map set instead......Absolutely superb, so glad I did. I think I paid £220 for a 'Garmin refurbished' Oregon 450 and it was literally like a brand new unit, 12 months Garmin warranty too, couldn't be happier. Was initially worried it wouldn't make me smile like the 60Csx but it does. The paperless caching is so useful.
  2. I just bought one (Oregon 450) without maps and just installed the maps from TalkyToster, they're excellent!
  3. Thanks for the responses, I have started to use TT's maps and have also (eek) bought a new Oregon 450, which I purposely bought without maps so that I could exclusively use TT's set. I haven't used them for Geocaching yet but I have to say they do seem EXCELLENT from what I have seen so far and I'm certainly going to be using them from now on. I'd recommend that any other newcomers (like me) check them out. P.S. Thanks TalkyToaster
  4. No such consideration required in my local area as it's all rural and all perfectly within guidelines.
  5. Excellent, this is great news, thank you all for your input
  6. Oh cool, that's music to my ears, thank's for your input, saves me £50
  7. First of all; sorry if this is in the wrong forum, please move it if so My better half keeps badgering me to get her a GPS so I've decided to buy her an Oregon 450 but can't decide whether to buy it with Topo maps or just use TalkyToaster's (I think that's his name!) GB contour maps... I'm pretty new to the game, I will only use the unit for geocaching but wondered would I see much real world difference between the maps? And if so, what would the main differences be? Is it worth the £50 extra to get the 450t or not? I'm not fussed about road navigation or anything really apart from geocaching and I'm in GB. Would really appreciate some advice if possible
  8. They're superb, I'd highly recommend them. Some great examples of what they're capable of on YouTube. I've used one for nearly a year now and it's been outstanding.
  9. Thanks for that info. I have actually bought CacheMate also but just preferred the simplicity (and therefore possible lack of features!) of GpxView. CacheMate seems more fully featured but that doesn't really bother me too much; I guess I'm only going semi-paperless perhaps in that I just wanted to replace the pile of print-outs I was taking out. Not too bothered about the ability to log as found on the PDA and then sync it back to GSAK or whatever, just access hints and info more easily so GpxView seems to do the trick for me. Maybe as I get more experienced that will change and I'll move back to CacheMate
  10. Hi, I have the 60Csx which I love but decided to go paperless using an old WinMo 5.0 handset I dug out of a drawer. I installed GpxView which suits my needs perfectly. I realise most people have probably long discarded their PDA/WinMo devices in favour of a paperless GPSr so I may not get many responses but thought I'd ask anyway.... Is there any recommendations for a cheap PDA with decent battery life? I've seen loads of Dell stuff like the Axim range but how much battery life should I expect from something like this? Most stuff seems ten a penny on the auction site these days so any recommendations would be more than welcome. I know I could probably sell the 60Csx and trade up to a true paperless unit but I've kinda fallen in love with the old girl and would like to hang onto it and just use a PDA. Thanks in advance
  11. My condolences PG. It does happen once in a while; fortunately, not as frequently as formerly. We used to have a lot of my "Ford is better that your Chevy" controversies which degenerated into personal vituperation. It sounded more like "the Ford isn't good enough, I want a Ferrari and I'd like it to change it's own oil". It might be worth re-reading the thread for clarification.
  12. It's my latest obsession of many and I'm already looking forward to the weekend!
  13. It's OK, sorted this so it can be deleted if you like. FYI I just tried loading the GPX fresh from the download from gc.com and it worked fine. Wouldn't work when exported from GSAK All's well and good
  14. Just a quickie.. I had a quick look at GpxView and [at a glance] preferred it to CacheMate. I loaded it onto my crumby old Windows Mobile 5.0 device and the program itself works fine but when I exported a gpx from GSAK and tried to open it in GpxView the loading icon just spins endlessly and nothing else happens. I read a similar thread but it claimed it was because the gpx file had been converted through EasyGPS whereas mine isn't. Any ideas? The gpx isn't anything excessive, it has about 350 waypoints and is around 3mb in size. Thanks
  15. Load them both and compare them. Only you'll be able to answer your own question subjectively Stop being logical
  16. Thanks for the input, and yes, I guessed that much really. I tend to go via GSAK (right click, go to URL). Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the hard slog at all, I'm a tech geek anyway so I'm used to overcomplicating things I guess really I just want to know whether the rest of my process sounds vaguely correct, or at least feasible lol Thanks again, much appreciated.
  17. In a nutshell (I'm a noob)...Would I be better using this map set or my existing Garmin UK Topo Ver 2.00? I use a GPSMAP 60Csx Thanks
  18. Actually, it will navigate you just as accurately as the newest Nuvi with the latest update since it uses the exact same City Navigator map. It's the interface that's severely lacking. All you get is beeps and boops indicating when to turn as there's (obviously) no voice function. And, the small screen and lack of touch capability really kills it for car navigation, but it WILL work. In fact, I take my 60CSx as a back up to my 3790T on long trips. I've navigated with the 60CSx just to see how it would work on the road and it isn't fun, but it's more than doable with a recent version of City Navigator NA. I figured that would be the case. I did think about giving it a run out just out of interest as I do have City Navigator 2011. Thanks for the info
  19. ***WARNING - Turn back now if you have a low tolerance for boring posts. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!*** Please bear with me, I'm new to the game and trying to get myself into a routine on a budget! I'll explain as best I can I recently got into Geocaching and immediately got hooked on the whole idea. I lurked for a while before shelling out for a near mint Garmin GPSMAP 60Csx, which I have used for my first 23 finds. I am ultra happy with the 60Csx and it's accuracy not to mention it's battery life, superb. The next day I paid for a premium membership and also bought GSAK. I'm definitely not running it at it's full potential but I am using it. Anyway, as soon as I had done a couple of days with a bag full of print outs I decided I'd look into a cheap way of going paperless. I love the 60Csx so decided against selling it and getting something a bit dearer so I started looking into using an old PDA or something. I found an old Windows Mobile 5.0 handset that has been rotting away in my gadget drawer for about 5 years so I gave it a good charge and a hard reset, seems to work a treat. After a bit of reading I bought Cachemate and installed it. This is where I started to question my workflow...Here's how it goes..(I haven't actually done a find like this yet, I'm still planning!) 1. I do a pocket query for ALL caches in a 20 mile radius of my address (there's about 350) and download the GPX file 2. I load the GPX file into GSAK 3. I use GSAK to send the waypoints to my GPSr 4. I also export the GSAK database back out to a GPX which I then import into Cachemate on the PDA I envisage not having to do a new pocket query to load into GSAK or my GPSr for another few weeks after this, assuming that the only constantly updated data that I'll miss out on is new log comments(?). So then I head out with GPSr and PDA, I use the PDA for hints and info and then when I find a cache I mark it as found on my GPSr and also on the PDA (Cachemate). Assuming this is right so far (and please tell me if not)...When I get home what is the best method to update Geocaching.com? Is it to send waypoints back from GPSr to GSAK and then go through newly found caches, logging them on Geocaching.com as I go? Or should I get the GPX from the PDA and import it back into GSAK, effectively mirroring the GPX file in both locations? And then just send all waypoints from GSAK to GPSr next time I head out and export the GPX to Cachemate again? God, I'm even boring the sh*t out of myself now! Am I MASSIVELY overcomplicating things here, or does it just sound like that on paper? Please advise, assuming you made it this far If you can suggest a more straightforward workflow, more suitable software, or just a more sensible methodology then please SHOUT UP
  20. Stopped reading right there. Best of luck anyway, I hope you find what you're looking for and get to enjoy your experience a little more
  21. There is no mechanism for this type of action. There has been a few threads in the forums regarding long-time/distance trackables. A forum search should bring it up to you. You should search specifically under the Travel Bug forums for the best results. Thanks, I will have a look now
  22. Yeah I know what you mean, it's probably not far by some standards but the TB I found started in Florida, went on the Germany and is now in the UK, it's done over 6500 miles so I was just a little reluctant to put it back in a cache 0.5 miles away when I know I'd be going further afield in the next week or so. Is there a way of seeing which bugs have travelled the furthest etc?
  23. Seriously? WOW. You need to calm down. By the way, you said this in your first post; I would think that's the reason that people assumed you were struggling with the programming....Because that's what you said! Regardless, I don't think people will want to help when you have such a bad attitude, sorry.
  24. I just started out and bought the 60Csx after reading about it on here and WOW, it's great. You should spend the time to try it out properly as I think you'll struggle to find anything more accurate. I don't think I'd use one for car navigation, I have the trusty old TomTom for that, but then I've never tried so I can't comment. I think you'd certainly need to make sure you had the right maps to use it in your car (City Navigator 2011??). You should have definitely hung onto that 60Csx if you wanted accuracy IMO. I'm a noob to the whole thing and found it pretty straight forward, I've even started having a bash with GSAK and Cachemate now too! Great fun
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