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  1. So I am still fairly new to geocaching and have found 3 coins, all of which I logged and then moved on. One was within my local area and one was from one Hawaiin Island to another- The third was from Ontario to Arizonza- I was pretty pleased with myself that I got these coins to travel. After several months I notice they have not moved on,-It seems that people collect these coins. Is it not the purpose of these coins to travel rather than sit in someones drawer and eventually get pitched out. I don't think i will do any more coins if it is just for someone else's ego to accumulate "the most Coins"
  2. Get a dog- or borrow one- I am new to this hobby and started as an alternative place to walk him. Many times he has bailed me outof feeling stupid.
  3. The 60Csx has a barometric altimeter. There is a way to calibrate it, but I'm not familiar with how to do that. Check your manual. Also, with the barometric altimeter turned off, altitude is the least precise measurement a GPS makes. It can be off by up to 100 feet either way. Usually it isn't, but you have to watch for it. I was just in Hawaii last week and with the ocean lapping at my feet, my Oregon said that I was at -52 feet (and +30 feet in roughly the same spot a day later). I was also in hawaii where I first thought the elevation was off- maybe sea level is different in Hawaii due to the earth being eliptical?
  4. I have a GARMIN map 60CSx- I was recently at the ocean-definitely sea level and my GPS read 70 meters above sea level- Does anyone know if this is normal or is there a process I have to go through to calibrate my GPS- I have calibrated the compass but this has not affected the elevation I have gone to a few sites to find the elevation where I am and it also is different by about 50 meters-
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