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  1. Its on again.... anyone that missed out this year, its definitely one for the diary. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...5c-ab182e7ac3a8 Aye, Ken.
  2. Hmmm... it could be tied up with the St.Kilda cache bash. I'm still trying to sort out a yacht to St.kilda. I'd need to get a few more caches out ont Skye by then tho'.
  3. My 'Argyll Winter Cache Bash' is this weekend, so after that i need to think about my next one... anyone fancy Skye.......? Aye, Ken.
  4. Only 26.......???? Hardly worth the effort of attending then ! Isn't as if it were in an attractive part of the country or anything.... .... ! Aye.. sorry Bob, we know your a hardcore cacher...! So, there is a special one on Goat Island for you. Hope you've got yer trucks ready.. Count down has begun.... eecck
  5. Now its just a straight... SERVER TO BUSY ... message. Its 11pm... wtf.
  6. What's the point in paying for a membership if you can't use the product... get it sorted. This problem is happening all too often. Time to invest in the servers, Mr Geocaching.com.
  7. This is the planned format for the Argyll Winter Cache Bash.. Format: Friday... Day: open caching. Evening: Social meet in the Morning Room. BYOB. Saturday: Morning: Breakfast when you get out of bed, and caching after. Afternoon: 4pm - 7pm Pub meet @ 'The Lord of the Isles' Craobh Marina. Pub Quiz and TB/coin Swap. Evening: Dinner around 8pm @Lunga. *** Book in advance, via Lunga House**** followed by social and relaxation. Sunday: Morning: Breakfast when you get out of bed, and caching after. Afternoon: More caching. Social @ 'Galley of Lorne' Ardfern. 4PM onward. Look forward to seeing you all. Ken.
  8. Wee reminder for the Cache Bash... Places are filling up quickly now, make enquires now if your planning on attending and wanting to stay in the 'big hoose'. Ken.
  9. I think i'm going to add AA battery placement to my List... having placed a cache at on this week... GCZYZB Have a look and let me know if there are any out there with caches. Ken.
  10. Hope you'll be able to make it...!!! I was over on Bute today doing my last BT cache, and nearly got stuck on the Island.. lool. Dropped some new Geocoins and TB's in.. Ken.
  11. FlyFishermanbob raises an interesting point, how many caches do you need to have before people will go and visit an area. I have ruminated a little previously on the subject of cache lift off and how many caches need to be placed in a concentrated to jump start caching activity. If you consider the Isle of Bute there are around 25 caches ranging from cache & dash trads to more complex series. What do people think would be needed to attract folks to Kintyre or Arran. It looks like most folks who go to Bute expect to visit around a dozen caches, and certainly I can remember being advised that Norfolk needed needed some cache clusters so that it would be possible to find 15 to 20 caches in one outing before we would get more out of county visitors. So short of tempting the Perth Pathfinders, Team Clova or snaik to move west what mix of cache types and number of caches would temp folks to spend £50 on a day trip to a hebridean island/peninsula? Oh and I've already made a start of the Arran Ales at the Catacol Bay Hotel I for one would visit... but, i'm a weekend Argyllite and love the place. Really what you'll find is it'll likely be very seasonal for visits. I find that my Lunga caches are that way. However, what everyone misses is that the best time for caching in Argyll, is winter, when the temperatures are cool and the skies are crystal clear, and the light truly amazing. No midges, sheepticks or waist high bracken. Place the caches and people will come, maybe not in the numbers you'd get on the main mainland, tho'.. Place the caches more the better.... go for it i say, there is a real joy to placing caches. Aye, ken.
  12. I know a couple of farmers in Carradale so I'll ask around to see whose land its on. Dave Its just next to the golf course apparently... here's the link. http://www.subbrit.org.uk/cgi-bin/webdata_...gifunction=form Hopefully see you at the Lunga Cache Bashe in February. Aye, Ken.
  13. I'd thought about putting some down at Campbeltown direction when i used to do work there, but alas i do no more. It would be good to get one @ the ROC post at Caradale...!!! There are plenty of caches in Mid Argyll, especially around the Craignish Area.
  14. The Family that own Lunga Estate, owned the Isle of Lunga originally. The MacDougall's of Lunga. There is a cave on Lunga, which apparently has 3 chambers. I'm hoping to get a cache in there in the future. I'm sure the Laird would be okay with camping somewhere. There's 4000 acres to play on, might be alittle cold tho'...! Hopefully, you'll make to the Cache bash. Ken. J33P KN.
  15. I've got me one.... It'll be placed in my ' Cache of the Red Jeep' and then onto another cache on the West Coast.
  16. CONFIRMED DATES......24-25TH FEBRUARY 2007 I've now confirmed the dates for the Argyll Winter Cache Bash & Social. The cost for B&B is £24.00/ppn @ Lunga Estate. The plan is to have a dinner on the saturday night, however, its not compulsory.The cost for dinner & wine is £18.50/pp. The food can only be described at excellent and i promise you won't be disappointed. Cache wise... i've already placed a heap around the estate, and there's plenty more within easy driving distance. If, you are coming please drop me an e-mail or pm: j33pkn@btinternet.com Bookings should be made direct to Lunga, but let them know your coming for the Caching Weekend. Colin or Sarah is who to speak too. Details below. Lunga Estate. website: www.lunga.com e-mail: colin@lunga.com tel: 01852 500237 Address: Lunga Craobh Haven Argyll PA31 8QR Look forward to hearing from you. Ken. (J33P KN)
  17. Thanks for the link, Dave. Tis added.... )
  18. The dates for thi sevent will be confirmed on Sunday.. Ken.
  19. http://geox.easyphpbb.com/index.php there ya go. Stay a while and pull up a comfy seat. Thanks for the link, Chizu.. I'll post a thread there too. Ken.
  20. Cheers, Scott. Tis added, shame the ROC is gone, but its got a trigpoint. Something else to log.
  21. Looks like this bash could be a go'er... GeoX link would be most helpful, thanks. More details very soon. Ken.
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