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  1. First I thought that I would try HHL info.So now I press where to.I select waypoints,Then I select Allan04.Bottom rt hd corner I now press the big Go. I get arriving at Allan04.."Do you want to simulate driving this rout ? Now my options are Yes NO Move to location.I press NO.. Now I get a map trip with oddmeter.I now press the X bottom left.I now have the main menu back on screen.Now I press the "where to" Now I press find another.Now I press Waypoints.I recon I must be going round in a circle. I'm sorry I know you are all trying very hard to help me.Do You think if I set it all back to manufacture settings it would help me .I understand if you give up on my 65 year old Brain ,,Thanks
  2. Thank you so much for the info.I followed the info ie..In to the "mark waypoint".save and edit.now I enter the co-ords and hit the green tick.now I change the "change name" lets just say ALLAN04, now i hit the green tick.This is where it gets me. I now hit the red cross on bottom left hand corner on Garmin. I'm now on my main menu .I hit the "Where to icon" Now I hit the "Waypoints line" I now hit the line that I had entered lets say the AllAN04.all ok so far.But now I get the ordance map appear with a green box with the Go bottom rt hand side of Garmin. I hit go and now I get do u want to simulate driving yes/no move location ?? Er no I want my compass on screen so I can follow to the cach.This is the bit I'm stuck on lol.. ( Getting the ALLAN04 onto the compass ) Sorry guys for being a pain.
  3. Hi all me again .. Having just got back in Geocaching I can not remember how to enter co-ords into my GPS Ie....I have a Garmin Oregon 450t.I normally download the cache I want from computer into my Garmin,Then I press on geocaching icon then select the cache then press the compass and follow to the cache all ok Not a problem...MY problem... Sometimes you have to find co-ords from clues.So I have worked out the clues got the correct Co-ords so I now have,Lets say N5217.412 W00146.957 How do I enter the numbers into my Garmin and be able to get to the compass icon.So I am able to follow to the hidden cach !!!! I have tried entering the numbers on "where to"Icon.Then I enter the nubers for the coordinates. Hit the green tick..Now I goto my compass for directions that I had entered and the co-ords are know where to be seen... Please explain "1" How do I enter the Co-ords into my Oregon 450 and "2" How do I get the compass to work with the entered co-ords to show me the directions,Where to go Thanks .
  4. Ok just to refresh.I had been a P/M for a few years ,However we had to stop caching,We have just got back into caching now that we have retired,We are not sure how much it now costs to have P/M.I now only have a pension so will have to see if I can still afford it...Thanks for all the replys,It does sound complicated to download files and things.. I can tell you that I have now worked out how to send the cache info to my Garmin.I went on FireFox Browser and followed instructions that "Garmin" told me to do and so I'm now up and running. ( mind you I have not tried it on this Edge Browser lol.) Thanks all anyway.
  5. It wont let me connect my Garmin without a plugin.Ie find a cache on the site,Hit the find my Garmin then that is that,It states I need a plug in.I did follow the link unfortunately I think that is about downloading the caches once the site has found your GPS devoice, I know how to do that. Its trying to get my Garmin talking to the Geocache site.
  6. Allen G0CRB


    Now I have retired the Wife and myself decided to get back to Geo-caching. Since we last did some caching I have bought a new computer which is Windows's 10. I put some new Batteries in my Garmin Oregon 450t.Went to download a few caches like I "used" to on my OLD lap-top which used vista.Any way I'm now on my new windows 10 computer and I get a screen message on my computer I need to download a Plugin.OK, Now the Problem Help. I clicked on the Garmin download,Then a message came on my comp screen the Plugin does not support Windows Browser Edge !! Try Firefox,Ok so I went on Firefox to download and the Plugin when the message again said plugin does not support Firefox " What " The next message is use Explorer,Ok try to down the plugin again same message....So until I can Download a plugin to this Accer Windows 10 computer I can not download any caches.. Can some one please explain where I'm going wrong in an easy way as I'm 65 and the grey matter is not tooo high tec Thanks.
  7. I have had a Garmin Origon 550 and when i plug it into my Lap top it never finds my GPS. So when i have plugged it into my usb port i wait for a few mins then pull the plug out of my lap top for about 30 second .Now push the plug back into lap top and the second time around it finds my Garmin GPS and the i load the caches i want.After 1 1/2 years im still having problems loading way points.I use rechargeable batteries from Argos 2100 mah and they work and last well.
  8. I'm new at this as well only been doing it for a couple of months now i'm up to 72 cache finds,What gets to me a bit is when you read what other cachers say " EASY Find " yea i don't think so,I was looking for a so called easy cache today in Warwick no luck !So just carry on and have fun and if you cant find the cache go away and look again another day.
  9. Hi,I am also new to this hobby 2 months,Last month i went through the same ,,In the end i went for the Oregon 450T and i am very pleased with it,Nice large screen,I use Duracell batteries in it.I also find it easy to read while out,No problems there,I bought some screen protectors from EBay £2.50 for 6 so you can slide your finger over the screen without any marking.Best price then £275.
  10. I have only been in this hobby about a month or so now , I chose the Garmin Oregon 450T best price £279.I can truly say i am very pleased with its performance,I bought a pack of screen protectors £2.99 inc p and p.If that is of any interest to any one.
  11. Just for ref,I have been out looking for caches without a GPSr and i have done quite well so far,About 3 weeks ago i purchased a Garmin Oregon 450T well the wife payed most of the money as a birthday present for me,But as its not my birthday until tomorrow 8 Nov ( 60 ) she will not let me start to use it LOL,But over the last few weeks it has taught me that you can find a lot of caches with a GPSr.
  12. Thanks for all the info.......Tomorrow i think i will as you say try to find "one" up the top of the field with just the map and the clue.This morning i got the petrol garden strimmer and made a path in the tall grass at the side of the wood so i can walk through where the thistles where with out them little sharp things sticking in my socks lol.So in the future if your out caching and you see a 60 year old man walking along the top of a field with a 6 foot garden strimmer sticking out of a rucksack you know it will be me lol only joking.
  13. I joined a few weeks ago,Then i became a premium member,Now my GPS has arrived ? I decided and bought a new Garmin Oregon 450T best price i could buy it for was £279.Now i would like to say that i would like to start finding in the coming week but !! As its my birthday next week ( 60 ) the wife tells me that as she put £100 pounds towards the GPS as birthday money i can not start to use it until next weekend ( Birthday ).I have a field behind my house and i see there are a few caches over there so that will be my start of what could be a great hobby.
  14. Hi all from G0CRB active on most bands,I live nr Henley in Arden Not far from Middle of England.New to this so looking forward to locating a few finds....73s
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