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  1. Hi, I have a couple of trackables that have been missing some time now. I have see some people have "Re-released" missing trackables before and wondered how? Is it a simple case of putting the code on a new item, then setting it free? One of mine has been missing for 18 month, and the other for 3 years! Do you think it would be safe to "Re-Release"?
  2. Thanks guys. All sorted. Yes, forgot to tick the two boxes at the bottom. Doh! Thanks for everyones help
  3. Hi, I’m creating some new caches in my area, but whenever I try to amend some thing, it reverts back to the original text I put in and won’t let me put the new text in. Can I delete these completely and start again? They have already been assigned a GC, but not been submitted. Thanks
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