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  1. I have a Montana. Yesterday I did a 13.5 mile walk (picked up a couple of caches en-route). Most of the time the Montana was set to view the map and was in a pouch. I just whipped it out from time to time to check progress/time/distance. When I got near the first cache, I changed to Geocaching mode, to show distance to the cache, etc and hand held it. I have a short lanyard with a clip on the end; I slipped the clip round a finger, so it was "tethered" to me and held the GPSr in my palm. Very simple and it fits snuggly with the thumb on one side and the tip of the fingers just curled around the other side. After finding the second cache, it was just a couple of double clicks to the power button, to return to the Recreation profile so I could again show the route mapping and data. (Shortcuts on the Montana and Oregon make it very simple to switch between modes.) In summary, the Montana is a bit bulky, but IMO the larger screen size is a bigger "plus" that offsets the increased bulk.
  2. On my Montana, and I assume the Oregon is the same, if you enable battery saving and then lock, the first touch on the screen brings it back to life to show the current position and you only get the "Locked" warning if you press it again.
  3. For one of my clients I wrote a simple convertor. The input is an Excel spreadsheet with the Eastings/Northings in particular columns; the output is two additional columns of Lat/Long. If you'd like a copy, drop me a PM. ... Joe
  4. Ditto 3.60 here at the moment.
  5. I just looked at mine. moving down to the corner of the 1:25K area, as I zoom out, the 1:25 disappears as I go through the 0.5 mile setting. A 0.5, I can see the 1:50 outside the corner and 1:25 inside it At 0.8 miles, only the 1:50K shows. I don't see any way of changing when it switches. ... Joe
  6. Although it says "Put your message on the next line", you can use multiple lines. I've put my name on the first line and phone number on the second, so it doesn't get split in an inappropriate place.
  7. I've got the same, but added Application "Map" at the bottom, so it goes straight into the map screen.
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