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  1. Unless there are limitations imposed by the venue, like this one: http://coord.info/GC3GV53 Are you sure? Thought so.
  2. I'm sure SP would be along soon to mention it, but I'll save him the keystrokes. You can buy one from the Geolympix event 'shop' here: http://www.geolympix.com/shop/ Or you could try this page: http://bighugelabs.com/badge.php
  3. Exeter Rambling Club's spokesman said: "The vast majority of our members, who are mainly senior citizens, would welcome the move to phase them out." So perhaps they disagree with you, or are expecting gates rather than gaps. Ramblers aren't known for wearing 70-90 litre rucksacks which are a pain to remove. As for the stiles, I'm reliably informed that it's been common practice for years to use gates or gaps instead of stiles and to replace stiles with gates or gaps when possible.
  4. Could also do with some attributes. As for nanos on signposts .. I don't like them much either (I've put a nano on a fence though) but I still do them because they are part of my geocaching experience (and it's all about the numbers you know )
  5. We all play the game in different ways .. they're not stopping you from enjoying caching so where's the problem? (problem isn't really the word I want but I'm tired and can't be bothered to think!) I agree though, strange thing to put in a log, being elsewhere - I would've just said I didn't remember it!
  6. I studied at an agricultural college and it was always the same 'oh they'll never hurt you, they're just curious' about all animals. Yes, I'm sure they are but I was born and bred in London and I hate (really really really hate, as in i have palpatations and break out in a sweat etc etc) going into the same field as cattle or horses. If there's a cache with any large animals in the same field then I give it a miss. Sheep worry me too .. they hunt in massive packs you know!
  7. I would go look but it's a long way for me. So it was in the hole in the bridge? And the chap tapping the planks didn't see it and not one person did see it after it was just published even those that looked under the bridge? Sneaky hide, I'll grant you that but it does appear that the cachers in that area do indeed seem to be dumber than a bag of hammers! (only joking folks)
  8. I'm confused .. the cache wasn't buried as it was in the middle of the bridge BUT the CO 'moved aside a pile of earth' to reveal the cache? If that's correct then surely all those cachers who DNF on this one are dumb as a bag of hammers (and I know they're not) if they didn't spot a pile of dirt on a wooden bridge. Sorry Bazza but something aint right.
  9. I didn't want to be a geocacher, I wanted to be...
  10. Actually, I'd say that Latin / scientific names are especially useful, as they are international, between languages / continents / regions eg what is a harebell in Scotland isn't the same as a harebell in England (OK, not a tree example, but you get the idea) Worldwide, there are approx 600 species in Genus / Subgenus Quercus, but you can narrow down options considerably by location. Admittedly, I'm in perhaps an unusual situation, having gained Latin 16+ (CSE grade 1 / O level grade at a bog standard comprehensive in 1982 (can't be many CSEs in Latin), which became useful when I studied Nursing in mid 1980s, then Marine Biology at University 1989 - 92, but anyone can look up such names on internet these days. I work as a ranger at a country park, which includes running / assisting in courses for the public about various topics, including use of GPS, orienteering, tree ID, plant folklore, nest box making etc. Mmm, I never thought about that, good point. However, the CO would have to be sure that he/she had the species correct in the first place, to provide an accurate Latin version. experientia docet I wouldn't want the accurate Latin for species in the UK, mostly because Scientific names are not all in Latin. Incidently, there may be that many species of Oak worldwide but there are very few in the UK, 2 (maybe 3) which can be confused .. which is why this event is a good idea.
  11. Well now I'm just worried as I've also got a pair of Karrimors that I bought not too long before xmas (in Millets in Edinburgh). Only last night I noticed the telltale sound of a wearing out pair of boots - the heel squeaking. My last 2 pairs of boots were Hi-tecs (exactly the same) and both lasted me a year (I wear walking boots every day for pretty much most of the day) and may have to go back to them as they were cheaper than the discounted Karimor boots. I wasn't aware that Karimor had been bought out so long ago but that does explain the loss in quality over the years. I fear Blacks, Millets, Peter Storm and Eurohike may be heading the same way which is a shame.
  12. Well, you said "nano", but then talk about match containers or film canisters. The beauty of the classic nano, or blinky, is that they have to be mail ordered, and cost a few bucks. Oh I dunno. Once in my entire career I've seen someone who dropped a micro at a trailhead sign, thus blocking the first 528 feet of a nice nature trail from having a traditional "cache in the woods". I do understand the frustration of the OP of the original thread before merging, but I don't get what the problem is if the micro is in "the middle of the park". It's a cache, and was there first. Oh dear, I must've been having a nano finding crisis! I recently placed my first cache and it was a micro (not a nano ) at the start of a nice walk. It had to be a micro - 35mm film tube - as in the area it was place anything bigger would be found easily by muggles. It turns out that the plans I had for a small series (that would take people on a short walk around the local fields) have had to be put on hold. Should I change the film tube for something bigger, that would get found easier by muggles, because there are no other caches within a certain radius. Incidently (and aimed at no one in particular) walk is something that can be done for pleasure, not just getting to your car - just think of the money you'd save (not to mention the benifits to the planet!!!).
  13. pack of 2 clip locks (quite small) in the 99p shop for ...
  14. Something else to consider is who placed the nano. Some people just can't afford a big ammo box but have lots of matchboxes or 35mm film cannisters lying around and a great place to place the cache (it must be a good place to use otherwise you wouldn't want to use it!) and so use what is to hand. But what do I know!
  15. I love urban nanos and can't get enough of them. Can't be bothered with countryside caches, what's the point in having to walk for miles?
  16. Some good suggestions there folks, thanks (I know they're meant for the good Dr but I have a lot of problems with dogs too). I should explain that I like dogs, they just don't seem to like me. I even take the wifes dog for long walks, he lives with the in-laws as we're not allowed pets in this house and he's a bit much for the baby at the moment, although I know that I can't control him fully so keep him on a lead.
  17. Have a look at the posters profile, I think that will answer this question for you! ... Other than that I'm confused as to what you are trying to say. You asked whether they would come if they were called, if it's a trained assistance dog then the answer to your question is "Yes". Right, and I answered I've never met Wendy or her dogs and have nothing against either of them (or, in fact, the thousands of other dog owners in this country) and I do believe that my own post (quoted above) states that the guy who grabbed her dogs must be a nutter who shouldn't be out in public - now I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain to anyone that that is not actually moaning - and that a guide dog, as a highly trained animal, would not constitue a threat to anyone (which circles back to the point of dog grabbing nutjob who should be in a padded cell).
  18. Have a look at the posters profile, I think that will answer this question for you! So I am to take from this that the person who grabbed her dogs by the collar and neck is the kind of person that would grab a working dog regardless? Surely if that's the case then that person should not even be allowed to be near children (regardless of how scared of dogs they are) as he is clearly unstable? Other than that I'm confused as to what you are trying to say.
  19. OK, nothing entitles him to do that, although it does throw up a few questions: Could you see that his kids were scared? If so, did you call your dogs back to you (and would they come if you did - close control according to the law)? Obviously if you couldn't see that the kids were scared then there is nothing you could do. I've had it many times with my little sister, she is visably scared of dogs but some owners just don't notice (mostly as they are a good 200-300 yards behind their dog and can't see her reaction to their dog) and although I'm scared of dogs I just stand still yet owners don't seem to notice this as a reaction to their dog. At the end of the day, what can we do? Nothing, those of us that dogs find tasty/amusing to bark at/fun to play with are just going to have to carry on in life as we have up until now and dog owners, quite rightly, will defend their 'best friends' as best they can. All I ask is that dog owners that read this go away thinking about how others may react to their dog(s).
  20. For the purposes of the OP, also check your map datum is WGS84 on both.
  21. My area too, and I've been caching around here in the days since. Will definately keep an eye out.
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