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  1. Now that is cool , nobody would want to bother it thinking that the spider from Lord of The Ring would jump out attack their a**! (I love how their mainframe took the s's out of the word and put in *. So PC)
  2. CITO of course you could go with STEVE
  3. I was in Nevada in the beginning of July helping my Father-in-Law roof his house and during a break went to look for a new cache that had a red jeep in it. We found 2-3 extra TBs that were not on the list which I grabbed one, when logging in the find I noticed that nobody took credit for dropping them off. In fact the bug I took had been MIA for a year from a cache less than 50 miles from where I found it. These things will some times show up after awhile then there are some who don't... For those who need to find peace with their lost TB or coin here is one of many graveyards that are out there :GCHGX5 Isle of the Dead - Australian TB graveyard BTW Thanks Thrak for hitting my last cache in Nevada located in a little town called Elko. Kind of suprised me to see a familiar name on the logs.
  4. one of my side ventures is promotional items and I've been looking through all my catalogs for something I like, I guess if I can't find it there I just don't need one.
  5. Isn't it possible that some people would be allergic to those?? Oh. Wait. I think I just read 14,000 posts about that... A cacher that found one of my father-in-laws pb jar caches stated that in the log and that he should look out for the well being of others. He almost hit the floor laughing when he read that one!
  6. #4 makes sense, if two or more of the waypoints are within 100ft then it might as well be one. #5 don't really have a choice with this one, if the area is built up (I'm assuming houses, etc. here) then size is a factor. #6 I'm suprised on how many cachers that have been around still whip out the cache after finding it without checking to see if anybody is around. Also if they are waiting for the area to clear, they look like the cat that swallowed the prize winning canary.
  7. When I cache with my backpack it has: firstaid kit, flashlight, duck tape, pens/pencils, ziplock bags, extra logs, water bottle, and of course the trade items, grab my walking(whacking) stick and off I go. I just started a small sideline venture doing permotional items so I'm going thru my catalogs to find the right sig item then that will be in my backpack as well.
  8. The spelling doesn't bother me, what I would like to know is how Jackmerlin1 gained such wisdom with a whopping 2 finds as of today? I have about 350 and I'm still learning what to do with the muggle situation. I can see the tomatoes being thrown at me as I type for that comment!
  9. Is kind of romantic, huh! Ahhh! Love is in the air. Either that or the rotting smell from yonder bag and the pucrid vomitous that covers it like a lovely multi-colored blanket. Okay I need sleep these 15 hours a day working during the weekend is not fun.
  10. The oldest "yet to be found" cache in Colorado is GCGG7W 'The Devil Made Me Do It'. It was put in on 20 July 2003 and only two attempts on it so far.
  11. I'm running with most of the crowd. By the way torch in Europe means flashlight not a real torch!
  12. No it's not, I lived in Anchorage for 6 years went to Diamond High School. There was more than once that I thought that I was going to join the ranks of the undead due to those mini-vampires!! The females are the ones that bite and if you eat bananas there is a good chance they will look at you for lunch. Believe it or not eatting regular corn bread ( not the sweet kind) and grits acually helps keep them away, my wife does this because she is alergic to DEET so she doesn't go caching with me very often!
  13. There is always a deragatory way to say about everthing. Some people enjoy posting. Some to debate, some to trash talk, some to help peole out, some for the comaraderie, some to troll, some for a mix of some or all the above. If you just wanted to hear yourself post, an empty forum would work just as well. That is what I was trying to say, I guess running on 3-4 hours sleep in last two days isn't helping me explain what I wanted. That's why I like reading you posts, always (or at least mostly) very clear and concise.
  14. Wow 12 posts, now I'm at page 222 nice jump. Oh I have to agree with a prior post, there is a lot of people out there that talk a lot but never say much. I personally think they like to hear(or see) themselves talk.
  15. I looked up my listing and at 50 per page I was on page 234 about half way down. I admit that I do a lot of lurking in the different forums and topics and that is why I only have 11 posts and most of those are in the OT area. One reason that I don't post much is that most of my questions have already been asked and answered if I dig thru the different threads long enough. The answers that I get is usually from people that have a high amount of posts but there has been a few that I got from just one or two. I also saw that the high posters have also been doing this has starting dates from 2001 to 2004-05 so of course they will have have more than others. I look at how long that they have been doing this insanity and the amount of caches they have found not the posts. I've been caching since Nov 05 but never really did the forums until after I upgraded my membership and my father in law has been a premimum member for as long as he has been caching and he probibly has never posted anything and is quite content. Of course once I hit enter my count will go up and I may be on a page in the early 200's. <edited due to crappy spelling>
  16. After a couple of false starts, got it done. I agree with a prior post that a economic question or two would have been good but overall a very good survey. Good luck.
  17. Okay found most of my answer on another thread that links to another thread (if that made any sense?) Anyway to get the sub catagories go here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...11&t=140808
  18. Just got my 60CSX, I figured out how to do custom POI but can't get it to sub catagory and is there any way to get more than one POI on the map screen at once?
  19. Makes you wish you were back in Maui
  20. My father in law used a peanut butter jar for a cache (and yes it was cleaned ) and he got a reply from another cacher that he shouldn't use it because there are people that are allergic to peanuts. It was washed in the dishwasher couple of times and washed with bleach to make sure there was no smell. Just gotta love peoples logic!
  21. In my job I use a flashlight a lot (which is a mini mag) that i would have to change batteries every 3-4 months, about a 1 1/2 years ago I was in Wal-mart and found a 3 bulb led converter for a mini-mag. I went ahead and got and a new set of batteries and I haven't changed batteries since. The only downside is you can't adjusted the beam width but the brightness makes up the difference. I also got one of knock-off shakers at Walgreens (the equivelent of 2 'c') and use that for caching. I let that sit for a month or two and still works, a 30 sec shake and it's back to normal. Just my two cents but I haven't had any problems with them.
  22. Long Underware? Not here in Maui. Wow, lucky you (and by the photo I mean that!!! ) We just have to put up with winds and inches of that white stuff. (I know I'll do it to myself)
  23. Elko is also a good area to cache in, I even have one there and my father in law has several there. Nevada Stars has a good point carry lots of water and don't forget a stick to poke in the sage brush, there are rattlesnakes to watch for in May.
  24. Well mine wasn't too hard to figure out for me when I signed up, I'm a tech who works on atm machines so it became atmguy and the 775 is the area code for Nevada where I started caching. End result = atmguy775. Also I figured that if I stop working on atm machines I could change the meaning to "All terrain maniac guy 775" or something like that.
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