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  1. Could be wrong, but throwin it out there. The cache log states to have a map of the park. Plot the first 4 caches on the map, draw a line from #1 to #3 and a line from #2 to #4, where these lines intersect is the spot for cache #5. Dead Reckoning is a term used when there is no clear line of site between 2 points, and you have to stand somewhere in the middle and triangulate between them. Def. going to follow this thread, please post your results.
  2. I use a Magellan hand held for caching and $60K Ashtech dual frequency system at work. If I step 10 feet into the woods with the Ashtech the accuracy degrades from 1" to 30' instantly. The satelite signal needs an unobstructed clear line of site to the antenna. The slightest twig, leaf or bug in the way deflects signal. Even high humidity can distorte the signal. You will also notice this effect walking next to a building. For instance, a signal coming from a satelite to your left may be reflecting off the building and your GPS thinks it coming from the right. Thats just the way it is.
  3. I watched a story about ancient mummies on discovery, and the poison ivy that was placed in the tomb with the mummy still had the oil on its leaves that will make you itch.
  4. I wasnt caching, but was deep in the New Jersey pine barrens doing a job. It was late February, heavily overcast and about 15 degrees. As I was tromping through the woods I stepped into an area that felt hot. It stopped me dead in my tracks and I felt as though something was there. I stood there not knowing whether to bolt or to wait and see what happened. I stood around and looked and nothing bizarre happened. I walked forward about 20' and was back into the cold air. I tried to step back into the warm area again, but it wasnt there. I can assure it wasnt menapause, but I dont know what the heck it was.
  5. Remember that many of the geo mons and corresponding tie sheets were created by men during the work program after the war. These workers were not always specifically trained in surveying.
  6. I'm a surveyor in New Jersey. Most of the massive tracts that made up the state have been subdivided. I had the opportunity to do a portion of a survey whose lands where once owned by Arthur Brisbane. This gentlemen owned several thousand acres in what is now Monmounth County. Each monumented corner was recited in the deed, thusly recording the monument and making the concrete marker the corner. Each monument was formed with initials "AB" inscribed in the top. Those monuments were considered gospel, and controled the outbound of the property regardless of course or distance.
  7. also remember that when trying to find benchmarks use the ties that are given, then start digging. I have found numerous monuments below grade. I even came across one in Washington Twp. New Jersey that was underneath the city's paver sidewalk. The local merchants began freaking out when I started to pull up the pavers. But, presto, there it was. I've found some that were inside water meter pits, found some under pavement.
  8. If you are using UTM coordinates make sure that meters (not feet) are setup as your base units in your receiver. If you are more comfortable using feet, multiply the metric UTM coordinates by 3.28. This will put the coordinates in feet.
  9. Hello I just recently purchased a Magellan Explorist 500. The UTM coordinates I recorded at the first cache I found do not correspond to the published coordinates for the waypoint. At first I thought it might be a metric/standard conversion problem, but that did not seem to correct the problem. I also noticed that the published UTM coordinates of the waypoint started with "18S", I took this to mean section 18 in the southern hemisphere. Since New Jersey only slides south about 1" a year I figured it was a mis-print. I've also scaled a Lat/Long off a quad and ran a conversion of that through NGS, but it still doesnt jive with my receiver. Its gotta be something simple that I'm missing. Thanks for any help!
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