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  1. For a local film festival, I've decided to create a documentary film about geocaching. I already came up with a name ("First To Find: Behind The Scenes Of A Growing Outdoor Hobby"), and a few ideas for it. However, it has to be ten minutes or less. Any ideas of things I absolutely need to put in?
  2. Yes, yes it is. By the way, what's a geotoken?
  3. Okay, then. I can't see the words on it, or the code. So, how do I submit a photo?
  4. So earler, I found something in a cache close to home that I don't know if it's a geocoin or not. It looks like a compass rose, and it's gold with black, blue, green, red, and gray arrows. Can someone tell me what it is?
  5. Does anyone know if Magellan Explorist GCs work?
  6. Just got a Magellan Explorist GC for my birthday. It's a lot better than my Ecco. Easy to use, good basemap, awesome waypoint storage. It's amazingly amazing.
  7. Montgomery County. Any groups around here to join?
  8. Well, I've got great news. I received one of those GPS Keychains that Ecco makes for Christmas, and I absolutely LOVE it ! It's pretty accurate (I tried a trick I read about in a book one time), and it's really small so it fits in your pocket. Now, if it will only stop snowing so I can go on a metropark caching trip and finish what I started . Happy caching!
  9. Well yes, I did find the first stage using the conversions. Like I said, my GPS only does latitude and longitude in degrees, not minutes, seconds, or anything else. By the way, the receiver I now have is the Ecco GPS Keychain by Audiovox(on the account page, it doesn't show up as Audiovox, it shows up as Ecco). It's actually really handy. So, I checked out the page Pup Patrol was talking about, and the solution was right there. Thanks for the info. How do I close this topic?
  10. OK, Pup Patrol, I see your system. That makes sense. The only problem is the reciever; it doesn't do conversions (I'm surprised it doesn't). I can ONLY do latitude and longitude in degrees. Anyway, how do you take the coordinates you just gave me and turn it into decimal degrees? Also, what's the mathematical formula to do this? Thanks, geoguy14 P.S: By the way, kunarion, these numbers are the coordinates to the second stage of the multi. It's a multi-cache, not a puzzle cache.
  11. Earlier today, I had biked to a local park to find a multi-cache I had never gotten. With my new GPS reciever, I was, not surprisingly, able to find the first stage. However, it's the coordinates that confuse me . There was a two digit number, followed by a another two digit number, and then a three digit number. So my question is, how do you convert over from this system (example 39 37 109) over to degrees (example 65.36598). I'm really not familiar with this, and I really need some help. Thanks, geoguy14 P.S: By the way, here's the coordinates I'm trying to convert: N- 39 37 156 W- 84 22 904
  12. eTrex OH, WOW! I just looked at eBay, and there is an eTrex personal navigator for $29.99 in an auction! I might have to snatch it up. What are the features I can get out of this? Apisphere Neat idea. Yes, I actually thought the Geomate would be my best choice. Is there any other GPSrs that might 'fit the bill'(literally)? What are the features and limits of one? Most importantly, where should I get it (online, Target, anywhere else)? Is there a site I can go to that can give me great deals on a Geomate? Feel free to give your ideas on what I should do. Thanks, geoguy14
  13. I don't know about the Gecko. I just checked on eBay and all I could find was the charger (it was pretty cheap, though). That doesn't really answer my question. What's the best one of these for my situation? Are there any others I might be able to use? Are there any good internet sites I could get one from (no out-of-stock, please). Feel free to share any other suggestions you might have. Note: I might have to change the title of this topic to "Christmas Reciever Dillema". How do I do that? Thanks, geoguy
  14. I've been thinking about getting a GPS receiver for Christmas. I've got a limited budget, so I've got not so many choices. What I was thinking was either a Geomate Jr, a Delorme PN40, or an old Garmin eTrez (or eTrex). I definitly need something that has good memory and a basemap(maybe), and my budget is about 30-55 dollars. I could get one at the flea market, but I can't seem to find one where I go. Any suggestions? Thanks, geoguy14
  15. I was thinking about getting an Apisphere Geomate Jr for my geocaching needs. The color's bright so you can see it good, and it's inexpensive. I've got two questions: (1)What are the pros and cons of getting this?, and (2)What would be the cheapest place to get one (that includes online sites, stores like Target and Walmart, etc)?. Thanks, geoguy14
  16. I just started out, and I am looking for a cool GPS that won't break the bank. I'm probably going to do a lot of caching in the woods, and I also need something that has a good basemap and is under $99. Any suggestions?
  17. I just started out, and I am looking for a cool GPS that won't break the bank. I'm probably going to do a lot of caching in the woods, and I also need something that has a good basemap and is under $99. Any suggestions?
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