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  1. Went to the GPS Maze in Dayton, OH a couple of monthes ago. Had a fun time. Actually, I've really been wondering about megas. Oh well, save that for another thread.
  2. Thanks for the help. Actually didn't think about these points. Should tweak the challenge.
  3. Something new I have come up with. In honor of my one-year cache-versary, I will be starting (probably within the next couple of weeks) the "Time Flies" Geocaching Challenge. This is a challenge for anyone who has at least 75 finds (I'm almost at that milestone), from beginners to expert cachers. To complete the challenge, you must meet this criteria: CACHE TYPES: Have 62 Traditional Caches, 2 Letterbox Hybrids, 2 NGS Benchmarks, 2 Events, 1 Multi-cache, 1 Unknown Cache, and 1 Earth Cache. As for GPS Adventure Mazes, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ATTEND ONE, even though I have. MISCELLANEOUS: Favorite Points on all found caches must add up to 138 or more. Have 16 Regulars, 16 Smalls, 32 Micros, 5 Not Chosen, and 1 Other (as this equals 70, the other 5 may be whatever cache you choose). AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, FIND A CACHE HIDDEN IN EVERY YEAR BETWEEN 2005 AND 2012. Container: The container will be a homemade wooden box with an interesting lock. Have fun with it, and keep your eyes peeled.
  4. Forgot a couple: "And you told me not to drive. But I made it home alive. So you said that only proves that i'm insane." From "You May Be Right" by Billy Joel. "When in doubt, climb a tree." Personal caching motto.
  5. Sixty by September the 29th. All ready accomplished, though. Hoping to make it to 70 by that day.
  6. Now I want to see that! My only concearn, though, is that caches get muggled because of this. But hey, they would still be adding new cachers to the world, so I'm fine with it.
  7. Well, I have a few: "If I leave here tomorrow · Would you still remember me · For I must be travelin' on now · There's too many places I got to see". The opening lyrics of "Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. "Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a good GPS". My personal geocaching slogan. "I used to have a life. Now I'm a geocacher". "I am so glad I geocache". Something I said a few days after finding my great-grandfather's grave while out geocaching.
  8. I've came across something like that:the semi-famous "Muzzles" in Middletown, OH. So far, I've solved a few of the puzzles and working on another. However, I haven't had enough time to find them. Basically, you go to the "Related Webpage" on the cache page, which goes to Jigidi. Solve the puzzle (I can get one in about an hour), enter it into Geocheck, and get more clues to find the final coords for the cache. So cool.
  9. The name's Max, aka Geoguy14. I've been geocaching since late September of last year, and so far I've found 50 geocaches, hidden three (soon to be four), logged two trackables and a geocoin, and completed 5 challenges. I started geocaching because I read "The Complete Idiot's Guide To Geocaching" and instantly got hooked. Also, I often cruise the forums a few times a week to find an interesting topic to reply to. And, I'm a fan of Geosnippits.
  10. I'm doing the same thing, but I use treated wood left over from my deck. Works wonders.
  11. Here's my problem with the key: it might get taken. Someone could lose it. It could rust.
  12. So, over the past couple of days, I've been building a wooden geocache box as the final to a multi. However, I can't seem to think of a locking mechanism for the door. Any ideas?
  13. I don't oppose PMOs, however, I just don't like not finding them. For example, I have a cache in my local area really close to my first find, but I can't find it because I'm not a Premium Member. Seriously?!!
  14. -You have to take the batteries out of Wii and DVD remotes for your GPS because there's no more rechargeables. -You can't bear to leave the house without a GPS and a pen. -You type up a list for where you want to cache, and it take you three days. Then, you realize you wasted your time because you could've just used Magellan Communicator. ALL TRUE STORIES!!! (Not kidding about the last one)
  15. I would probably do traditionals. I remember reading an article online about them doing something similar in the state parks of Minnesota. As for the multis, the longest I've ever found was four stages, but the longest I've ever heard of is a twelve stage called "Mario's Tower" in Cincinnati. You could place a couple of multis if you want, but keep them within two or three stages.
  16. This was really annoying. The first time I went to find one cache, I looked everywhere, even this place I was sure it was hiding. Then last month, I found it, and the cache was in THAT EXACT SPOT. So, people who don't put the cache back are my pet peeve.
  17. So, here's what I'm thinking. First is the opening credits and a short explanation of geocaching. Also, rules and terms are explained. Then, I interview local cachers. After this, the film ends with a race for an FTF. How does that sound?
  18. Answering magicalhelmet's question, this film is the latter. Basically, what niraD talked about. It's not supposed to be an FTF film. You definitely have a point. Anything else I need to know?
  19. Good news: I've picked a title. "Found It: A High Tech Scavenger Hunt" gets my pick. So, what should I do with this if I only have ten minutes?
  20. By the way, here's the website for the film festival: http://www.sundogfilmfestival.org
  21. Maybe that's not the best title. What should it be?
  22. Maybe that's not the best title. What should it be?
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