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  1. So, here's my idea. The posted coords point to a local museum, where one must gather information.


    That leads to a stage in a metropark, which may lead to another, which leads to another (possibly a match holder in a pipe one must fill with water), and then the final. There is a puzzle at the final that leads to a bonus cache (my own idea: a fake stick). I'm still trying to figure out the rest.

  2. I 've been thinking over woodsy cache ideas for the last few monthes, and I think I've come up with something. However, I won't disclose any details here.


    I ordered some bison tubes online, and I've been trying to think of creative container uses for them. Here's what I've got:


    Fake stick.

    Pipe that you fill with water.

    Just hang it on a tree.

    Fake water pipe (on geosnippets)


    Anything else I'm missing?




  3. Really? I was starting to wonder about that. I mean, if it's illegal, why is it on television with cameras capturing everything. Should have known.


    As for the question, I haven't found anything that dangerous or illegal (at least nothing I can remember).

  4. With Altoids tins, it depends where you put them. I have a cache in the plants and rocks that used to be an altoids tin, but I replaced it because it got rusty (thanks for the pictures, L0ne R and simpjkee). However, I do have a bus stop cache that's an Altoid container, and it has not rusted one bit.


    As with film canisters, you could use them as stages of a multi, but not the cache itself. As long as you can read the coordinates, I'm okay with it.


    That reminds me, I do have a Folger's cache. It's held up so far. I AM kind of concerned that it's on a downward slope, though. Guess we'll see.

  5. I'm starting up a new geocaching mini-magazine in my area: Dayton Geocaching Weekly (or DGW for short). One of the sections is "Geocache Of The Week" (exactly what it sounds like). Anyone who wishes to nominate a cache in the Dayton area for GOTW, I would greatly appreciate it. You can vote for Geocache Of The Week here: http://www.daytongeocachingweekly.webs.com (or just post it here)


    Thanks a lot,


  6. Hmmm...good question. I remember it like it was yesterday:


    About a year ago, I was at my local library when I stumbled upon "The Complete Idiot's Guide To Geocaching". Sounded interesting, so I checked it out, read it in about a month, and got hooked. Found my first cache at the local cemetery.


    Fast forward exactly one year; I attended an event and found four more traditionals for my one year cachi-versery. Never gonna stop!

  7. Ever notice that if you get the year's membership ($3 a month), it's less than the three monthes membership ($3.33 a month)? Always nice to try it out, though.


    Yes, I would agree. I would love a premium membership, but I also wish it were less expensive. If you think about it, though, you get plenty of benefits with a basic membership. I would say that until people start caching more (from what I'm at right now), it would be a good idea for a PM.

  8. Forgot a couple:


    "And you told me not to drive. But I made it home alive. So you said that only proves that i'm insane." From "You May Be Right" by Billy Joel.


    "When in doubt, climb a tree." Personal caching motto.



    That's what I said!


    Believe it or not, I came up with that at the town pretzel festival. I may have spent more time climbing trees than walking around (just kidding).

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