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  1. In the beginning we grabbed everything we possibly could. Soon after we narrowed our scope to things that had a distinct personal attachment. Later I began narrowing my scope further to those with strong designs. Now I've narrowed my scope further to strong designs with clever use of technique. I love finding coins that use ideas that not only work within the limitations of metals and enamels, but then use those very limitations to enhance a design. I love to learn and I'm always finding something new that mixes and generates more interesting ideas in my own work with that being said, sometimes I still see one that is just plain cool and I have to have it no matter what! lol
  2. I've heard a number of people ask this question, but I think the best way to approach is to not get in over your head and try to get EVERYTHING out there. Start by looking at fellow cacher's collections, go to events and see the coins that are on display or in the travelers exchange. Most importantly, watch for coins that appeal to you on a personal level. There are thousands of designs out there so find the ones that do the most for you by taking part in the conversations, looking at available pics (try googling geocoin for the occasional rush) and see some of the geocaching.com approved vendors to see what's available. This can be a wonderful hobby and you'll have numerous chances to find those perfect match-for-you coins so just take your time. The pursuit of a coin is like the hunt for a cache. Enjoy the whole experience!
  3. You need to create a block name for the codes for each design usually. All the designs must be preapproved by Groundspeak as well. Annie can give you the sheet to fill out for your trackable group's name and then you can even assign custom icons to any group of 50 or more of the same name.
  4. I agree with most of what's been said with solid colors for the avian and translucents with half raised metals for the textured background. I love that you've broken the border on both sides with the feathers, but you might want to go just a tad wider in this area because the raised metal that will contain the enamel in this area will have a minimal width slightly thicker than what you're showing which will mean a much thinner fill area and you'll lose a bit of what you're accomplishing with breaking the overlap. The other thing you'll want to do is remove any and all dual colors in an area like the top of the head, inside the beak, dual colored feathers, etc. While you can get dual tone with translucents you won't see it in solid colors. Once you do that several things will probably happen. The head might not look the right mass, the beak might feel wide, etc., but it will give you the chance to compensate if needed. Otherwise, just add those lines of metal to separate the areas where the color tone changes. The raised text on the back with filled enamel is probably too small to fill the way you're showing it horizontally, but if you stack it vertically and enlarge it at least half again it's current size you should get great results. The number one thing I would advise to watch out for is underestimating just how thick the raised metal is on a coin. The easiest way to compare if you're being realistic with your goal is to just use a flatbed scanner to scan a geocoin with good detail of your target size and add it to the picture right next to your new artwork. By looking back and forth you can get a pretty idea quickly what the metal thickness and minimum fill area sizes will need to be and you'll have a chance to make the adjustments yourself instead of just being at the mercy of the mint artists and all the changes they'll try to make otherwise. With that being said, Iove, love, LOVE the contrast and color play on this one and look forward to seing how it turns out! Great work
  5. Thanks JackHoe! The coolness factor for me is on the side with the text. The half-recessed patterning is textured without any overflow of the same texturing on the layer below. I can't think of a single coin I've ever seen that has a raised layer with texture above another texture or even smooth layer below it without some kind of barrier or break up between. It's kind of reversed from everything I've seen and really blew me away!
  6. The handprint is 3d? Hmmm... I'll have to call you then with some more questions. I've had an idea for a long while that I didn't know if it would be possible to produce. Finding this coin inspired me to bring the project back to the light so maybe, just maybe it will finally happen!
  7. Does anybody know who designed the green hand shaped geocoin made for the earth caching event? I just received on in a trade and would like to know more about it.
  8. And how funny that the seller is from Carbondale . . . TMA Not funny at all, the cacher selling it was a huge fan of all things "skulls" and his girlfriend at the time was a member of our local caching group and asked if I would sell her a Fates coin to surprise him with for his birthday. Feeling generous, I gave her the matched set to gift him with. They had some excellent skull themed puzzle caches in our area for quite awhile.
  9. They are pretty rare, but that's extremely high, too. There were only 10 Black Nickel made and only 4 ever let out of my hands, but they weren't error coins, they were Artist Editions. The error was just in my trying to make a cool coin with a lot of layers in all black nickel - lol. You need a good light source to see all the detail in glossy black. I just didn't think that the tracking codes wouldn't be able to be read. I don't think I've ever seen one of the AEs for sale except the couple I donated to support some good causes. I've seen the prices go high like that during a bidding war, but I'm surprised to see it starting that high. I'm glad to see the set is being kept together though since they do share a matched tracking code. Hard to believe it's been over six years since the design was introduced.
  10. Wow, I was having a moment. I do have those, but no, the month is not on that particular coin. It was on the matching Tag in that set.
  11. I haven't seen one, but usually they have some indication somewhere as to the month. What did it look like?
  12. Sadly, this happened once before with The Original Masters of Cache and apparently history repeats itself for pretty much the same reason. I designed this coin for GCC quite a while back and when you're work half a year ahead it's sometimes hard to remember that it won't be made until the following year. The complete story behind the design should be out soon and reveal a bit more on the historical background and all the symbolic meanings and details behind this east meets west culture mix that changed the world.
  13. What an awesome end to my week! Found this envelope among the cards and mail of the holidays! It's beautiful, thank you so much Mystery Gifter (btw... I received a few emails asking if it was me because the HH looked like an FH to some, but I'd like to confirm that I am NOT the mystery coin gifter and was as excited as all of you to find such a beautiful and generous gift!!!)
  14. The answer is you want to keep the "Solid Coated" version PMS book (also called a Chip Set or Color Guide) for enamel matching. The mint uses the same guide on their end. Do not use either for exact match if it is a "Process Color" version book. Solid only, coated only. You can find more info here: http://www.pantone.com/pages/pantone/category.aspx?ca=1
  15. Interesting quote I just read from a auction buyer who researched a similar scenario: "Self storage auctions expressly state that the property is being sold without any warranty, the assumption is that true title to the purchased goods are only as good as the title held by the tenant. If the tenant never had true title to the goods (stolen) then title never improves and therefore, an auction buyer can find themselves returning items purchased at a self storage auction."
  16. You are correct. The owner remains whoever REGISTERED them and put them into play. No matter who holds a geocoin in hand, they are owned by whoever registered them. In scenario 1, the ex-renter did abandon them and could be forced to relinquish control of them legally. In scenario 2, no matter who is holding them, they legally belong to the registered owner and the buyer could be forced to turn them over by a court of law. No one can legally force the owner in scenario 2 to relinquish control of the coin. The dollar value of the item in debate (although some coins have sold for thousands of dollars) is never an issue and this kind of scenario would typically be heard in a small claims court if anyone was set on recovering their property. The real issue in either case really seems to be how hard it would be to get physical control of tracking code registration. Enforcement in either case just seems to be more work than it's worth, but maybe I'll feel a little stronger about it when one of mine shows up on the auction block
  17. How so? They are coins. They are physical objects that belong to some one. If they where owned by the one who rented the storage locker(and it appears they are because he won't adopt them over) they are now owned by the person who bought them. The current owner could go to court have an order to change ownership details-unlikely as it is not worth the time, it would be thrown out. The owner could force Groundspeak to hand over the details-if he could prove he owns them. That would be a bill of sale saying something like Coin with blue man and black bird on it with tracking number XXYYZZ1234. But since he won't have-they won't go and catalog every single item-there is no proof. The best thing that could happen is have Groundspeak remove those coins from the site-or lock them if they can't remove them, and the current owner has some for his personal collection. I checked with an attorney last year after a similar "possession is 9/10ths of the law" type statement popped up and learned something really interesting. First, that there is no such "law" and never has been. Second, that it is only an ideal that is used when there is no evidence of ownership to be found. Third, that when the second point is in case then the addage only applies to infer that the holder of the property has a stronger claim than the person who does not physically hold it or control it. When you buy a coin, you have a receipt. When you activate the coin it is now registered. Not unlike buying a car and registering. If someone steals your car, stuffs it in a locker and then it goes up for auction, that vehicle still belongs to the original owner. If a coin is activated and you show that you activated it then it is still your property and you have a legal right to reclaim it.
  18. Nice job! just a note on what I've already noticed in my home, but coins are heavy! You might want to reinforce the center of your display. maybe a riser of plexi from top to bottom that slides behind the shelves and has little grooves in it for the shelves to pass through? that stuff is tough, but mine bent over time with the weight.
  19. 1. Participating - Nov 9th 2. Received Name - Nov 16th 3. Mission Sent - Whoot! 4. Mission Received - yeah! I just received a beautiful Angel to grace our tree this year! And a couple beautiful mascots to give her company, too Thanks Doc, these are awesome! The detail on the pups is really good, particularly the tail. I'll post a pic after I put her on the tree
  20. belated update - package went out, but forgot to update here
  21. Where's my "like" button?!! This was a great time and beautiful setting, too. Thanks for all the hard work!
  22. 1. Participating - Nov 9th 2. Received Name - Nov 16th 3. Mission Sent - pending 4. Mission Received - pending Now to find something extra cool to send out!
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