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  1. I keep looking at this coin and every time I see it I like it a bit more. The design is elegantly simple with explosive contrast. Really, really well done!
  2. It's an interesting if troubling question and one that's been asked a few times before. I know you're looking for concrete numbers, but it's more complicated than that. The most money I've seen coins bought for were actually being sold to raise money for good causes rather than the actual (if only perceived) value of the coins. What might help you in your search would be to ask which coins would you be willing to spend big money on? Then you might be able to track down what the average selling prices of those highly sought after coins were sold for. Historically, the most coveted seem to be Moun10Bike's coins which are all registered to Jon so even if you have them in hand the chance you could own one are pretty slim. Other top contenders have been Capt. Prozac, Goblindust, DresselDragons, HaberCacher, YemonYime's "old school yime", D22, Eartha Spinner, ROT13, ZombieTribe among others and a whole boat load of AEs, XLEs, etc. The prices seem to fluctuate greatly on these constantly, too. I've traded for some of these, been gifted others and even bought a few and the prices have been anywhere from actual original selling price to up to 8-12 times that price. Sadly, there are some much more rare coins out there that are not highly sought after mostly because people don't know about them. I'm constantly finding "new" coins that have been around for a long time. We've had a number of people contemplate a collector's guide with prices listed for value similar to baseball cards, but like those cards, I think they'll have to be around a lot longer before that kind of data can be compiled. I'm curious to see what other people would list as their "most willing to pay big bucks for coins" though. edit to add: HaberCacher - one of kind hand made coins that I've been trying to trade for since they day they arrived on the scene. Thousands of trades later I'm no closer to finding one!
  3. Time is precious. We've all heard it, but how many listen to the message? How many seize on every precious moment to live life to the fullest? Cachers are a breed apart and constantly in search of new surprises, adventures, friendships and memories. They exemplify the best in living a full life, but even among cachers there are the few who do more, go further and leave behind stories told and retold for a lifetime. In the end pale death waits for us, but while he can take our bodies, he can't take the very best of us... the memories, stories and examples that set us apart. How will you live your life? Will you sit quietly counting the minutes waiting for judgement or will you seize the life you've been given? This coin commemorates those who face life head on, laugh equally at the overcome challenges or bitter defeats and still love every minute left to them. Tackle the unknown and record your deeds with this caching traveler to be shared with the world forever! 2" x 4mm+ 2D/3D combination Two-tone Metal Finishes Custom Shape Soft and Hard Enamels Solid and Translucent Enamels Trackable at Geocaching.com with Custom Icon The first international collaborative effort between USA Designer Christian Mackey and Russian Federation Illustrator Andrey Popov to be produced by GxProxy.com More to come...
  4. Well if you did not know, I can tell you my progress will be stalled by the Chinese New Year. So I will have to wait much like you all are waiting! I'm with you It's playing havoc as always, but that's part of the adventure in making a coin!
  5. I received confirmation that they should be finished with production in a few weeks, but they'll give us photos to post sooner. GxProxy told me they're not pre-selling, but they are compiling a "first contact" list and anyone who wants to be put on the list can send them an email at support@gxproxy.com and just put "Eye of the Dragon Contact" in the subject line. An email will go out to everybody on the list once the coins have finished production and either shipped or in hand in Texas. Thank you for your interest, can't wait to show you some more
  6. Inkscape is new to me, but looking it over reveals it is very close to AI and Corel in function and the results are impressive! Thanks Wellner for the info. You can find more here: http://www.inkscape.org/en/ and they have a pretty easy to follow tutorial, too.
  7. Well put me in the Intrigued column!!! Can you tell us any more about the features with out giving away all the fun? I want some more!
  8. @Dofferson, I don't know if there will be a presale, but I can check. They're being produced by GxProxy.com and they tend to lean that way in the past, but usually only once the production is finished and they're just waiting on the shipping. Just learned over the weekend the antique bronze on shiny copper is causing an unexpected plating problem so it may be changed to antique bronze on shiny silver or nickel. Waiting to see what happens for now. They're already in production so I'll check with the producers and let you know.
  9. Okay, I finally approved the last blueprint and they're in production!!! Here's an update on the finishes that will be available: Version A)Silver Dragon - Part A: 3D/2D Two-tone Antique Nickel on Shiny Gold Base / Part B: 3D Antique Nickel / Part C: 2D Shiny Silver Trans Green Version B )Gold Dragon - Part A: 3D/2D Two-tone Antique Gold on Shiny Nickel Base / Part B: 3D Antique Gold / Part C: 2D Shiny Silver Trans Green Version C)Copper Dragon - Part A: 3D/2D Two-tone Antique Copper on Shiny Gold Base / Part B: 3D Antique Copper / Part C: 2D Shiny Silver Trans Green Version D)Bronze Dragon - Part A: 3D/2D Two-tone Antique Bronze on Shiny Copper Base / Part B: 3D Antique Copper / Part C: 2D Shiny Silver Trans Green There's rumor of another version, but it remains to be seen if it shall pass Trackable at Geocaching.com with Custom Icon 2" x ?mm (waiting for sample to measure, but about 7-8+mm) 3 piece construction 3-4 Two-tone finishes Trans enamels in IHE finish Side A:2d Side B:[2d + 3d] + 3d Edge Molded Tracking Hopefully we'll have finished products very soon and we can finally show what we've been up to!
  10. Did anyone notice History Channel is going to be doing a special on Oak Island starting Sunday it looks like? I can't wait to learn a little more about this mysterious cache the coin celebrates!
  11. Thanks for the early votes of confidence everybody! I've been back and forth with the mint all through Christmas Eve, Christmas and yesterday getting the details worked out. I'm hoping to hear from them again today so we can move forward to minting this week **fingers crossed** and show more pictures GxProxy.com is producing this particular design and it should be available very soon. We were hoping to have them in time for the Holiday, but decided getting it perfect was more important than getting it fast so we opted for samples in hand. I'm glad we did, too because I had to make a change for the reverse side that will pump up the contrast! Have a great weekend and I'll update as soon as I can on the available finishes.
  12. Okay, I finally had a chance to grab some pics so here's a little snippet to hold you over for the holiday. Had some wonderful confirmation that our illustrations were right on par with Smaug and would please even his vanity!
  13. The samples arrived and we're VERY excited! It's big, thick and highly detailed. The 3d is very deep, but not quite as deep as I expected (only about 2.5mm). Oddly, I thought it might be a detriment, but on examining from multiple angles I realized it actually worked MUCH better. The detail is so fine I can actually see the veins and arteries in the wings! I'll be busy today working out additional finishes and enamels, but for now I thought I'd leave you another teaser since no one noticed yet... there's an easter egg style hint in the banner in post 1 as to part of what's coming within this design edit to clarify: The 3d I mentioned is only 2.5mm additional to the base 3d
  14. I promised Yanagi I'd post some news and it took a little longer than I wanted, but samples should be here in a couple hours! It's been a long time in planning and we're almost ready! I'll share more shortly, but with the greed of Smaug on everyone's mind since the weekend it seemed appropriate We've been sitting on a secret... for over 6 months! Do you remember The Waldgeist geocoin? Do you remember the incredible 3d and insane amount of depth of that design? Well it was really a test for something that would be bigger, more complex and even more fun. Now after months and months of meticulous planning, multiple die cuts at the factory and a bit of collaboration with some good friends, the results will soon be revealed. Stay tuned for updates as more news is revealed about one of my latest crazy ideas made real with the help of GxProxy.com. Trackable at Geocaching.com with Custom Icon 2" x ?mm (waiting for sample to measure, but about 7-8+mm) 3 piece construction 3-4 Two-tone finishes Trans enamels Side A:2d Side B:2d + 3d + 3d Edge Molded Tracking While attending numerous events the last couple years I noticed something unusual in normal circles, but particularly common among geocachers... A slight squinting of the eyes, a defensive posture of protection (over mysterious containers that appear quite heavy sometimes), a slightly feverish flush to the skin and occasionally some slight tremors of limbs in their excitement. Clearly, these people must be geocoin enthusiasts! Just look at them huddled together tighter than a Superbowl team with 10 seconds left on the clock. Look how fast their hands move as they shuffle their treasures about. Look at them holding them up to the light just so to make out the details. They're staring each other down like cage fighters... but wait... they've just shook hands! They're all smiles and congratulating each other on their trades as they move on in search of new treasure when just seconds ago they look like a pack of ravenous Dragons! This is surely the magic of geocoins in all its glory Seems like a good idea for a coin...
  15. Good morning jakeyuma and thank you to the cachers above who mentioned working with a pro (not just me, but ANY pro - btw, I like Landsharz, too). There are a lot of advantages of working with a pro and I stress "working with" because in most cases you really will be an integral part of creating the design from beginning to end. You will need to work hand in hand to make your vision come alive. Some can even work with you online in real-time to make your idea come alive! If you want to tackle it yourself or even just get the basic design composed yourself, you would definitely benefit from some software that uses layering techniques for composing images. I prefer Adobe Photoshop myself and you can rent it now from Adobe rather than buying it outright. Many people use Gimp (which is free to download) and works similarly. Some sort of compositioning software is going to help tremendously because the mint will need to receive your artwork by email in most cases so either start there or just work by hand and scan it to send out. There are other advantages like being able to back up and undo something you decided you don't like after all (I do this A LOT!!!! lol) Whichever way you go you'll need to contact a producer to help you deal with the mint. You can tackle this part on your own, but I wouldn't recommend it and after 8 years of doing this I still don't tackle it myself. Dealing with translation barriers, tariffs, import fees, storage, freight, inspections, etc. are just the tip of the iceberg. **shudder** But before we dissuade you from pursuing your dream, I have a couple very basic bits of advice for someone wanting to tackle a new design. First, think really hard about what absolutely must be in your design. Don't just fill up a space. Make every element count and be an integral part of the story you tell. Second, be inspired by the coins already out there. Pick out the ones that appeal to you most and compare them. They could be about all kinds of subjects, but what are the things about these particular coins that really excite you? I do this still and constantly find new techniques I never considered or new ways of tackling an old idea that are just brilliant. See how these techniques might add to your coin design or enhance your idea. You can even share your concepts here for feedback. I've seen designs evolve from just a basic idea to finished concept ready for the mint in just a couple of pages of input. It's really a great resource to have other people excited about your ideas right from the start
  16. Haven't seen that edition of the Atlantic cachers before, is it a personal edition ? I don't think it's a personal, but it is described as 1 of 30 made in a special version. I count myself one of 30 REALLY fortunate people to have one!
  17. I received one of these beautiful dedication coins and I must say Thank You so much to HH!!! It's beautiful and going to be a great conversation piece with my friends for years to come. My son asked me about the Festival of Lights just this week and it was fun to show him this coin and retell the story of this miracle
  18. Name Sent: Nov 22, 2013 Name Received: Nov 25, 2013 Mission Sent: Dec 12th, 2013 Mission Received: Dec 13th, 2013 Whoot! Both are coins I don't have and one I've never even seen!!! It's always fun to see something completely new Thanks Joe & Sue!!!
  19. Name Sent: Nov 22, 2013 Name Received: Nov 25, 2013 Mission Sent: Dec 12th, 2013 Mission Received: pending
  20. I hope to have some really exciting new projects to show here shortly. I've been working a few different projects that have all been under wraps for a while now, but I'm expecting physical samples this week and with a little persuasion, I might be able to show some sneak peeks soon! (fingers crossed) I finally received some of the recently released designs I've been working on so I'll try to take some decent photos to post here showing those as well. This might be a good kids-out-of-school-for-holiday project
  21. Thank you Thomas, I have a gold one and have seen a Silver for sale recently at Groundspeak, but have not seen it in person yet. I haven't seen a copper yet though. For some reason I see it's posted as a 2 inch, but the ones I have are 1.75" so I think that's a typo. The original design called for 2 inch because I didn't really think they could pull off the detail in a 1.75, but I was pleased to be proved wrong on that one!
  22. Still here, just seldom as often as I'd like to be. I like to see what's happening, but get so busy from time to time that two or even three weeks will slide by without getting a chance to check in. I do miss the old free flowing thought generating inspiration pool and lively community of the days past. I'm hoping over time it will be again and occasionally I get the impression it's coming around, but with so many social networks I think it's been a bit diluted. I'm particularly pleased to see new cachers and new interest in making new personal signatures. New cachers equal new ideas equal new unique and wonderful additions!
  23. Name Sent: Nov 22, 2013 Name Received: Nov 25, 2013 Mission Sent: pending Mission Received: pending
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