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  1. making a memorie cache where ill putt picures that are the memories other cachers find it and drop off one picture then pick up a picture in the cache and of coures it have a log book that sighn into and no unaprouit picures in the cache if i do make ill make hard to find it will be multi cache so dont think it be a easy find i dont know if the geocaching.com would alow a cache like that .can any other people tell a good way how hide a cache im just a new bie at geocaching its fun when theres a chalinge to it so when you find it. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

  2. Yep it is fun. I think bugs that do more than simply go from cache to cache are more interesting.


    Have you read the clinic thread pinned at the top of the forum?

    yes that his idea was kinda good :laughing:

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