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  1. your not a cacher if you dont go geocaching and have some finding it
  2. making a memorie cache where ill putt picures that are the memories other cachers find it and drop off one picture then pick up a picture in the cache and of coures it have a log book that sighn into and no unaprouit picures in the cache if i do make ill make hard to find it will be multi cache so dont think it be a easy find i dont know if the geocaching.com would alow a cache like that .can any other people tell a good way how hide a cache im just a new bie at geocaching its fun when theres a chalinge to it so when you find it.
  3. i got bitten by huge fire ant on my back i couldt scrath it
  4. i think thats the geocaches name. well the geocache im thinking of was asome hiding places we had like 5 people there it took 6 try to get all of it
  5. save the copy if it dose go missng you could put it in the travel bug grave yared
  6. dose any body think a story bug would be good
  7. yes that his idea was kinda good
  8. im making my first travle bug i cant wait until its going around every where
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