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  1. Is this the same bug you posted about in December?


    Unfortunately you're going to have to continue to wait, but you don't want to annoy them by pesting them with emails.


    Just one every couple months and then after a year, grab it back and release the copy.

    yea its the same bug

  2. stool in a hand of a cacher

    I'm afraid your TB is guano forever.




    :( I thought the same thing.


    OT: Send a polite email, I'm afraid that's all that can be done. Some people don't cache every weekend.


    (I'm not one of those some people, I'm totally addicted)

    im addicted but i dont have a gps i always ask to go geocaching but the person i go with is always busy now. and i sent them like 20 of e-mails

  3. there a new podcast called cache-a-maniacs i lissend to the first episode it was good


    Thanks! We're glad you enjoyed it. The second episode is on the site and feed now featuring an interview with Rattrak and The Pink Rat. This is probably the longest interview you'll hear from the Cache-A-Maniacs at about an hour, but we really enjoyed talking with these two and hope that you'll enjoy listening.

    i downloading the second episode to my itunes

  4. i made my first travel stinky demon jr. ;):cry::cry::cry::cry::D:cry:;):):cry::) :cool ;) ;) :) :) :) :)

    yup - your TB is on it's way. :) And, it looks like the current holder knows how to care for TB's, so it should move along for you just fine. Good Luck Stinky Demon Jr. :D


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