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  1. he put it in a cache then some one picked it up awsome
  2. how to get a unite for diabeties tb
  3. last time i checked they found one in 06 nov now they found 2 caches in the last 7 days ago
  4. I'm afraid your TB is guano forever. dave I thought the same thing. OT: Send a polite email, I'm afraid that's all that can be done. Some people don't cache every weekend. (I'm not one of those some people, I'm totally addicted) im addicted but i dont have a gps i always ask to go geocaching but the person i go with is always busy now. and i sent them like 20 of e-mails
  5. i have a tb and this one person is keeping it for along time
  6. i have a tb and this one person is keeping it for along time
  7. i dint realy like what they said about what about rat i have 2 pet rats thats why i have this name
  8. Thanks! We're glad you enjoyed it. The second episode is on the site and feed now featuring an interview with Rattrak and The Pink Rat. This is probably the longest interview you'll hear from the Cache-A-Maniacs at about an hour, but we really enjoyed talking with these two and hope that you'll enjoy listening. i downloading the second episode to my itunes
  9. there a new podcast called cache-a-maniacs i lissend to the first episode it was good
  10. someone has my tb and not letting it go what should i do
  11. therat

    can i use

    can i use the copy tb if the orengenle is missing
  12. i spent 10$ once to watch a moviw with a tb
  13. that happen to my tb and i was sending emails to him every 1 month but now he is in england with a new person stinky demon jr.
  14. ok i went to the cache urban words it took all alot of time to go to the caches this cache was fun
  15. yup - your TB is on it's way. And, it looks like the current holder knows how to care for TB's, so it should move along for you just fine. Good Luck Stinky Demon Jr. thanks:)
  16. i made my first travel stinky demon jr. :cool B) :)
  17. i put ot my first travel bug
  18. should i get acount at txga.net/coins/activate
  19. i got a geocoin that came from geowoodstock4 how should i activate it
  20. how is it a virtul do you have to carve something
  21. i have two qs about tbgy 1 is it a field or some sort of box 2 can some one eles make a tbgy
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