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  1. who has a dog who goes caching with them and has there own geocaching name i have one naked mut dog


    Hmmmm, not sure where the Op is going with this, I don't have a dog that goes caching with me, but I do have this neat BiPed that helps me out. You know no opposable thumbs makes it hard to hold a pencil for logging, also no thumbs makes it hard to use the space key on a qwerty!



    that dog on the picture i saw a dig at moga that had the same pack

  2. Pardon my ignorance. What is a mother cache?


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    its a cache with micro caches in them and you suposed to plant the micro caches and you dont have to leav somthing but theres a wab site you supossed to say you placed a mother cache and report a new cahce on geocaching.com but i dont know what do to and what website or maby theres no website thats just what i heard at a event

  3. depends where your cache is and what it is again my first geocache was just a icecream container and people said it would break at winter but it dint then people said it ether was get all wet or be dragged away by a flood and it seen winters and flood after flood and stil lasted so it depends where the cache is and whet it is so if it is a good container and a good place where it will not be muggled or ran a way with a flood

  4. It's real. I met with the producer over more than a year ago (I think it was the producer. I don't remember much about them except they looked like movie student types. I think I met the actress playing "Frankie" as well). They wanted Geocaching.com to provide funding for the movie but I showed them my lint filled pockets and shrugged. It's good they worked out the cost in getting their project going.


    Honestly even if we had the money to support the project we wouldn't because of the subject matter. We show the site as "family friendly" and the whole suspense thriller vibe wouldn't be a good idea. The concept is interesting however, and I'm always up for a suspense thriller.

    Send them to the adult-oriented portion of Waymarking.com, and have the sister site provide the sponsorship. I'm sure Bootron would take a pay cut in exchange for the publicity. :angry:

    i watched the revues and collecting the cards the gps the movie is real

  5. Then you have those folks who agree that the average LPC is lame, but don't see lameness as a threat to the game.

    Then there are still others, that don't see LPCs and something to avoid, or as a threat to the game. I've enjoyed finding lots of them, and will enjoy finding lots more.

    i wish there was a place with no lpcs

  6. This one has been out for a week or so now. Golf ball is actually a container that screws open. Inside is "rite in the rain" paper for a waterproof logbook with laminated stash note and a tiny tiny pencil.


    It's hidden next to a golf course. I put 6 "real" golf balls as decoy caches nearby to make it a bit more difficult, since none of them are "hidden" but all are pretty much in plain sight


    I don't expect it will last long, but so far thankfully people seem to be enjoying finding it.



    though this is nothing compared to the 2 cache containers I have waiting till the weather gets nice enough to get the canoe out.

    What kind of container did you use for it? I use nalgene cryotubes for mine. They appear to do a good job in keeping the log dry.


    i say that on ebay

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