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    Hey Kayakanimal, Look into Street Atlas 2007, it comes with a PPC extension in the package. It also does routing from the PPC, although it will not do autorouting on the handheld, it will autoroute on the laptop. I even download all of my waypoints through GSAK and they also show on the map, so I can get close, then switch to BeelineGPS. I bought the Bluetooth version of the software, it links to both the laptop and handheld device. Cost is around $50 to $150, depending on the version and GPS device you buy in the kit. www.delorme.com or check out a Fry's if you have any nearby.
  2. I tried that one once on my HX2495 and had no joy. But I am using GpxView and it reads the .loc & .gpx files quite well. I also use BeelineGPS and an earthmate BT GPS device on my PPC. It's wireless and I can get new info in the field. Plus, it's all paperless. Save those trees. I might want to hide a cache in one!
  3. 11Bravo, GO PPC! We've got everything we need for paperless travel and viewing Google Earth images, too. I am just getting started in cacheing and will also be using an IPAQ HX2495, WM5 with a BT GPS I just picked up for 69.00 at Fry's. It is the Earthmate Street Atlas 2006 handheld version. I've used the desktop version for a year. My BT GPS will sync with my laptop, for Streets & Trips 2005 or SA2006, it will also sync to my pda for either S&T2005 Pocket Streets and SA2006HH versions. I have 4 gig of storage, music, books and Podcasting to listen to while walking. I've been trying to locate software to add, so I can download the .loc files or .gpx files, (still learning in that area, what I need) and found your replies here to be informative and just in my area of need. This is my 2nd PDA, the first lasted over 5 yrs, a Casio Cassiopeia E-125. In your opinion, what all software will I need to be able to convert the files from Geocaching.com, to usable files for my PDA? I have entered coordinates into S&T2005 once, to locate a cache in Bob Woodruf park in Plano. I got close to the location, but had no GPS to tell me just how close I was to the treasure, so I think I'm on the right track with my software choices. So If I buy GPSDash, what do I need to convert/import the files to locate these cache'? Is there a link you can forward with ...step by step... instructions? Thank you, Jerry
  4. Hi ALL! I am new to the geocache area, but ready to get started. My equipment is: HP ZV6200 notebook, BT, WIFI and Cellular broadband for remote connections in the field. S&T 2005, Delorme SA2006 (notebook) Delorme SA2006HH for IPAQ IPAQ HX2495 w/ WM5, BT & WIFI, SD & CF cards - 4 gig storage for maps (lots of books, music & podcast files for listening & reading) BT Earthmate GPS for PDA USB Earthmate GPS for laptop I am looking for the rest of the software I need for geocaching. I will be able to use this PDA for finding cache's, won't I, instead of buying a handheld Garmin/Magellan? And why are most people using palm units for their PPC? What is the reason for this?
  5. I'm looking at Walmart.com at a VistaC for 237.00. They ship it to a store near you, and it has a lot of nice features. It will be my first handheld GPS, and I am anxious to begin locating caches.
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