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  1. Few days ago everything started to show again normally. Obviously someone finally fixed something :-) Thanks!
  2. I realized also that it is a Safari related problem, which appeared after the iOS update. It seems to take a while for Apple to fix it. They have released already two updates after iOS 7.
  3. I think the 20 is quite reliable device with the newest software unlike the new Garmins. However, I wish it had a bigger screen to use the map feature. Also the buttons I find not so handy to use. Anyway, once you get used to it, you will probably cache for a long time with it :-)
  4. My point of view is a bit different. I never use the map in my eTrex20. I only use the compass screen. That's because the eTrex20 is a backup device for me and usually stays in my pocket, since I use my iPhone as a primary device. In car navigating I never use the eTrex and almost every cache I go, the iPhone is much more convenient. To use the eTrex for primary device happens only with a whole day out, without the chance to recharge the iPhone in car. That rarely happens. However even then I do the navigating as much as possible with the iPhone, trying to save the battery switching the iPhone off as often as possible. Sometimes when I can't find the cache, I might try with the eTrex just to realize that the accuracy is not any better. So the reason not to find a cache is somewhere else than in the accuracy of the device. So for me the eTrex10 would be just fine as a backup GPS. For primary use I would buy the eTrex30 because of the three axis compass. It is frustrating that you need to move to get the compass pointing to the right direction.
  5. I personally don't like multis. If all of the stages were traditionals, I would enjoy going for them. As a multi, I wouldn't bother. Usually I only go for multis after I have done all interesting traditionals in the area. It is too much trouble searching difficult stages just to realize that something in the middle is missing. I can do nice climbing, diving or paddling without any caches at all. No need for a multi for that. Traditionals get me moving and getting me in places I might not go otherwise. Power trails I have not done yet. I would go for a T5-power trail for sure. The number hunting power trail I might try some day... or not.
  6. Finnish is easy! For example 'TFTC' in Finnish is just 'KK' ;-) And here in Finland we don't have spelling competitions, since every school kid can spell any word in Finnish :-) Also, Finnish is such a small language, that if people want to communicate abroad, they must know at least few words in some other language. Some cachers in Finland are still logging caches in English, like the practice was in the beginning of geocaching times in the early 2000:s (P.S. I hate KK-logs!) Edit. spelling :-D
  7. Nice to know that I am not the only one with this issue. However, I just installed Chrome and now everything shows like it's supposed to.
  8. After some investigating, my guess would be that the problem is caused by a bug in the iOS update. Three devices with the update (iPad2, iPhone4 and iPhone4S) don't show the statistics correctly. One fellow cacher with the old iOS and iPhone4 told me that everything shows normally. So I guess, I will have to wait until Apple releases an update with the fix.
  9. Copying the link with the http-beginning, Safari changes it into https. So you are right, it requires a secure connection for some reason. So far I didn't find a way to change this. I haven' t found any other sites that Safari refuses to open. I thought that there would be a big group of confused iPad users here with the same problem... :-/
  10. So it looks like a problem with Safari in iOS-devices and Google sites. Web search gave some similar results but I didn't find a fix so far. My Mini Mac with an old version of Safari opens everything normally. So maybe I should start using some other browser in iPad and iPhone. Any suggestions for a better browser? Or still, if there is a fix for this, I would appreciate help, and keep using Safari. Thanks.
  11. 'Safari cannot open the page because it cannot establish a secure connection to the server.' Anything I can do about it?
  12. Exactly the same thing happens in my iPhone + Safari. No statistic bars at all. Not in my profile/my statistics, neither in my public profile/statistics. My Mac (+Safari) shows everything right. The problem appears to show only in both of the mobile devices. Am I really the only iOS user having this problem?
  13. Maybe it has something to do with Apple's iOS update? I am not sure if the problem appeared before or after upgrading to iOS 7...
  14. It has been a week or so, that in my statistics page the bars in - Finds per month - Cumulative finds per month - Cache types I've found - Container types I've found, and - Distance to finds don't show. There's only a question mark instead of the bar. The same result if I try to see anybody else's statistics as well. I haven't heard if anybody else has this problem. I have removed cookies and signed out and in with no result. Is there anything else I can try, or is the problem in some recent update of the site? I am using iPad and Safari. Thanks in advance!
  15. If you have iPhone 4 or 4S with the official app, you don't need a computer or another GPS-device. All cache information you can download straight from the web. The app has 3 searching options; nearby caches, search by GC-code and advanced search. Every cache also has an option to search nearby caches of the selected cache. Just save your searches and you can use your iPhone without phone coverage or data connection. You will have to get the official app. Older models than iPhone 4 are not very accurate. I also have an eTrex 20 but if I am going just for few caches (and it is not raining), I don't even turn it on. The accuracy of iPhone 4 (or 4S) is good enough.
  16. In the app: Search/Advanced Search/Location, change the 'Current Location' to where you like, for example city name and Search. That search you can save (disket icon up right) to a new list or to an existing list. Or if you use the GC-code search just for one cache, you can search caches close to that one: go to the cache's main tab and scroll down. Tap 'Find Geocaches Near This One'. That search you can again save to the phone. So basically you don't need pocket queries or computer at all for searching and saving caches.
  17. Keokas

    iPhone Replacement

    I bought the eTrex20 to get more accuracy and battery life over iPhone 4. The battery life of Garmin is superior comparing to iPhone but the accuracy varies a bit. Usually in the woods the eTrex is more reliable. Anyway, today I went for a cache in a little park with some tree cover, and the iPhone lead me to the GZ straight away when the Garmin was still some 16 meters away. I found the cache immediately, so I didn't wait for better readings for the eTrex. Both devices were on well before arriving to the park, so it was not any warming up problem. I usually cache with both devices, and I have noticed that the iPhone accuracy is not bad at all. For me, the device is supposed to lead me close to the GZ. From there I must search. It is however me finding the cache, not my GPS.
  18. No. My guess is that soeone who has recently moved it, follows it until someone else retrives it. At least I do that.
  19. Keokas

    iPad 2

    Hi! I use the app in both, iPad and iPhone. In addition of pocket queries, it is easy to make a search by location or by the GC- code with the app. You only need to find one cache in the location you want. Then just search caches nearby that one. Repeating the search (find 30 next) you can increase the number of results. When you have as many caches you want, you can save the whole search making a new list. It is easy to edit the list removing caches that you don't want there.
  20. This feature is intended for when you may go out caching with friends. Some people want to be able to search as a group for caches that none of them have found, so everyone can take part in the hunt equally. I don't use it exactly this way, but I do use this API feature in GSAK to determine which caches have been found by my relatives. As far as a method to exclude all hides by a user, see this feature request. Thanks for the explanation. It makes sense now, although it is not a feature that I will need. But for sure there must be a lot of group hunts and this feature might be useful. I am aware of the previous feature request but since it is about the web site, not the iPhone app, I thought to open a new topic. Due to the discussion in that earlier request, it seems not very likely that we will get a feature ignoring someone's caches though.
  21. I use the app quite a lot for finding caches. Not only nearby caches. Even though it gives only 30 results at the time, it is easy to repeat finding 30 next and so on. There is this option to 'exclude finds by user(s)'. Does someone really use this feature? I find this feature pretty useless. Wouldn't it be better if we could 'exclude hides by user'? I don't see any reason not to search for a cache that someone specific has already found. But I would really like to exclude many caches from search results, that have been hidden by someone who doesn't maintain his caches, that hides bad caches (for example kinder-egg containers or micros in the forest...) or doesn't even play the game any more. Maybe that could be somehow easy to fix to make more sense? Or maybe someone could explain, why not to search for a cache that has been already found by user x or y?
  22. The official app for iPhone works just fine with iPad.
  23. Does my selected device(s) show in my public profile? I can't see this information anywhere... Is it up to my settings or am I missing something? If it is not visible in public profile, why this option to select my GPS device exists? Oh, and there is a mistake in Garmin eTrex20. The specs say that it has a touch screen. Well, it doesn't.
  24. Keokas


    ipads will require an actual gps to be installed in them first. Quick Googling tells that 3G-model iPad has GPS but Wi-Fi model doesn't. At least mine (3G) finds my location with Wi-Fi turned off (3G off as well). I wouldn't carry my iPad to the woods but it is convinient for planning caching trips and logging. Maps in bigger screen look nice.
  25. Nice that you had time to find also some caches in São Paulo :-)
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