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  1. Is there a setting or a way to have any new post be sent to your email? I know you can tag a discussion, but I was wondering if there was any way to have ANY new post sent. So often when I return to check messages it seems the same ones I have already read are still marked as new. It takes a lot of time to find the actual new posts.


    I guess I am too used to having subscribed to so many email discussion lists.

  2. And don't forget the opportunity to add a little historice lesson now and then when a cache is hidden near any specific spot. Many virtual caches can have a historical significance as well.

  3. I agree with tntyz. When I got interested in geo-Caching, I got interested because I thought it was a great way for my other half and I to spend some time together. We already enjoyed "rolling picnics" where we just head out in the car and stop whenever we see something nice and pack a lunch to eat along the way. The most miles we put on one of those trips was a little over 600, so driving to nearby caches should not be a problem at all for us. hehehehehe


    I have thought of doing some alone, especially when I know I will be in an area that has some. But it just does not seem to have the same enticement as it does when you have someone to share it with.

  4. We will be taking a cruise next year and I am researching cache potential for the trip. I have already found cache listings for the destination ports. What I was wondering is if anyone knows of any caches (virtual or otherwise) that would apply for the voyages themselves. I have already thought of the convergence points and will be preparing a list of those. And some of the mathematical caches may be able to work as well depending on the courses sailed. Any other ideas?

  5. Thanks to all for ideas on the easier caches in Indy. We had a good visit for the weekend and even managed to get out a little on Saturday to hunt up some virtuals as well as the FAVORITE NIECE cache. Crown Hill has always been a favorite place of ours to go so we had a lot of fun finding specific hunts there.

  6. I am surprised that there are so few around Springfield, especially with the potential for interesting scenic and historic sites. I have a friend who lives there and I may just have to see if I can get him hooked on this as well. I will probably be in Springfield in October and it would be nice to do some hunting while I am there.

  7. DogMa and I (MrSki) are relatively new to this Geo-Caching stuff but we are truly hooked. I got a Magellan Companion for my Visor (mainly to compete against DogMa's dad and his new toy) and quickly learned that following a map back and forth to work every day gets boring real fast. hehehehe


    Of course, after searching for GPS GAMES we stumbled upon this little jewel. I think I had heard about it a little while back but did not catch on to it. Now that I have a GPS, I have been reading all I can! Sometimes I even manage to get a little work done in between surfing and researching!


    DogMa and I have only logged 3 finds (2 virtuals) but we are trying to work our way up to more. Walking distances is not something we manage very well, but hopefully with more and more practice we will be able to do more. Thank goodness we have so much to choose from in this part of the state (Urbana).


    We won't be able to make the June 8 gathering but you can bet we will be keeping our eyes out on the trails for anyone we run across.


    MrSki and DogMa

    M-D-M Explorations


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  8. Dogma and I will be going to Indianapolis this weekend for Mother's Day. We were wondering if someone can recommend some of the easier caches that do not require much walking (we will be making a family affair of it and one person is in a wheel chair). Seems we got the family hooked on the idea from talking about our adventures so far and now they want to give it a try as well.


    I stuck my foot in it by telling them there are all kinds of caches that a person with limited physical condition can enjoy. If worse comes to worse I can take them on a hunt for a number of qualifying virtual caches but would rather do something that will help show them what the GPS can do.


    Thanks ahead for any ideas.


    MrSki and Dogma

    M-D-M Explorations

  9. Is there software available for the Palm OS similar to the variety of web sites that will take a LAT/LONG reading in one format and convert it to the other formats? I have the software for the laptop but was wondering if there was one for the PALM OS so to limit how much we carry along.

  10. Rural Illinois and Iowa Mailboxes (I think 8 all together) were blown up with pipe bombs. I think anyone planting a cache anywhere near a mailbox in this area would probably be jumped on before they even got their readings!

  11. Rural Illinois and Iowa Mailboxes (I think 8 all together) were blown up with pipe bombs. I think anyone planting a cache anywhere near a mailbox in this area would probably be jumped on before they even got their readings!

  12. I feel the locationless caches are a great way to get the novice geo-cacher to build up more interest in the sport. As a novice myself, I am not physically able to do a lot of the bushwacking type caches, but I try. When I get too frustrated it is nice to know I can look at some of the more interesting locationless caches to boost my spirits and still remain a "player".


    The best comment I like above is the person who states if you don't like them you don't have tolook for them.

  13. Virtual caches also allow the physically challenged to enjoy the game without feeling left out do to lack of access in remote areas.


    They also make driving between caches more interesting as you keep your eyes out for all sorts of qualifiers for virtual caches. I have started to carry my camera and tripod and cache good bag every where I go.

  14. We are proud parents today! Well, maybe not real parents. We were in Danville, Illinois this weekend and while we were there decided to hunt out our first ever cache. This one was called Stars and Stripes (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=7708) and was in an easily accessible urban area. We are still pretty inexperienced with using the GPA and all, but after about half an hour of searching and narrowing down, DogMa found the hidden cache!! We are now officially a team and will be coming up with a team name real soon. But first.... I have to find more of these kind of caches! hehehehe


    MrSki and Dogma

  15. Thanks to everyone for the advice. I have managed to find some information for local caches that sound easy enough to get to. I also have discovered a few "Scavenger Hunt" and virtual caches that sound right up our alley! Will look forward to making time to enjoy all Geo-Caching has to offer.

  16. As a new GPS owner who recently discovered Geo-Caching, I was wondering if there is a list somewhere with easier caches for the physically challenged who can not go hiking off into the woods and the like. It sounds like it would be a lot of fun, but most of the caches I have read about require a lot of walking which would be difficult for some people.

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