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  1. Problem found; I was trying to do too many changes at once. Change the contents only, then change the co-ords as a seperate item. It sure is scary when the caches disapear off the map.
  2. Found the answer; The problem appears to happen when one changes the co-ords at the same time as one tries to change the contents of the cache listing. These need to be done seperately. Then all is OK.
  3. I have recently adopted 2 of cooroy scouts caches (Doggrel Trees GC10Q8H & salmon lookout GC10Q8N). I wanted to add "adopted by sweet - sour" to the "Cache by" and the site would not allow the changes. WHY? Yet when one clicks on the CO of the cache it brings up my profile, very confusing.
  4. I have just adopted Salmon Lookout GC10Q9N, moved the co-ords to a new location for security reasons, and generally updated the info on the site. Then viewed the listing, the cache showed on the (View larger map), but when I clicked on the larger map to check the location on satelite, the cache disapeared, I've checked other caches, and they have disapeared as well, HELP??????
  5. I have just completed 10 new caches on the old format, yet to be activated. Tried the new format, TOO many pages, and it takes too long to fill out, the old format is 1 page, and one can review it before and after it has been sumitted. The new format looses the KISS principal. I have found that if one has an idea for a cache, one can fill out the form, submit but not activate, one then receives the GC number, log it into the GPS, go out and place the cache, confirm the co-ords on the cache placement, come back and make any changes to the cache page, activete it and the jobs done. Can we have hybrid and the other tool bars added back to the Geocaching Maps, please.
  6. I was at Forrest History #1 GC1172V today for a 2nd DNF, while searching for the cache, found a trig point (PSM), have taken photo with GPS and co-ords, searched this site on how to logit, nothing made any sence for a new find. How do I logit?
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