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  1. I have to ask however, why do you refer to yourself in the third person?



    How come when someone makes a mistake, they never hear the end of it?


    ps: do you think this post was another mistake? Are you not putting yourself back at square one as being the bad guy?


    P.S. you don't even know what mistake I am talking about........lol


  2. yeah, but your name is 'a reflection of that', we are upinyachit.


    Hmmm, interesting...


    For cryin' out loud.....get over yourself.


    Every can have a "bad day" once in a while. When every day is bad, you need to take a step back and ask yourself "why?"


    With responses like this in the gc forums, you guys make me want to commit real suicide. Then maybe my wife could sue Groundspeak....Hmmm intersesting


    I wouldn't dare do such a thing but people should watch out for other geocachers feelers. Like calling them losers and stuff.



  3. How come when someone makes a mistake, they never hear the end of it? B)


    Have all of you forgotten all the great posts or the helpful ones we made? :grin: Or all the great caches we have hidden. :lol: Or all the people I have told about this website? :lol:


    I have kids that do reports about geocaching. Some of the kids' teachers know all about the game now. :D


    Do I get any credit for that? :D


    Let's try being a little more positive about Upinyachit instead of always looking for the bad. B)


    Sticks n stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me! :mad:



  4. My wife and family members have all asked why I go to Geocaching.com all the time and talk ^%$#.  Well, some think I like the negative attention I receive over there.  But honestly I have no idea why I am a geo-nut. If they were smart, though, they would just ignore me, but they just keep feeding, right into my hand.  If this is wrong, then I am guilty.  I might be a legend in my own mind, but what's wrong with that.......




    Yet you have never publicly shown any evidence that CO Admin or anyone else at GC treats you unfairly


    That wouldn't be to mature would it? But I did send him this on 2-4-2004


    I was talking to a member and was unaware that you might have a major sickness. If this is true, I am sorry for anything that may have offended you. I was totally unaware of the situation. my attitude to wards you and this site will improve. I have already edited a few logs, that was uncalled for. I thought this was just a game, but when it comes down to a persons health it's not. I assumed in chat that you took pills for other reasons.



    He hasn't responded back after three or four pm's either? :D and I still don't have the answer to the original topic...........




  5. I am really upset and will probably never come to this site again.


    That's dirty..........


    For the record, Duane is in no way committing geocide, as you all put it. (That's funny!) The other post in which you are referring to with the picture of the jackass was because we didn't get "the joke" that we thought was directed towards us when in fact it was played on whom ever saw it, only we didn't realize it. (Did you get that? LOL) We were ready to toss our tower right out the window! Duane and I both fell for it, therefore, we were portraying our "a**" and acknowledging our mistake.


    Duh :D


    P.S. Upinyachit's Biography Next B)

  6. PS: the topic starter closed the last thread you posted to, not an admin.



    Oh, and Duane, if you would actually READ the forums, instead of just posting nonsense, and geocide notes, you would ALSO know that Groundspeak usually picks the cache reviewers, not the other way around.


    Did I upset you?

  7. Upinyachit wants to know who makes up the guidelines for this site. You have said this to me and plenty others. (The guidelines states) Could you please maybe make up an autobiography about yourself. You always seem to have an opinion

    and you always seem to know when to close a topic. So do you cache, do you know a whole lot about computers, why did you volunteer for this job, Have you met Jeremy Irish personally. These are just some of the questions the geocaching family would like to know. I think it would clear up a lot of miscommunication between a few members. Thanks :P


    D ;)

  8. I was wondering how much bug money is out there? I have seen bugs still going from the beginning, and I have seen bugs not even go a mile.


    How many bugs have actually been purchased?


    I was thinking of entering a bug in a race. It should be fun watching where it lands up............



  9. 1) The only replies you waited for were in the middle of the night.


    Last night was chat, so I thought maybe a little more responses would have been nice.


    2) I'm trying to figure out how many people are going to make plans that involve you not quitting and blaming it on CO Admin.


    I have no idea what you are saying, all I know is spiring is coming, so with all the newbies that will be coming around, I will chill out a little.


    3) I love lesbian geocachers. Not as much as my wife, but cest la vie.


    I hope my wife doesn't read what I said, I will be in the dog house. :o



  10. I wonder why, when I do a nice, civil post and ask a serious question, I kinda get shut down. Two replies and only about 80 views. But when I do a non serious question, all hell breaks lose. LOL


    My next topic will be about lesbian geocachers.... What do you think about that?LOL :o



  11. I think it would be cool to start a geocaching tournament in my area. I would need help from the local admin, but I think it could be done. All we would have to do is list a cache event for a certain day. The cache page would explain in detail all about the event. The event would have to be worked out among the members because I'm not sure how it would go. There would have to be an entry fee of some sort to make it interesting.


    Any ideas?


    What da ya think?



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