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  1. I want to know why my emails, private messages, newly listed caches, and current caches are being ignored?


    What is the deal leaving my new cache in the "waiting for approval" section since March 31? If you want me off of your site, then tell me, but to leave me hangin' like this only shows GC's true colors. I have followed every single guidline since my last suspension and this is what I get. What makes you think you can just ignore me like this?


    HELLOOOOO!!!! I HAVE NEW CACHES HIDDEN!!!! Do you do this type of thing to other undesirable members? You people always ignore a problem and just plain out don't want to handle it. And you call yourselves administrators and moderators. What DO THOSE WORDS ACTUALLY MEAN??? Moderate!


    Oh, I know, you are waiting for me to flip out because of your ignorance, then suspend me once again for something stupid and make me out as the bad guy. That's your idea of moderating. It figures.


    I have done nothing to provoke being ignored and personally, I think it's crap. I have repeatedly stated that I would stay out of the forums and just hide/find caches. But yet, still, no response.


    Fair? Hmmmmmm.....



  2. Thanks so much, adirondackcache, but that is a little big for a cache page; 2:47. If you could find a midi or a wav file under a minute, that would be way cool. We had a lot of success with our last kareoke cache page and we are trying to do it again.


    D :)

  3. We have decided to archive this cache because we are not on vacation any more and replace it with a new one.


    Upinyachit's vacation cache


    The new cache is called "What's the point?" We also are including a theme for the cache and plan to use Welcome Back Kotter theme song. The problem is I can't find Welcome Back Kotter theme song without any lyrics . The cache is already hidden, we just need a midi or wav file and I know some of you are very smart and can help.


    That would be way cool if a member could find it and post the link here.


    Thanks for the help.


    D :)

  4. When I worked at the rehab center the patients were locked up, so would the caches be in the halls or in the free world for all to enjoy.


    And don't forget those leather straps for when they can't find it and you have to restrain them.


    An inpatient program for adolescent or adults doesn't require any restraints.

    They are in a program that consists of a lot counseling. Geocaching would be a great way to help an addict get off of drugs in my opinion. Instead of the drug addict wanting to go get high, they would want to go find a cache instead. We all know an adrenaline rush is better then any other drug. I know I went on a few caches where my adrenaline was going.


    So not all drug addicts are locked up when going through a treatment center,

    and all drug addicts wouldn't freak out because they couldn't find the cache.

    I wonder if there is any geocaching members who is a drug treatment counselor.

    I bet you they would understand a little more what I am talking about. I can also say the replies so far indicate they never watched the movie 28 days, and just assume the worse. Some of the most influential people in today's society are recovering addicts. So I hope you guys can see my point without coming down on me like a ton of bricks.


    D :D

  5. I just watched that movie 28 Days with Sandra Bullock, and I was thinking how cool it would be to see a group like that go geocaching. Anyways, I got to thinking how geocaching would benefit a drug rehab center. If I were a drug rehabilitation counselor, I would take my patients on a cache hunt as often as possible. Exercise and the clean fresh air would do great.


    A cache program at the Betty Ford Center ....... Who would have thunk it?


    D :D

  6. My kid stuck a bit of styro packing peanut up his nose once (just for fun). I took him to the emergency room and it was very traumatic.


    When I was a little kid, I knew this other little kid that got a bean stuck up his nose.


    The parents kept asking the little kid, why do you keep picking your nose? The little kid kept saying a fly flew up my nose. So the kids' parents ended up taking the little kid to the doctor. Come to find out, this little kid stuck a pinto bean up his nose and it ended up sprouting. The doctors removed the bean successfully, and the kid never stuck anything up his nose again. LOL


    D :unsure: LOLOLOL

  7. Ever since I changed my negative attitude to a positive one, I have been looking for an avatar. A geocaching member said they like this one, 4fd0a01f-8fb0-4566-972c-29cc07d274b1.jpg but Chi is gone and I'm not sure I want to keep looking at him. So I don't think this would be cool.

    So just for chits and giggles, I think it would be interesting to see what you members come up with. Please keep it clean, and remember that there are kids watching, and maybe even some newbies. I will consider all avatars that are submitted. Thanks for being so helpful and I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!!!!


    D :unsure:

  8. How would you politely tell another cacher that they made a mistake. Like for instance,

    they gave a big clue on their online log. Or the geocachers parked on private property to find the cache because they didn't pay attention to the cache page discription. I have also told my dad not to leave the travel bug serial # on the cache page. Would you just let something go that bothers you, or would you send a polite email to a geocacher that you might think needs help. It's kinda like, would you tell a person if they had a buggar on their nose.


    D :D

  9. After complaining for a month and putting my foot in my mouth on my last post,

    I have a brand new attitude. I know it's going to take a lot more the just words, and a lot more caching, but I have come to the conclusion that UPINYACHIT

    needs G.C. I will always have a lot of love for Navicache though, but G.C. seems to be where it's at. Everybody always seems to come back after quiting. :D

    I know I deserve all the negativity I have gotten or will receive, but everyone deserves a second chance. If I recall, a member asked me if I think it's cool to be able to help out a newbie. That question stuck in my head for a while. Then my dad told me that I was being an a** and that the sport doesn't need a negative person. So, yeah, I do like helping out the newbies. The damage has been done, but I do want to make a public announcement to CO. Admin that I was wrong and I apologize for all my negative actions. You do have the right for all the time and energy you volunteer.


    D B)

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