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  1. Bons????????


    I'm just trying to make sure I have the play by play.


    1) upinyachit had caches in New York.

    2) upinyachit archived those caches.

    3) upinyachit now lives far away from those caches.

    4) upinyachit wants those caches unarchived.

    5) the physical caches are still in place and may contain travel bugs


    Am I on track here or completely lost?


    6) someone else will be adopting these caches

    7) these caches, if adopted, will be under new ownership?

    8) upinyachit is requesting the adoptions, not the new owner?


    I feel like I'm really lost here.


    9) To accomplish this upinyachit is making accusations against the admins

    10) He is also actively threatening other caches and other travel bugs


    Ok. I'll admit it. I'm completely lost. This doesn't even begin to make sense to me.


    You don't even have a clue, so maybe some members should stay out of it until all the facts are in. :D


    The caches in New York were adopted before this Drama happened. So what will you have to say to that. LOLOLOLOL


    December 2003, Cache adopted by OurWoods.

    Thank You upinyachit for placing this cache!

    We hope you enjoy Colorado! Thanks for all the great caches in this area!


    What a beautiful little park!! Loved it!! Found this cache, with little trouble after a bit of a hike. Fingers, noses and ears were freezing, guess winter is here . My mother, Grandmother, and young cousin all came along for this one. We all enjoyed it very much. Took the Mickey TB and will speed him on his way in no time (I wish I was heading to Florida!) The log book is full so we left a new log book with a red cover. The plastic ziploc bag the logbook it's in needs to be replaced. Other then that the cache is in great shape! Thanks for the hide, we have always enjoyed doing your caches, they were most of our first ones. You could say doing your caches got us hooked on caching. We had been wanting to this one for a while, but never did. Glad we were finally able to. Also nabbed some locationless finds while in the area. We hope you guys are still caching and plant some new ones in the future!

    -Team OurWoods


    I thought the forums and caching were totally different. LOL Not to much to say on this note huh. :D

  2. It isn't a test. It is called communication... If you can't speak or write clearly enough to be understood, noone is gonna have a clue what your point is. 


    I think everyone got the point, but you. You are just trying to put me down, to make yourself feel better. And you are trying to make a geocaching friend. LOL



  3. Let's talk about the whole truth Hydee. I didn't get that PM until after my suspension was up. I sent several emails and pm that you ignored until now.

    That is kinda Ironic to me. :D So even though four of them have TB in them, you won't unarchived them. They are well established caches too. That's poopie and you know it.

  4. I think some members here at GC have a lot of animosity towards me. Unless a simple explanation is to why my caches in New York have been ignored. I have sent several emails and pm's to Hydee, the approvers, and Jeremy, and nothing has been done. GC6B5E and GC4DEO have been adopted byCenobite07.

    GC9FA3 and GC9FA3 have been adopted by Ourwoods. GC7FAD has been replaced with GCJ5KA. I think these are fair requests and should be met without complications. Go ahead and do the homework, and you might come up with the same conclusion. I am getting so amused by you people, it's not even funny.


    D :D

  5. Here is a unusual log for a virtual cache that I found recently. (Demas Rock)


    This is Bull Dog, found this one on 10/3/02 in the afternoon. Nice drive, took the two pennys and left two 22 shells. You have to do a dilley to find this one from the south, just a hint.


    D :rolleyes:

  6. I am embarrassed to associate myself with the fellow geocachers before me after seeing what's been left in the contents of this cache.


    I wouldn't get too upset because that's just the way of the world. Most importantly, it's all about the hunt. If you concern yourself with the items, it will drive you nuts.



  7. "Kimono is the most wise and knowing pony in all of Ponyville. She tells of times past and knows why it snows pink! Kimono likes to play hopscotch"


    Just thought Duane would like a little insight to how at least one of the mods thinks. 


    lolololololol :rolleyes: I am starting to realize this.... Some people it takes a little longer to learn then others. And no, I didn't take the little short bus to school. LOL


    D :tongue:

  8. I have noticed for the last two years that there is a tight group here at Groundspeak. It kinda reminds me of a bunch of cops hanging out at the local donut shop. :P Jeremy is the Captain and all the administrators are the geographical dispatchers. You best play by the rules and guidelines or there are consequences. The more a member hangs out here, the more creditability they receive. Unless your name is Upinyachit <_<


    So what's the donut shop talk about today?




  9. CO admin just approved my cache. Thank you so much for that. I am addicted to geocaching and didn't understand why I was ignored. It would be great if GC and I could let bygones be bygones...........


    Duane :o

  10. Since so many are into guidelines and the guidelines say "expect your cache to be approved within 24-48 hours" I'd be wondering well b4 6 days.


    Six days and ignored over 8 emails and pm's.


    As far as health. On march 18 I broke three ribs and colapsed my lung. I showed nothing but respect gor GC . I have a lot of time on my hands. I hid a lot of new caches and they keep ignoring me.

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