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  1. Oh jumpin' jesus! I can't believe this friggin thread! This forum is just a microcosm of the world as far as people communicating with each other. It's very frustrating when people think others need to shelter THEM from the real world. You're going to hear the @(*$& words in the real world and you're going to see them here. I think it's been suggested before that geocaching itself is a nice family sport but even with the moderation the forums are not a place for kids to be able to read everything that's posted. And if you're offended as an adult then I'm concerned you find reading *@#* offesive enough to write about.


    great post :P


  2. Hmm... looks like it's already been approved.

    Looks like you get treated pretty good when you play by the rules.




    My son Casey found the new spot. We both enjoyed hiding the cache and did a little CITO. Thanks for approving my cache so quick CO. admin :P



  3. Duane, this is a good point. If you wish to gain respect by this community then keeping the quotes in context would really help


    The person I quoted has a corona avatar. I didn't think it would be that hard to figure out.


    It looks to me like Duane needs to chill.


    I thought I was being cool with the situation. I know a lot of you members like to roll with the Lynch mob, but please stay on topic. :lol: Anyway I will BRB, I am going to go move What's the Point. I hope I can find another great spot that is 528 feet away from all other caches. Cya soon......... :)

  4. During one of Duane's many other temper tantrums, he threatened to archive all his caches


    I don't know why you like to instigate more drama with those comments. :)


    That note to him has been posted at least once or twice by Hydee in various threads


    I can't seem to find the various threads. Maybe because Mopar shows a lot of animosity to wards me, and likes to push my buttons.


    He is now claiming he didn't read the note until after he had archived them all, but, from what we've seen here, I'd bet money he saw it and just didn't care at the time.


    How much would you like to bet Mopad? I will say this again!

    I got suspended from posting in the forums for thirty days on March 3rd. I didn't log back into the site until around March 30th. Hydee never sent me a email, so I never got the PM until after the fact. :)


    I haven't personally done his NY caches, but I know people who have, and they do seem to be decent hides.


    That's the best comment you have ever said in the forums. LOL :lol:


    D :)

  5. 1: Duane changes username to something more suitable to this website.


    2: The New York caches become unarchived ONLY if there are other established

    cachers ready to adopt them.


    3: The caches that were not approved for being too close to other caches be

    moved far enough away to meet the guidelines, and if all else is in order get

    approved as any other cache would.


    4: The cache with the objectionable name be renamed and if all else is in order get

    approved as any other cache would.


    5: Duane takes a voluntary 60 day hiatus from these forums.


    6: If Duane does not live up to this he is permanately banned from this site and all

    of the caches currently owned by him are archived.


    Please, keep this on topic.


    What is it that I am really guilty of? I am not bringing up the dead horse issue, but geez, give me a break. Change usernames, and stay out of the forums for sixty days? All because I want to hide merhandise in a box for the public. Can I get credit for all the great caches I have hidden? How come members don't point out that fact? Is the glass always have empty? How about doing a PSI on me.


    I think I have done more positve then negative. Thank goodness I have proof. :)


    D :lol:

  6. Please don't put me down anymore so my topic can remain open for discussion.

    See you around 6 tonight. 


    Wow :lol:




    Enough already. I vote that you BAN DUANE PERMANENTLY. Do the same to the next guy who pulls this bullchit.


    I got 30 days for saying the same word...............interesting :)



    I will go move my "What's the point cache" and see if we all can just get along.


  7. Gladly, I'll get the wet noodle. Or something stronger.




    200 hits an hour.......... That has got to be a forum record. :lol:


    It's been fun but now I have to go to work......I wonder what's in store in the next 8 hours? :lol:


    Please don't put me down anymore so my topic can remain open for discussion.

    See you around 6 tonight. :lol:

  8. Bullsh.......no you wouldn't. You'd make up yet another story where the mods were being mean to you, or the approvers won't approve your caches, or Hydee is ignoring you.....it would just go on and on and on and on and on..............hasn't it already?


    Can you just relax and chill for a minute. You must like my entertainment I provide, you always have something to say. Give me a break when I deserve it.

  9. My advice to you is to move on. How you wish move on is up to you. I suggest you start completely new. Drop your account you are using and create new account with with a different e-mail address.


    We have used Upinyachit for over two years. We have over 100 finds and over a thousand different logs from our hidden caches. Do you think in my heart and soul I want to start over? :lol:

  10. Well son of a b!#$&! Would you look at that! That is easy! The best part is that there are not one but TWO caches within 528 feet! Why did you archive it?


    I got suspended from posting in the forums for saying $hit in the forums. So all I wanted to do is archive or disabled my caches during that time. After a month went byI logged into this website and got a note from Hydee. The note said the approvers would not unarchive my caches if I decide to do that. Well I already archived my caches before I read the note. Hydee won't budge with the decision that was made.



  11. Mopar,


    I must do something right. You spend a lot of time searching me. You know my dad, what I do, When I moved. You must have spy bot or something.


    now way too close to the pre-existing virtual.


    135 feet........... Big Deal, I will move the cache tomorrow. I sure am going through a lot to hide items and place a cache. Is this worth it to me. I might come to my senses one day........ :lol:

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