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  1. My son Casey found the new spot. We both enjoyed hiding the cache and did a little CITO. Thanks for approving my cache so quick CO. admin D
  2. The person I quoted has a corona avatar. I didn't think it would be that hard to figure out. I thought I was being cool with the situation. I know a lot of you members like to roll with the Lynch mob, but please stay on topic. Anyway I will BRB, I am going to go move What's the Point. I hope I can find another great spot that is 528 feet away from all other caches. Cya soon.........
  3. I don't know why you like to instigate more drama with those comments. I can't seem to find the various threads. Maybe because Mopar shows a lot of animosity to wards me, and likes to push my buttons. How much would you like to bet Mopad? I will say this again! I got suspended from posting in the forums for thirty days on March 3rd. I didn't log back into the site until around March 30th. Hydee never sent me a email, so I never got the PM until after the fact. That's the best comment you have ever said in the forums. LOL D
  4. What is it that I am really guilty of? I am not bringing up the dead horse issue, but geez, give me a break. Change usernames, and stay out of the forums for sixty days? All because I want to hide merhandise in a box for the public. Can I get credit for all the great caches I have hidden? How come members don't point out that fact? Is the glass always have empty? How about doing a PSI on me. I think I have done more positve then negative. Thank goodness I have proof. D
  5. Wow I got 30 days for saying the same word...............interesting Anyways......... I will go move my "What's the point cache" and see if we all can just get along.
  6. This is a great geocaching topic. A newbie can learn a lot from this. UPINYACHIT
  7. LOLOLOLOL 200 hits an hour.......... That has got to be a forum record. It's been fun but now I have to go to work......I wonder what's in store in the next 8 hours? Please don't put me down anymore so my topic can remain open for discussion. See you around 6 tonight.
  8. I would make a great approver, I know where every single cache placed within a 60 mile range. LOL
  9. Can you just relax and chill for a minute. You must like my entertainment I provide, you always have something to say. Give me a break when I deserve it.
  10. We have used Upinyachit for over two years. We have over 100 finds and over a thousand different logs from our hidden caches. Do you think in my heart and soul I want to start over?
  11. Liberty point is only so big. I hope I can move my new cache to a spot that meets the guidelines. I can only wait and see.
  12. I agree!!!!!!!! But not with Virtual caches.
  13. Yes....... I would go to chill mode. I have an addicting personality, so take it for what it's worth.
  14. I got suspended from posting in the forums for saying $hit in the forums. So all I wanted to do is archive or disabled my caches during that time. After a month went byI logged into this website and got a note from Hydee. The note said the approvers would not unarchive my caches if I decide to do that. Well I already archived my caches before I read the note. Hydee won't budge with the decision that was made. D
  15. Mopar, I must do something right. You spend a lot of time searching me. You know my dad, what I do, When I moved. You must have spy bot or something. 135 feet........... Big Deal, I will move the cache tomorrow. I sure am going through a lot to hide items and place a cache. Is this worth it to me. I might come to my senses one day........
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