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  1. I was noticing my zodiac sign and starting thinking that it kinda relates to the way I geocache. Here is what is says about a LEO.


    "The Lion

    July 23 to August 22


    Leo Traits


    Generous and warmhearted

    Creative and enthusiastic

    Broad-minded and expansive

    Faithful and loving"


    On the dark side....


    Pompous and patronizing

    Bossy and interfering

    Dogmatic and intolerant


    Does anyone else think that your zodiac sign could affect the way you geocache?

  2. I have noticed talk of banned members in the forums and logs. One guy is pretty hot about it. What kind of behavior warrants getting your account banned?


    I can't say too much from the peanut gallery. Just watch your p's and q's.



    Upinyachit :ph34r:

  3. I have a question for the Co Admin?


    What cacher here in Pueblo would take 3 months to hide a puzzle cache right next to mine on the same bridge? I wish I could meet these cachers so I can make a deal with them. The spot was perfect for my Runyon cache. Is there a way I can obtain information so I at least know where I can rehide my cache?


    Upinyachit :)

  4. QUOTE (Planet @ Apr 24 2004, 12:32 PM)

    Here,  It'll help the crow go down a little better.  Welcome to the wonderful world of geocaching. And I'd like to throw in a thanks to everyone at GC.com for the last two years of fun, hiking, and new friends. It's my 2 year cachiversary today! 


    I didn't realize you joined after I did. My cachiversary was a few days ago 


    Wow :D I have been a member longer then both of you. :o LOL


    Oh yeah, NFA


    I learned the hard way. Their site and their rules. You have to follow the guidelines to play. I see the lynch mob is rolling in here a little. I am sure glad I changed my attitude to positive. :D


    Upinyachit :D

  5. upinyachit, I don't think you understand the concept of geocides - it isn't supposed to be PHYSICAL! Yeesh, what happened?


    The Colorado administrator head butted me with his purple pony. LOL


    To answer the question though, I was at work and fell onto some trusses. During my time off work I found some great caches though :D

  6. Duane when are you and that Caching partner coming North for some good ones in the hills.


    Tahosa and Sons,


    It's hard for me to plan ahead. I usually do things at the spur of the moment.

    Your caches seem to be great though, and you can count that Casey and I will find them by summers end. :D



  7. I woke up this morning and found it hard to believe that District 70 in Pueblo West is closed due to the storm. I had a flash back and thought I was back in Rochester N.Y. for a minute. I don't miss the snow and cold at all. Being a carpenter my pay check depends on the weather, so today I make no money. :D The only thing I can do is put more layers of clothes on and go caching. I can't work in bad weather but I can sure cache in it. LOL Is their anybody else that has kids at home because of the weather? If you do, bundle up and take them GEOCACHING


    Upinyachit :rolleyes:


  8. cacher1.jpgcacher2.jpg


    We have been caching for over two years, and decided to look back at old logs.

    That's when I noticed a big difference. Casey is growing like a weed. I think it's so cool to go back and look at old log pictures. I wonder how we will look in the next couple of years? LOL :(




  9. Amazingracer's quote: :D


    And sorry Duane its not something evil, just a twist on the game.


    All I do is hide great caches and trade fair. Don't judge a book by it's cover. :P


    I had no clue what a parasite cache was. First thought that came to my mind was parasite cachers. LOL



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