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  1. You must not have noticed my Bronco tattoo at the picnic. Anyway, my wife is an extreme Denver bronco fan and would love to go to a Bronco game. We should start a geocachers tailgate party or something. That would be way cool to plan ahead and get tickets now.
  2. Alltel Stadium, Jacksonville, Fla. is where the next superbowl is at.
  3. I love geocaching and I love the Denver Broncos. That would be way cool to have the denver bronco emblem with a gps in it of where next years super bowl is being played. That would be way cool to see that. Upinyachit
  4. Thanks Bons that sums it up in a nutshell. Upinyachit
  5. YES THEY DO>>>>>>89.5 the rev Pueblo CO. Check it out for yourself. It's the number 1 college radio station. You are the one who posted to it, so maybe you should go to bed. LOLOLOL UPINYACHIT
  6. Everyone in these forums knows that I am target. All I know is my local DJ on the radio station says a lot more then the word chit. Anyway I just finished submitting my best cache yet. It took me all day (12 hours) to get this awesome cache together. There is over $200.00 worth of stuff in the cache. My dad and step mom donated cash and stamps to make this cache the best around. I just hope my user name doesn't stop a cacher from going to find this one. lololololol This cache is a FIVE STAR all the way around....... Good luck P.S. El Diablo I will go ahead and just pay for the hiking staff. I will even pay extra if you ingrave UPINYACHIT in it.
  7. how about making a steaming piece of poop...... just joking, all in fun. please don't take it seriously
  8. prettynwitty thought of Upinyanated. I like this one the best. Does anybody know the officail time I have until before I have to make a decision?
  9. I have a simple answer to your question. I build houses and work outside so the weather plays a big role. Anyway, every time it gets too windy or it starts raining, I am the first one to say roll up so I can go caching. So with that being said, I sometimes and still do have to explain to fifteen hardcore framers what caching is all about. I explain the game to them and they laugh their butts off when I tell them my user name. I also tell anybody else that wants to know about caching to do a simple search and type in UPINYACHIT and see what happens. Mtnman quote I don't know about anybody elses kids but mine have heard of a lot more then the word chit on national tv. Has anbody watched MTV lately? I have an 18 year old daughter with a three month old baby. I have another daughter that is getting ready to graduate from high school. One of my sons is going to high school next year and is getting more interested in girls. He asked me the other day if he could hang up a naked picture of a girl on his wall. My youngest son is the caching king. Except the other day he wanted to go swimming instead of caching. My point is that I and a whole lotta other members have a lot more to worry about then the word chit. UPINYACHIT
  10. After getting a good nights rest, I woke up with mixed emotions about changing my user name. What about all the log books I signed as upinyachit out here in CO and in New York. Will geocaching members still recognize my new user name? I probably will be forgotten and become the average every ordinary Joe. I also would bet that I wouldn't get all this attention either. ( Just kidding) I never thought that Groundspeak would affect my emotions so much. For some of you, a name change would be easy, but I feel sad. Everyone I know and even my co-employees know me as Upinyachit. I know the offer still stands with El Diablo, but I need more time to think about. I have about twelve hours left before the offer is closed. I am off to go finish building this house, so I will make a decision in about nine hours. Would my 90% warning level be squashed? LOL Duane
  11. I have been UPINYACHIT for two years. I don't think my wife or kids want me to change it.
  12. Mopar........ Why do you always seem to be the first person to see the glass half emptyl. Do you know what I mean? Everybody in these forums knows you are the first person to jump down a members back if they say the wrong thing. How about taking a chill pill and realize that everyone's opinion is going to be different. You need to go find a happy spot and take a time out to consider other people's feelings. It just so happens that you aren't always right. Go figure............ If a member was to do a little research they would find out that you always DOG new members. It's time for you to change, too. UPINYACHIT
  13. I really don't want to be the bad guy in the forums . I just like to keep things interesting. My passion for Goecaching goes a lot more than most people. So I say again, geocaching.com, (Jeremy ) should give me some type of volunteer job I can do. I want to benefit the sport of geocaching, not degrade it. I might even change my user name to whatever TPTB think it should be. UPINYACHIT
  14. Just for your information, I have no shame in my warn meter even though it is at 90 % and I am walking on egg shells around here. Just for fun, I have no problem doing a simple copy and past so all members can see it. The things I got warned for could be an example of what not to do. Does anybody want to see it? UPINYACHIT Duane
  15. What are you talking about? Please explain mtnman........... D
  16. NO!! I WAS NOT NOTIFIED FIRST CO Admin took it upon himself to edit my log on my own cache page. Does this upset me? Of course it does because I know I am being discriminated against. Anyway, I have an idea. Everyone in the forums knows I love to geocache. I know a lot about the sport and could be a positive influence if I was given the chance. I vote that TPTB give me 1/3 of Colorado to moderate. Here me out on this one. Instead of UPINYACHIT always having a conflict with GC or CO ADMIN. I could use my energy to moderate or approve caches from Pueblo to New Mexico. I could check on all the hidden caches and be a big asset to GEOCACHING.COM I would be the best approver/moderator ever. LOL Only because I have the knowledge and I could check on all pending caches waiting for approval. This could be the best thing ever that could happen to me (Duane). You guys could make me feel like a productive member towards the geocaching society. I would love my Volunteering Job. What do you guys think? Do I deserve a chance? Duane
  17. Well, let's see, I don't even know where to begin. All I know is that I paid my membership fee and bought four travel bugs from this site after two years. During the two year period, I hid quite a few caches that cost me hundreds of dollars. So my credibility should be right up there with the big dogs. Anyway, I attented Sax man's campout this weekend and had a blast. During the three days my family was up in Raton, Bons handed off a Travel Bug to me called "PIECE OF @#$!". I thought that made a great joke considering my username and everyone laughed. When I got back to Pueblo, my wife and I decided to place it in The Do Drop By cache. I made a log entry and said, Decided to drop this ____ off at my favorite place. Have fun Upinyachit The next thing I know, my log entry was edited by CO ADMIN. I understand this is a family site but geez, first of all I didn't even use the real word, I used chit. After all, it is part of my user name. My point is that he or any other mod could have PM and I would have edited myself. Maybe geocaching needs CO ADMIN, but I personally feel I am a game to him. When is the madness going to end? I thought everything was going to be fine since I paid my dues and some members were able to see how cool upinyachit really is. I also wonder why he said this when he closed my last topic? CO Admin is right, my geocaching feelers are hurt. From the first caches in NY that you guys won't unarchive to the puzzle cache that is keeping me from listing The Runyon Cache. All I am saying is that I thought bygones were bygones, but it appears Co Admin just won't lay off. Well, off to work. Hopefully this will be a civil discussion without any hasties out there. Maybe someone out there has the true answer. Duane Upinyachit
  18. Quote by Amishquacker I know my topic isn't the greatest, but after two years, it is almost impossible to come up with a new one. So for your information, what you said wasn't cool. I feel you deserve a warning. That comment is a direct blow right in the face, as well as OFF TOPIC, DUH. I also would like to let you and some other members in here know that I attended Sax man's campout with my wife and kids this past weekend. I met Bons, CarleenP, Team 360, and the Sax man himself, as well as whole lotta other cool cachers. We all had a great time and not one member thought I was a "wack job". So next time when you reply to one of my topics, make sure it's on topic. Duane
  19. Can I borrow some percentage from you? LOL Upinyachit D
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