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  1. This is a quote from Bear and Ting from a while back......


    "...a few things. First, I've lived in Colorado Springs and have been back many times, your attitude is not what I would have suspected from that area, you must have been living in NY too long. "


    Bear and Ting is talking about us (Upinyachit) Duane and Candie. Here is the link so you can

    see for youself


    I found that he and she were more of an antagonist than anything else


    Who is the INSTIGATOR here?




  2. Upinyachit moved from Rochester, N.Y. to Pueblo Co. about three months ago. Well about a year and a 1/2 ago we went to a cachers picnic and met quite a few cachers including Gimpy. Anyways, he entered Gimpy's Viper into The Cannon ball race back in February of this year. We didn't think too much of it until this morning. I was looking for a cache to find and I noticed Gimpys Viper only 12 miles from my house. So needless to say, we are in pride possesion of this bug.

    I just think this is way cool and I thought I would share this cool information. LOL

    If you do a little research, you might understand how I would think this is a little unusual. 1800 hundred miles and ten months later.........????? Now that's odd, right??????




  3. Ok, for those who think we like to post nothing but dirty content, JM, has not done their homework, eh? That pic WAS funny, but not appropriate for this particular site. End of story, but let me ask you this....


    What the heck do you call this?


    If your only point IS that you want to post adult only material well you can just go **** yourself you *************** piece of **** no good rotten **** ******, you should be ashamed of yourself you *******!


    Do you eat with that mouth? Same concept, isn't it? :huh: Right back at ya, babe. ;)


    As far as threatening to go to another site? We use both sites to get more exposure, not to mention we found the other one first and it is based out of where we are from. We don't play each site against each other like all of you are. Navicache is a great site with decent people. They are fairly new and we like them. To each his own.


    Yes, I do believe this thread will be closed soon.


    Oh well.





  4. Dear UMC,


    Why do you find it necessary to still do quotes on what Duane said? It has nothing to do with THE PICTURE!!! Ever since we moved to Colorado, we have been targeted on the forums for what we say. Everyone else seems to say what they want, why the &^^ does everyone make a big stink when Duane is having his say? Rated R? I think not. Watch a PG-13 movie sometime and that cactus will look smaller and smaller!!!! What he is trying to say is that he means no harm to any geocacher; on the contraire; he tries to get everyone and their brothers into it. Is that soooo bad???? We have had geocachers write us and tell us that our caches are the reason they are hooked! B)


    Yeah, I think I've been slacking on my duties and will start cracking down on that stuff.


    Yes, UMC, you are slacking in your duties. Half of those jokes shouldn't have even made it through, but yet that thread went on forever until YOU guys ran out of room! Duane is right about one thing......the people in these forums are running out of topics and have absolutely nothing better to do but pick on someone who is just trying to make conversation. There's that pesky melodrama again. ;)


    Remember back in the day, UMC? You used to deal with the same things on these forums, if I remember correctly. Now YOU know it all huh? Now you will be the hero and put others down to make yourself look better. Hooray for you. ;)


    Oh, one more thing. There is no approach, duh. They are facts. :D





  5. Ok, now I've got to come to my husband's defense and let all of you know that he did not post that picture because he refuses to follow the guidelines. I've read a lot of the threads in the forums, especially the long-holding thread "Any funny jokes?", and there were plenty of members not FOLLOWING the guide lines. Seems to me that all you folks just LOVE the melodrama just like the REST of us do; right Jeremy? hehe What's a forum for anyways?


    We are in no way considered to be a "threat" to the young cacher. We have put a great deal of time and effort in our hidden caches as well as coming up with THE topic of the forums. We also have four children of our own. This is a cactus, for petes sake! You see worse crap these days on your local TV station!


    Anyone see Britney's outfit lately? ;)


    Also, for the record, I personally would not have put the picture on and I told him so. He is grounded! LOL


    I also would like to add, too, that Duane is an extremely faithful geocacher and "poster" and visits the site ALL THE TIME!!!!! He would not jeopardize his reputation if he thought for a minute the thread was going to be closed!


    So, in a nut shell; ya'll didn't have to be THAT rude. We DO have our fans you know!


    See ya on the other site sometime;





  6. I have come to the conclusion, that there is only so much you can learn here on the forums. Upinyachit has been caching for almost two years now, and I bet we could continue to cache another two years, without looking in these forums at all.

    The forums are great for the newbies, but what about the veterans who have seen it all. Are the veterans suppose to answer the same old questions for the next two years? I understand the game is growing, but geez, lighten up with closing so many topics. My last 6 topics have been closed and a few I posted in were closed too. I went from telling R rated jokes to not being able to talk about anything.

    I wonder if it's because Christmas is coming up. This site doesn't want to give a wrong impression with all the newbies joining, I guess.


    Here is the quote from CO ADMIN


    In no ways fits in the guidelines of this site.

    Continuing to disregard the guidelines of this site may result in suspension of your posting privileges


    I have brought a lot of new cachers to the sport from N.Y. all the way to CO. and none of my people see a problem with any of my posts.


    Discrimination? Hmmmmmm!



    Upinyachit (for a lot of years now!)


  7. This prickley thing looked odd. It was located not too far from the cache spot. LOL

    Just to let you know, that's not me in the pic. Also this picture is not meant to offend anybody. It's all in fun, so please don't close this post about geocaching pictures.


    Upinyachit ;)

  8. I am thirty two and I have learned, if there is a problem, throw money at it. You can find yourself in a pile of chit , and come out smelling like a rose if you have money. Look at OJ Simpson for example, money took care of his problem. Money is the answer to everything. So if you have a problem, chances are that money will fix it....................




  9. If you're referring to the Any Funny Jokes?????? thread, don't blame that one on me -- I didn't close it.


    The fact of the matter is that I suggested the thread be deleted because it had nothing to do with caching (it was tongue-in-cheek based on the other forum happenings at the time), but I certainly did not ask that the thread be closed or locked -- the moderator took it upon himself to do that.




    I fully understand what you are saying, and I agree it was the MODERATOR.


    I have a couple of good short clean jokes I would like to tell now though.

    Maybe If I asked nice, they will unlock the thread.........LOL



  10. I am a carpenter who builds houses, so please give me a break. I am no computer geek, I just like logging finds. LOL Anyways, here is my problem.


    My dad recently purchased a Megellan Platinum. He believes he found a mistake in the basemap. He works in Pueblo, CO and lives in Colorado City, CO. The gps says that Colorado City is 2.5 miles North from Pueblo. Well, Colorado City is 25 miles SOUTH of Pueblo.


    My dad called tech support and confirmed there was a problem. They said they would give the new coordinates to their engineers. They also explained to my dad that they use libraries and town halls to mark waypoints. Colorado City's town hall is in Pueblo, and I guess that's what the problem is. My dad just got back from a trip and was wondering why this is still happening and why hasn't he heard back from Magellan?


    I hope this makes sense and was wondering if anybody else ever had a problem like this? This is a serious question, no clowning around here. ;)


    Any expertise would be greatly appreciated! ;)





  11. With comments like this

    the fact that you even posted this topic was a waste of our time and energy. in reality (remember that?) no one cares whether or not you send money here or to nc.com. dude, get a life, go caching and stop posting stupid crap in the forums.


    and these

    ah the baby is getting big. he poops alot and spits up all over the rugs. i have to buy stock in resolve carpet cleaner. other then that, just working and trying to get x-mass presents for people. what aobut you? read any good stupid crap in the forums lately?


    I was just wondering if booze played a part in those comments?








  12. So, is there a reason for not becoming a "paying" member? Just curious and don't feel obligated to answer.


    The truth is, I love N*vicache, and that is where I will send my money. Like I said, I have the upmost respect for this site, but I would like to see the other site grow too. If you were to read our logs over there, you might understand my reasonings. :D


    I am not a angry person, just frustrated this subject has been brought up quite a few times by someone that was trying to justify why they were not helping the site out,


    Please don't get frustrated....This is a fun hobby and wasn't designed to bring on stress. B)



    Upinyachit :ph34r:

  13. Just because we don't contribute greenbacks to this site doesn't mean we don't contribute at all!


    We have been caching for two years now. It all started in New York, when my wife followed a link to another caching website. We didn't have a GPS and went by the maps. We found a few caches without a gps, and even found part two of a cache that we weren't even looking for. Ever since that day, my family has been hooked. We fell in love with N*vicache and found about 60 caches on that site.

    Then one day I noticed some log entries in some caches that lead us to this site.

    So needless to say we use both sites now.


    We have moved to Colorado now and are very active geocachers. I believe in caching in and trashing out, trading fair, respecting the land, and have the upmost respect for this site and my fellow cachers. Since we have moved back to Colorado, I have gotten a lot people intersted in geocaching. Like my DAD, sister, and even some of the kid's school teachers. And we mention to them of both sites available. So we do feel like we do our part.


    Money or no money, Upinyachit IS NO FREELOADER! There are plenty of people that don't contribute money! It doesn't mean they can't be a part of the geocaching community.





  14. If you aren't enjoying the hobby, then stop doing it. You can then stop whining about telling "little white lies" and feeling guilty about it.


    First of all, know one said we didn't enjoy the hobby, and we are by no means whining about it, therefore there is no guilt. The thread was started in order to hear of other's tales.


    You must have some tale to tell?? :(



    Upinyachit :D

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