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  1. The moderating on these forums just doesn't make sense. None of them seem to be in sync with each other at all. One of them will respond to a comment with a joke, then a few minutes later, another admin. comes along and closes the topic. :bad: I have also noticed that one of the admin, has closed my topics right after a certain person gets the last word. And the thing is, his last word has nothing to do with the topic. His last word consists of putting others down. What is up with that?? :bad: The only thing I can come up with is that the moderators play favorites, but they have learned to do it in a professional manner.


    Can we discuss this like adults and not name names and come to some kind of a settlement? Personally, I think these certain members just want the topic closed, period. So what better way to get it closed than to go off topic? I don't think that the topics should be closed, but find a way to keep the ones that make NO SENSE off of the topic they are trying to ruin.



    Upinyachit :blink:

  2. I have a question for you ddoggny?


    My last post was at 5:27


    You did a post at 7:35 and had this to say

    on second thought. you're not even worth my energy except to say, nice hat.


    then you did another post about an hour and a half later at 8:52 and had this to say


    no, son, your actions put you on the trouble maker list.

    This forum post is right up there with your other bright posts such as, were not freeloaders and dont pick on us. i think if you have to come in here weekly to protest and refute some perceived slight against you; you should probably step back and try to reason why. If you can't, pitty.

    what gets me is why so many of us bother to play into your posting trap. these threads are nonsense; a waste of time. Coming into the forums and pounding your chest and telling us how you are so put upon is becoming annoying and played out. you need to find a new angle to get your attention.


    Why didn't you express your feelings in your first post? Better yet, post where it's appropriate. That just doesn't make sense to me. ;) Or maybe it kinda does; YOU like coming to the forums and causing the mellodrama. :( Posting trap? A waste of time? Pounding my chest? This happens to be an interesting topic and the ones who thought so, responded. Your response has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TOPIC. I would appreciate if you would keep on the subject. If not, your response is worth beans to me. :blink:


    One more thing........I am not your son. :mad:



  3. My quote:

    I received a pm from an administrator that there is a list. That is what prompted my post.  I was just curious as to if any one thinks they are on it also


    Breaktrack? With Quotes like the ones below, I think you are just trying to push our buttons.


    I find this simply a way to stir up trouble, ironically enough. This statement was made and expected to be believed with no evidence posted to support the statement. Others who have tried to do the same thing have been dinged for it by many of the individuals I see posting in here, but in this case it's not being done.


    What admin told you this? What was the context of the list? Was it just something that particular admin does, or is this supposed list being contributed to by all admins, or some clique? What does this list have to do with Geocaching in general or anything else for that matter? 


    I have the evidence that an admin. pm and told me about a list. If this admin. wants to step up to the plate, then do so. I just don't think it's a great idea to start naming names. :unsure:




  4. Putting someone one a "LIST" is as disrespectful as what every you think they might have done to get on this non existent list.


    I received a pm from an administrator that there is a list. That is what prompted my post. :P I was just curious as to if any one thinks they are on it also.





  5. I have come to the conclusion that some people think OUR username and avatar puts us on a troublemaker list. So I want to clearly state that we are not troublemakers. I have been told by a certain person that we have our work cut out for us because of our name. I am not trying to bark up the wrong tree, but I don't want our name on this list. I know the administrators have labled certain people.


    Also, if you feel like you are on this list, maybe you can give a simple reason or excuse as to why you think you have been labled. It will be interesting to see who thinks they are. You will have to use common sense so the TOPIC will not get closed.





  6. After making ann a** out of myself yesterday, :D I was going to lay low, and just let time heal my stupidity. :) But after reading this thread this morning,

    I couldn't stop laughing.


    Does that make you bi-cachual?


    That's the funniest thing I ever saw




  7. donkey6.gif

    I guess April Fool's day can be any day I guess. The joke's on us. Everyone who sees it will see their own IP address. We formally apologize, but geez, some would take it seriously, you know. We were ready to delete everything we had and get rid of our tower!!! LOL


    We've been punk'd! :D


    Candie and Duane


  8. Your IP is often logged for posts, most often no one sees this but the admins, but they do know where you were coming from should they decide to try and block you. I do know some sites *will* display and record your IP on postings for the purpose of discouraging inappropriate postings, but those are fairly rare.


    The member is using my IP address as a signature!!!!!!!!!! Yeah... that's rude!!!

  9. I was on the other site and noticed a member over there using our IP address as his signature. Isn't that illegal to display an IP address of another member?

    I am not sure if this is a sick joke, and also wonder who is is on it. I was all for Navicache, but if I don't get an explanation soon, I will delete every single post and picture on that site. :D:D:D

  10. I have a New Year's resolution. I will do a lot more caching and less time in the forums. :D My wife thinks that is a great idea. :D LOL


    I really do want to set a goal of finds, but I'm not sure what that goal is yet. When nice weather hits, I will probably be very busy at work. I think maybe a cache or two a week might be a safe guess.




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