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  1. I've never used the product, so I don't know the answer.


    Apparently very few Forum Flounders* have ever used it either.


    Recommend asking the developer, or somewhere on the site where you got the app from.


    *Forum Flounders floun·der 1 (floundr)


    1. Someone who spends a lot of time in (one or more) online discussion forums.

    2. Someone who might possibly spend more time in an online forum discussing an activity than actually DOING the activity.


    'You got your Lounge Lizards, and you got your Forum Flounders.'


    Thanks I will try to contact them

  2. We've got an Garmin Oregon 450 a few months back and apart from other nice features, we were hoping to go 'paperless'. In reality it turns out we use less paper than before, but unfortunately not completely paperless...


    The problem we're running into is different languages. We've been to Portugal and France recently and in both countries a lot of the descriptions are in Portuguese/French. As we're not fluent (...) in either language, I translate cache descriptions/hints and print that out, so we at least have some idea what we're supposed to be looking for and/or what the location is about.

    (Additionally, for some caches we'd love to add our cache notes or other comments. And there's more wishes, but those all boil down to being able to edit the cache description).


    I've tried using notepad++ to edit a pocket query; it works, it's just not very easy. EasyGPS doesn't seem to have an option to edit the description/hints. I tested GSAK and that would be an option, but it is quite a lot overkill for only editing descriptions/hints (and also comes with some annoying quirks, though I could get used to that I suppose).


    So I'm looking for suggestions/alternatives.




    Mr. Terratin

    (gsak)Well To Translate the hint into your language, you could use HintTranslationHelper or you could use HTML_Translate, both are macros and may help you though he last one only translates on the computer, it doesn't appear on your gps from what it sounds like, it may help you with gsak

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