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  1. No, Gibraltar is not part of the UK it is an oversea territory, you would also not get a UK souvenir in the Falkland Islands and a few other places.
  2. Around £8 and £5 in postage, this site looks respectable. http://www.surplusandoutdoors.com/shop/army-surplus-uk/army-miscellaneous/excellent-condition-genuine-u-234941.html
  3. Yep that's right and exactly the reason I didn't create one.
  4. I just moved my cache to a new spot and about 2 weeks later the other cache was published so it was all sorted quite quickly in the end.
  5. The way I understand it you dont have to get them published first you just need the earliest GC code and you have priority over that spot.
  6. I had a similar problem and was told it would be held for 6 months.
  7. This photo was taken on my phone while picking up the FTF on GC4B0XT in Norfolk back last May. Sorry I just read it had to be take this month, oh well I will share it anyway!
  8. I would say this quote form the FAQ would disagree with that, “For the month of February every Premium Member will be able to hide one personalized, temporary geocache for one person.”
  9. How did you do that? Play/hide & seek a cache/locate the nearest geocaches in your area/10 mile radius/go/at the top will read ‘total records’
  10. Morning all, just out of interest i did a search for caches within a 10 mile radius from my home and found there where 511 caches. I thought it might be interesting to see how that compares to others, I know this will vary widely depending on your location.
  11. East of England Not sure how to make this bigger!!!
  12. Hi there, I like the look of your ‘easy as Pi’ geocache idea and am thinking of trying to replicate this as I have the use of a replicator 2 at my place of work. Did you encounter any problems while printing this, Did you need to apply supports or a raft in the options? I have not got any experience using the printer but thought I would give it a go.
  13. I noticed a few duplicate finds on my caches so deleted them, the person who logged the finds emailed me to ask why I had deleted their logs. They had no idea this had happened so must have been a technical error. But on someone else’s cache I have seen someone log it 4 times all with slightly different messages, surely you would notice you find count not adding up.
  14. First impressions are good, I currently use ‘OS get a map’ but have to alternate between this and the geocaching page to plan a route. This lets me do it on one page, nice work.
  15. £20 - £30 who cares, if I add up the amount spent on petrol in a year’s worth of geocaching I could....... Well, buy a better car
  16. You can’t go wrong with Google translate;- http://translate.google.co.uk/?hl=en&tab=wT There is also an APP if you can access your phone while there.
  17. The error is back, seems like I can do anything on the website apart from view my profile either by clicking the ‘your profile’ button or using the drop down ‘your profile’ and the ‘quick view’
  18. Hi I use Ordnance survey get a map http://www.getamap.ordnancesurveyleisure.co.uk/ You sign up for free and can draw a route over the OS maps, this will tell you how long the route is.
  19. Thanks that’s great exactly what I was after
  20. Is anyone aware of a large size geocaching container in Norfolk or Suffolk? I have not found one as yet and unfortunately you cannot search by size in the find a cache page.
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