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  1. What is the message you get when you enter the tracking number? This would help us put you on the right trail
  2. I just looked at your profile, and see you are a newbie. First the coin, if it is brand spanking new, will need to be activated. For this you will need the code on the coin, PLUS the activation code - which is usually listed on a website (well, rather you have to go there and type in the coin # and your email). That other website should be on a card which arrived in the plastic sleeve with the coin. Have a look at this page Geocoin FAQs for further help.... BEWARE - geocoins are addictive!
  3. bump! To the top of the list, instead of bottom of page 2!
  4. I once put the wrong tracking # on an activation - one of those bulk activation codes group coins. Way back in the past, when some trackign codes were minute! Groundspeak did delete the activation for me. Just had to be patient, as coins are not the top prioirity for the volunteers - but within a few days, they did get back to me!
  5. The block next to the icon contains an explanation. SOGA = Signs of Geocaching Activity Thanks - progressive specs + being a golden girl = blurry small print
  6. What's SOGA? S O Geocaching Addiction??? Is this a regional saying? Would be interested.
  7. I'm in this year for two missions, despite heading offshore to a Mega Event over Easter! Mission 1 &2 - Email sent!
  8. Thanks - I tend not to activate my GCs when they arrive - as I purchase spares, and still have about 100 yet to sort through (time issue - rather be out there in that wonderful summer weather! caching, of course!) So I would never have realised there was even an issue until I go to activate the coin. As I was unable to get a code the first time I tried, I just decided to put to one side. Thanks to GC Guy for picking up the pieces - life is never certain, and the paths are constantly changing directions! Even with a GPS in hand, one can not take the direct route to a goal.
  9. You are very welcome - Little things count. When I read ball sports, I automatically thought of our NZ rugby team known as "All Blacks" Hard to find Good Christmas themed items in October - (I like to mail early, to ensure it gets there) - so went for New Zealand items instead, in the spirit of friendship across national barriers. It's hot here for Christmas - Summer holiday time. Johan - the square plastic box is one of the BEST for placing a cache - mostly watertight, due to a double seal system. If you want to paint it, wash it first (dishwasher or soapy water), and then rough up the surface with sandpaper, or a wire brush. Happy caching.
  10. Happy New Year from New Zealand. Now 9pm on 1st January 2010........ and we still cannot log a single cache for today..... GC.com will not let us log for this year....... the same happens every Jan 1st....... we have to wait till everyone catches up to us!
  11. Happy Christmas to all from Down under. Well into Christmas dayafternoon now. Got a Oregon GPS under my tree - so, since we had no family here this morning, went out into the summer sunshine and cleaned up a few local caches. Grandson and his parents arriving for a BBQ in 3 hours. Chicken on the spit, fresh corn and new potatoes.... Followed by Meringue nests with fresh raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and chocolate mousse! Yum. Just a light meal, as we are heading south to meet the latest addition - our grand daughter Casey, born 10 December. Well, I meet her on the 11th - used my Christmas bonus to buy a one day return flight! What a wonderful year!
  12. Summer is here, and Christmas not far away either. Santa arrived today - mystery Santa (but I think I've worked out who) Thank you S&H..... for 3 beautiful LillySue coins and the Cacheola coins. A mini cache that is camo'd with a butterfly! Lots of yummy treats, a Snowman ring (to cool it off here!) and..... a "Grandmas Little cacher" onsie suit for the new Grand daughter (who is now 5 days old!) Camera has been working so hard lately.... I'll upload some photos soon. WOnderful to see such great missions. Oh, and I see from a post that my outgoing mission has arrived too! Mission completed, thanks
  13. Get some soft whipped coloured sweeties - fruit puffs eg - slice them. Crush 2 packs of malt flavoured biscuits, into crumbs. Mix together with one can of Condensed milk. Should be evenly moist. lay on plastic wrap. roll into log shape. Chill for several hours. slice, a colourful every sweet, and sometimes sticky treat. Popular here in NZ.
  14. Thank you everyone, for keeping this mission alive all year! To the volunteers each two month period, those who sent gifts, those who gracefully acknowledged their incoming gifts. You are a great bunch, that I could allow to this mission to run it's course without keeping up very often. Our lives cannot be forecast in advance, and this year turned very busy for me. So I am so grateful to see the wonderful posts! WAY TO GO, y'all
  15. 1. Participating: YES! 2. Received Name: YES! 3. Mission Complete:YES - paid for International Air to the Northern hemisphere - 5 working days, they stated.... will watch with interest! 4. Package Received!:
  16. Now this is truly Christmas spirit.
  17. 1. Participating: Yes 2. Received Name: Nov 2 - yesterday 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received: An easy one for geocoins, but a toughie for extras. Want to send some summer Christmas in a northerly direction. Will be fun!
  18. I'm in - just one this year. Grand daughter arriving in December will be my real Christmas moment !
  19. Just popping in..... Great to see all the posts, and the mission going strong. Sharing the workload has reduced the stress... Thanks all.... I will have a new grandchild just a few weeks before my next birthday, so I'm really distracted at the moment. Take care all.... will pop back soon.
  20. Thanks heaps! Sometimes our long term plans have to be changed or dropped as life alters course! Apologies - I've not been in the forums much. E&Cplus3 volunteered for Sept / Oct. And have now stepped forward to July / August. Would anyone like to volunteer to take over the mission co-ordination for the next period - Sept / Oct?? I would be interested to coordinate the Birthday Mission for September and October, if we still need someone. I've not done this before but am a quick study! Great to see you step up to the plate. ACCEPTED
  21. $10 only - I wish! Convert to NZD - currently about $15. Add shipping.... of $6USD And now it is around NZD $24. If it has butterflies - then yes, If it is 3D, then yes. If it is colorful - then maybe. If it is a personal coin by someone I know, then maybe. If it is shaped, then maybe. If it raises awareness of a cause that is close to me, then most likely YES. If it is plain, then probably NO.
  22. Thanks heaps! Sometimes our long term plans have to be changed or dropped as life alters course! Apologies - I've not been in the forums much. E&Cplus3 volunteered for Sept / Oct. And have now stepped forward to July / August. Would anyone like to volunteer to take over the mission co-ordination for the next period - Sept / Oct??
  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALL. I've been off caching and coins for a while - it is SO cold here! We have had so many frosts and wet (almost sleet days) and it's just not pleasant to go out, other than for drive-ups. Even the weekends are hard to find a little warmth (somehow the sun comes out on Monday or Tuesday, and disappears by Friday!) I had a wet weekend of caching up north last weekend.... and was about to head home early, when the rain stopped. So I did manage two days of city caching. Too cold in my office to sit at the computer for long. Have a few mild moments today to check in on this mission. So pleased to see it going so well, now that we are mid-year. And I'm so grateful to those who have taken over the running of each two month period. I realise that a year long mission is a big commitment, so breaking it down into smaller bites has worked well.
  24. LUCKY! Lucky you! The Hare passing time, or whatever he is called! Lucky you!
  25. Winter here - brr! Too cold to sit in my basement office at the moment.... Icy cold mornings, drive to work in the dark. Drive home in the dark. Heaters on, flu season. Add in Noro virus at the local hospital which was not contained.... Looking forward to a rain free weekend (icy cold weeks with sun, heavy rain at the weekends! No caching done) Boss away today - so sneaked into the forums.... shhhhh!
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